Hospitality Ministry


Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. – Hebrews 13:2

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” –Mark 10:45


This committee shall be composed of two (2) men and two (2) women, one of which shall serve as chairperson.

The Duties Of This Committee shall be:

  • To arrange entertainment of visitors and guests during special meetings such as revivals, conferences, associational activities involving our church directly, etc.
  • To arrange for transportation for guest speakers as necessary.
  • To arrange for receptions for special occasions.
  • To arrange for and assist in church-wide fellowships in cooperation with the Pastor.
  • To purchase any needed items for church-wide fellowships that are not usually supplied.
  • To make requests to the Finance Committee for financial needs to be included in the annual budget.




  • The head steward is responsible for the efficient organising and functioning of the panel of steward(s).
  • He recommends persons to the Pastor to serve on the panel.
  • He must see to it that the steward(s) know what their function is and act accordingly.
  • He arranges which steward(s) should be on duty at the entrance and other strategic places.
  • He arranges the distribution of songbooks, bulletins etc.
  • He is responsible for the distribution of visitor’s cards, pencils, pens etc. to the panel.
  • He should compile a report for presentation to the evangelism committee meeting.
  • It is expected that the Head steward promotes a good group-spirit amongst the panel by:

                o A correct attitude

                o Regular informal meetings

                o Monthly meetings

  • It is also advantageous for him to involve the spouses (where applicable) of the panel at the informal gatherings where the importance of this ministry is emphasised.


  • He assists the Head steward in all of his duties and takes charge in the absence of the former.
  • He is responsible for controlling the stock of visitor’s cards and pencils and to have the latter always sharpened.
  • He takes care of the name tags.
  • He must see that the name tags are returned after each service. He helps arrange informal gatherings.



  • They shall commit themselves to prayer and the study of God´s Word
  • They shall, during services, use those tags or badges or dresses that identify them as stewards
  • They shall respect and smile to their clients and not fight them
  • They shall meet with their new clients after service and share fellowship and refreshments with them
  • They shall attend training courses that would be organized for them
  • They shall not store the contact details of their clients for personal purposes
  • They should hand over the membership forms to the leadership after service
  • They shall distribute materials related to the service to members
  • They shall dress decently themselves not to distract the attention of others
  • promoting reverence, and maintaining order during the worship service.
  • provides support for guest speakers, recording artists, and assists during funeral & repast services.
  • Make every visitor, member, or guest feel they are special and belong here by decreasing the stress, anxiety, and confusion for visitors.
  • The steward needn’t introduce himself to visitors unless they do so first. A self-assured, friendly greeting like “You are most welcome here with us; we trust your visit will be a blessed experience” is sufficient.
  • The inattentive steward who allows his thoughts to roam reduces the effectiveness of his ministry. He should follow Paul’s advice in Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as unto the Lord …”
  • Stewards are there to give personal attention to each individual and must therefore be prepared to accept people as they are, and not as they wish them to be.
  • Each steward should be allotted a specific section in the church, with particular reference to seating – know your block and know your people. Distinguish between open seats and a seat where someone has just left for a moment.  Pay particular attention to visitors, especially persons visiting for the first time.  Let them always feel like guests of honour with: “a special place just for you”.  Notice whether they have songbooks, visitor’s cards, a pencil, and bulletin, etc. 
  • To arrange for flowers for the sanctuary for all regularly scheduled services, keeping in mind the amount specified in the budget, and encouraging members to place fresh flowers for special occasions.
  • To arrange for any other floral displays for special occasions such as associational meetings, revivals, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
  • To make requests to the Finance committee for suggested amounts to be included in the annual budget for flowers.
  • To welcome all visitors and regular church attendants, to help them feel at home and relaxed, and to create good order so that everybody may enjoy the full blessing of the service.
  • To be neat in appearance, to be friendly, courteous, tactful and helpful
  • To be on duty before the people start entering the building
  • To greet everybody in a friendly way to make them feel welcome and pay special attention to visitors, and where necessary show them the ablution block and mothers’ room and guide them to their pews.
  • Greet people with a smile, a warm word of welcome, an introduction of yourself and provide them with a worship guide. Be clear on the order of worship. Introduce guests to pastor, staff and members.
  • To conduct their duties in such a way that it edifies the church attendants
  • On rainy days, some particularly hospitable churches provide a parade of greeters to umbrella attenders as they walk from their cars
  • Assist in the formal welcome of guests and any special guests. Assist people as needed after the conclusion of the service.
  • It should be mentioned that both ladies and gentlemen can be used as stewards.
  • stewards should pay meticulous attention to their personal appearance because they are the first point of contact with visitors and their appearance will make a lasting impression.
  • Men should, as far as possible, be dressed decently( Matching jackets and/or pants)and the ladies in neat two-pieceoutfits or dresses(Uniformity of outfits). Do not wear flamboyant colours or clothes.  REMEMBER you are the “showpiece” of the assembly.
  • Name tags are a necessity and all duties should be done wearing a tag. The following can increase the visibility and identification of a steward and stewards:
  • Name tags/ Corsages g.

      NB: It also gives persons more authority in the execution of their duties.  


Membership is open to members who are committed in the things of God and are ready to serve other people and make them feel welcomed.

  • Comfortable around strangers and care deeply about how my church welcomes them.
  • Can make all kinds of people feel welcome.
  • Enjoy providing a safe environment for those in need.
  • Love to create appealing and appropriate environments for people.
  • View relationships as opportunities to pass on God’s love.
  • Must be saved and live an exemplary life
  • Must have a strong faith and be prayful
  • Must allow the holy Spirit to lead him and control his tongue




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