Children Church Ministry


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it
- Prov.22.6


From our preschool children to fifth grade students, the mission of our Children Church is to provide a nurturing and safe atmosphere to begin the spiritual growth and development of our youngest children. With this purpose in mind, we offer Sunday School programs in a clean, safe, and loving environment in which our children can learn and thrive.MTM Ministry also provide enriching and fun activities through-out the year. 

Our children’s ministry exists to share the infinite love of Jesus Christ with every child who walks through our doors. We teach our children to develop a total dependence on God and become lifelong disciples of God. We teach them to respect and honor others especially adults “so that they may live long in the land” Exodus 20:12.

We are blessed with teachers who are committed to nurture children who know and love God intimately. All of our Children Church leaders are carefully screened and background checked to provide the safest possible environment for your children.

It is our goal to build a generation of children who have an unwavering faith and love for God.


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TODDLERS (1-3 years) (NURSERY)

INFANT through 1-year-old

They are kept busy so that the parents can attend the service. (On their second birthday, children will be promoted to the preschool program)

Leaving your child for the first time can be somewhat overwhelming. We want to make sure your child’s experience is safe, loving and fun. The volunteers in our infant/toddler nursery have been chosen for this age group because of their love for babies/toddlers and they have each been background checked, gone through an application process and been trained to care for your child. Know that these volunteers will be praying over your child each and every Sunday.

Here are some things that you can do to ensure your child has a great experience:

  • Bring diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and any special blankets that will soothe your child through the morning
  • Inform the volunteer at the classroom door of your baby’s eating and napping schedule and any other information that will make this a good stay

PRESCHOOL (2-3 years)

After experiencing group worship, our preschool-aged children go to their own classroom with their teachers and experience an age-appropriate Bible story with corresponding crafts and activities that will point your child to Jesus.

During Sunday morning services (and later also evening services) other sections of the Sunday school are also active

INFANTS (Grade 1,2,3)

They are exposed on their level to the content of the Bible which makes them aware of God and get introduced to Jesus.

JUNIORS (Grade 4, 5, 6)

  1. They are guided to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour after being taught the main principles of the Bible.
  2. They get encouraged to strengthen their faith in the teachings of the Bible as the only plan of salvation.

(Grade 6-12)

  1. The history of the Church is taught, since they are spiritual mature and can discuss their problems and solve them.
  2. The practicing of practical Christian principles is stressed such as the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion.
  3. Relationships between the sexes and nations are discussed.

duties of this committee

1.To coordinate all the activities of the nursery work in consultation with the nursery workers. 

2.To enlist nursery workers when necessary and assign someone to be responsible for nursery care during worship,

– Sunday School, Discipleship Training and at other times such as revivals and special meetings. 

3.Recommend nursery policies and publicize same. 


4.To consider and recommend the purchase of nursery equipment as needed. 

5.To make recommendations about cleanliness and care of the nursery. 

6.Encourage the kids to participate in various indoor and outdoor games, dramas etc.

7.Encourage them to attend free all lessons i.e. maths, English etc. tutoring.


  1. Must be born again.
  2. Must embrace a Christian lifestyle.
    a. Completely delivered from, and be separated from worldly pleasure in the interests of his calling.
  3. Must be punctual at all services and not disappear after morning services.
  4. Must be committed to give financial support.
  5. Must genuinely be an exemplary person.
    a. Gentlemen – appearance is of utmost importance.
    b. Ladies must be dressed modestly and avoid excessive make-up.
  6. Must not be guilty of any offence in terms of the Child Care Act.


This committee shall be composed of the children church teacher and the Discipleship Training Director.



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