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The Proven God Of Now Always Answers

All have nick names given by friend family colleages and the more you know those the more you know someone’s story. You know why the person is called by those names.e.g.Jacob(deceiver)changed to Israel( one that struggled with the divine angel” , “one who has prevailed with God”)Genesis 35:10. Nathaniel God/El has given” or “Gift of…
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MTM Sunday – God Uses Us Despite Our Weaknesses

MTM CHURCH – GOD USES US DESPITE OUR WEAKNESSES Welcome to our today’s Sunday service. May it bring great joy and happiness to you and your loved ones.(2 Corinthians 12:9)Kindly invite your family and friends to join our MTM Church WhatsApp using the link attached below Pastor Nathaniel

God’s Unlimited Grace Leads To Miracles

Brethren, When God reigns, Grace pours, like water, flows to the lowest part of our lives. If grace was an ocean, we’re all sinking. Since all of us are born broken and we need God to mend us and the grace of God is the glue with the sacred strength to do that. So, Brethren…
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