Job Caring Ministry




… For I assisted the poor in their need and the orphans who required help. Job 29:12


…Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverb 11:25. 

….  I needed clothes and you clothed me. Matthew 25:36

Welfare is both temporal and spiritual well-being, our major goal is to see to the welfare of the church, reach out to the poor and needy, and spreading the word of God through the act of kindness and generosity showing Love when its most needed. Welfare Ministry works to achieve that which the master (Jesus) has called us to do.


  • The purpose of welfare is to help members of the church to become self-reliant and to care for the poor and needy in the church, and also reaching out to those in our community e.g., the Orphans, sick, homeless & widows.
  • The Bible makes it clear to us in Matthew 25 :40: “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” The ministry of our Lord Jesus was focused on giving to and helping the needy.
  • They are responsible for all matters regarding the welfare of children, grownups and the aged. Groceries and clothes are distributed where necessary.
  • They arrange social gatherings for the seniors three times in a year and also at Christmas.
  • Old-age homes are visited regularly and gifts are distributed.
  • Once a year they arrange an event at a shopping centre or other convenient venue where the pensioners are treated to tea and refreshments.
  • They make financial contributions to the Welfare Board of the Church.
  • They shall support those who are bereaved, jobless, and childbirth (naming ceremony) etc.
  • They cooperate with the National Welfare Committee.
  • In order to achieve the above objectives, they are constantly busy with fundraising activities. You are called upon to make contributions to these two sections, specifying clearly which section you are contributing to. The whole congregation should be encouraged to make contributions to the needy.
  • To direct, disperse, and recommend to the church, expenditures of all benevolence funds to aid the poor, widows, orphans or any other persons who may become destitute in the membership of this church. 
  • To lead in, promote, and in any way, sponsor gifts of our church to worthy benevolent causes. 
  • To lead in distribution of all baskets of food, supplies, clothing, etc. at special seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and the like as the budget permits. 
  • To be alert to the physical and spiritual needs of those other than the membership of our church who need help. 
  • To recommend to the Church Finance Committee an amount to be included in the annual budget for benevolent use.   
  • Develop, recommend and oversee policies and procedures which establish the type, amount, and frequency of assistance to individuals or families who request assistance.
  • Locate church members and community persons who can provide appropriate assistance.
  • Work with other groups in the church which provide benevolent actions and make recomm. of these ministries.
  • Survey and determine available community agencies and their resources.
  • Make recommendation to Finance Committee for monies needed for ministering to people and coordinate special funding provisions for benevolent ministries.
  • Investigate and administer benevolence resources as needed.
  • Inform and involve the church members to support benevolent ministry.


… I was hungry and you fed me. Matthew 25:35
… But Jesus told them, “You give them something to eat.”Mark 6:37


  • To develop and recommend policies and procedures for the church’s food services needed.
  • To arrange for food services to be carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures of the church 
  • To enlist the church family members to support the food services program. 
  • Consult with church leaders to determine the food service needs of the church.
  • Recommend food service to be provided e.g. Children church feeding scheme on sundays, also providing hot and cold refreshments on Sundays for members, visitors/guests and on special events that take place in the church.
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures related to food service for kitchen operation, meal scheduling, and facilities use.
  • Communicate approved food service policies and procedures to the church.
  • Recommend to the Finance Committee the money needed for food service.
  • Coordinate the total food service operation of the church.
  • Evaluate food service and report to the church as needed.
  • Assist in planning for an efficient system for making reservations and collecting money for meals.
  • To be responsible for regular inventory of all kitchen equipment and supplies. 
  • To inspect the kitchen at least every 60 days and report any matters which they deem necessary to the attention of the church. Then to see to it that the kitchen is kept clean and in an orderly condition. 
  • To be responsible for purchasing supplies and keeping plenty of supplies on hand. 
  • To request an amount of operating funds to be included in the annual budget.



I was sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me. Matthew 25:36


  • To minister the Word and prayer to members at their homes as often as possible and to be sensitive for needs which are normally not met during church services.
  • To work through the address list to ensure that all members are visited an equal number of times.
  • To obtain the addresses of visitors and new residents from the card system and visit them.
  • To enter every visit on the address list so that it can be recorded on a monthly statement and forwarded to the
  •    chairman (Administration)who will report it to the Church Council and Pastor.
  • To report the needs/difficulties that could not be resolved of members who were visited and to list those who might be able to assist them so that the body can minister to one.


  • To supervise and direct all athletic teams sponsored by the church. (It is suggested that the coach(es) of all church ball teams be invited to meet with this committee). 
  • To plan and supervise the recreational program for all ages in our church. 
  • To supervise the purchase of athletic and recreational equipment as authorized in the budget.
  • To make recommendation to the Finance Committee for an amount to be included in the annual budget. 


This committee shall be composed of (8) persons, consisting of 1 member elected from each ministry i.e. the Women’s Ministry, men’s Ministry, Youth ministry, Children Church, Finance Committee, Evangelism.

This committee shall be Chaired by Chairman (Administration).

Job Caring Team Members



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