Dare To Be Different

Brethren be different , are you tired of playing games, wearing masks, or trying to be someone other than yourself? God knew what He was doing when He made you. He created you the way you are! If you’re going to overcome your insecurities and be the person God’s called you to be, you must have the courage to be different. Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. You were born an original, so don’t die a copy.
Unhappiness and frustration happen when we reject our uniqueness and try to be like each other.

You must ask yourself, Am I a people-pleaser…or a God-pleaser? People-pleasers allow others to control their lives to gain acceptance and approval. But God doesn’t want us to be easily manipulated or controlled by others. It takes nothing to join the crowd; it takes everything to stand alone. So, distance yourself for a while, you’ll realize a lot.
We shouldn’t let other people’s opinions of us control our actions! We’re worth something because God says we’re worth something, not because of what people think or say about us.



However, we must not allow people to manipulate and control us to the point that we’re never free to be who we are. If we do, we’ll always try to become the person we think others expect us to be. The world (those we know and deal with daily who may be family, friends, people in the neighborhood, or even in the church) is continually trying to conform us to its image. Partly due to their own insecurities. It makes them feel better about what they are doing if they can get someone else to do it too. So, never let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you.

We aren’t called to be like Christians; we are called to be like Christ. That is why God wants to take us, with all our weaknesses and inabilities, and transform us, by working from the inside out, remember that God created you this way to accomplish His purposes here on earth.

Romans 12:2
If this is you don’t be afraid to start over this time, you’re not starting from scratch you’re starting from an experience point. I know with Christ you can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed. Daring to be different today allows you to become extraordinary tomorrow. Again, brethren watch out. Don’t ever let the fear of what other people may think of you stop you from pursuing the thing that might make you great. Just because everyone is going in a certain direction doesn’t mean you should too. What if everyone is going in the wrong direction and you’re their ONLY beckon of HOPE!!

Pastor Nathaniel

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