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Always Focus On Moving Forward

Have you ever wondered why the rear-view mirror is smaller than your windscreen? It’s because, what is in front of you is more important than what you left behind you. We have to overcome everything that keeps us from moving forward. Think Forward ONLY! Especially during these tough times it’s very easy to just quit and…
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When People Struggle Great Success Is Buried In It

The struggle you’re in TODAY is developing the strength you need for TOMORROW. So, don’t give up (Romans 5:3-5). after all, no one gets to the big leagues of life without a ton of effort and more than a few setbacks. Which come in the form of changes just like the ones we are experiencing…
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Focus Always Leads People To Extraordinary Success

Take a moment to Focus about your current situation. Are you committed to something? (A relationship? Your job or business?) or are you struggling with change, especially during this CONVID-19? one reason may be your unwillingness to accept and commit to it. So, during these times change has rocked your world, think about making a…
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Your Partnership With God Leads To Success

Brethren your partnership with god leads to success, it is important not to think we have failed because some areas in our lives are not perfect (Romans 3:10). Life is full of challenges, but through those challenges, we grow, even though we may stumble. Your destiny is not determined by the hurdles, the bumps in…
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