Breaking Our Evil Foundation Holding Us Back

Breaking Our Evil Foundation Holding Us Back

Brethren, your foundation is the beginning of your life, your inherited trait, characters from your ancestors, it is your origin, the things that lead to your existence. The foundation of anything determines what will come out of it, everything living and non-living has a foundation, your house, car, marriage, business, etc.
If the foundation of your house is not strong, after a while, it might collapse. Your foundation is your background, and that has to do with your destiny. You cannot climb higher than the foundation in which you rest.

Most families have their foundations laid with human or animal blood and other animal body parts like skins leading to Idol worshipping. As a result of this it destroys the good foundation leading to Evil or weak foundation, giving way to a weak destiny, A wrong, i.e., Satanic or demonic foundation can collapse easily. Because of that, it leads to bad luck, closed heavens, diverted blessings, untimely death, chronic sicknesses, etc.
No deliverance of a person can be complete without addressing the issue of foundation; a lot of people come from different questionable foundations.



Every one of us comes out of an evil foundation, knowingly or unknowingly due to our fore-parents, out of ignorance, worshipped idols, ancestral spirit demonic entities in rivers; elemental spirits in trees, rocks; animals of various descriptions; Moon, Sun or stars; heavenly beings like the queen of heaven or the like the queen of heaven. ‘This is a serious evil foundation which must be dealt with without looking back for any reason

There are evil family names people bear, which give glory to demonic spirits, idols, animals, markets, inanimate objects, and consequently the devil. What is the meaning of your name, your surname, or that of your family? Deal with this evil foundation or they will deal with you

Brethren, how is your foundation? Is it bad due to evil plantations and all kinds of demonic deposits just like the ones we find in 2 Kings 13:2, 2 Kings 22:52, 2 Kings 15:28? Or is it good due to the good foundation of your ancestors who always served God, and they have always transferred that virtue from one generation to another Jeremiah 35:5-19.

If it’s a bad foundation you can change it to a good one through prayer and fasting just like in the Bible the cases of Jabez, 1 Chronicle 4:9-10, God changing the name of Abram to Abraham, Genesis 17:5, God changing the name of Jacob to Israel, Genesis 32:28. All these men had terrible foundations until God changed their destinies.

Lastly, I admonish you do not spoil your good foundation allowing the devil to plant evil deposits in your life and destiny, which can become a generational problem. A lot of individuals started well in life, but along the line incurred a curse or an evil plantation either by what they did or by an evil man. An excellent example of this in the Bible is Gehazi, the servant of Elisha,

2 Kings 5:27, Gehazi incurred a generational curse upon His life as a result of his greed. Sin is the fastest way to ruin a good foundation, in Ezekiel 18:24 the Bible said that if a righteous man (good foundation) turns away from their righteousness to sin (bad foundation), their righteousness cannot save them.
Brethren, don’t be like most people who don’t really want the truth. They just want the constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth Matthew 15:13.

Pastor Nathaniel

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