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To MTM Family,   Brethren we were created to do good works and the good works Jesus spoke of in Mathew 25 includes taking care of the poor. You can’t become poor by giving to the poor instead the more you give the more you receive(Proverbs 19:17).  If one’s heart is right before God, then one…
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Completely Godly Fast Can Lead People To A Miracle

REASONS FOR FASTING: JESUS EXPECTS US TO FAST:Notice Jesus’ words at the beginning of Mt. 6:16-17, “When you fast NOT IF . . . ” By giving us instructions on what to do and what not to do when we fast, Jesus assumes that we will fast. in Mt. 9:14-15. The Pharisees asked Him, “‘How…
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Fasting God’s Powerful Tool

WELCOME TO OUR, MONTHLY FASTING PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT 3 DAYS FASTING AND PRAYER FOR MAY 4TH, 5TH & 6TH MAY 2020 DATE: 4th,5th & 6th of May 2020FASTING DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayREASONS FOR FASTING: FASTING BRINGS REVIVAL:“. . . I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition,…
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Connect Easily To God Through Fasting

Brethren, any time, in my life, God has moved my heart and mind and self-will to fast and pray over certain people and situations like now. In doing so, I have been more than filled with God’s goodness and encouragement! Should brethren fast during this trying moment? So,lets Connect with God.YES, several times in the…
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