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Proven Ways To Know You Are God’s Chosen Now.

Many Are Call But How Many Are Chosen? Remember as human beings we chose schools based on their performance and goodness, we choose friends based on what we will get from them, we choose careers based on how much they pay, etc but that is not how our God sees us when He is making…
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Forgotten truths About Salvation Now.

Matthew 15:8-9 Salvation as taught by men and not the true salvation. According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, he said to be careful not to think you are saved by what you do. See whether there is anything you do to get saved. This is a GOSPEL of what JESUS did and paid for…
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Proven Ways To Beat Your Haters

In this world we live in there are some people who will never like what you do let alone like. They will always talk behind your back of how you shouldn’t be where you are now. A very good case in point is found in the book of John 9:1-3 where Jesus healed a certain…
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Why Have People lost the Power To See Miracles?

In this day and age of irresponsible Christianity whereby most irresponsible Christians don’t know what is their responsibility is in the Kingdom of God and even they don’t know this father and hence they don’t communicate with this unknown Father in heaven regularly. It has made many of them to loss power to do or…
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The New Unstoppable Strong Soldiers Of Jesus Christ

Are you a worthy soldier for Christ or are you still a baby Christian who is always cries when things don’t go his way? God is looking out for soldiers He can use to plunder the kingdom of darkness (Jeremiah 51:20), soldiers who won’t get so wrapped up and entangled in the pleasures of this…
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CHANGE - 2022

Change Is Necessary For Growth

Brethren, if you find yourself spinning your wheels, not making progress, or just not happy with your current state. Maybe it’s time to have that conversation with yourself. It can be the day that everything changes. You never know what’s going to trigger it. It may be getting laid off from your job, a personal…
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