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I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. – John 15:1

This Ministry provides biblical understanding and knowledge of the word of God as it applies to us. It also encourages the singles in the things of God and to impart Godly wisdom. Our Singles’ Ministry is open to all men and women of ages 18 and older, unmarried, widowed, or divorced.

Their activities are designed to minister to their entire being — spirit, soul, and body, and to have fun and fellowship.

We encourage everyone to be participate fully in the house of the Lord. We all know that in a believer’s church like ours, MTM. The majority of the population is made up of young people who are able and willing to serve the Lord, and at this time they need encouragement. Not only serving by coming to church on Sundays but to be part of the church in all activities, such as weekly activities, cleaning, organizing,Teaching,and loving one another.


This section is responsible for the following groups of young people in the congregation:

  1. Married youth
  2. Single youth
  3. Teenagers


These committees ensure that the Youth section is well organized on all levels of its involvement and operates smoothly. This section is responsible for one service for the youth per month on a Sunday evening towards the end of the month. During these services efforts are made to develop the talents of young people. An annual camp for the congregation and various spiritual week-ends are arranged by this section. The preachers are carefully selected, in cooperation with the pastor and the youth themselves are responsible for all the arrangements concerning these weekends. It may also be viewed as a non-profit section of the church for as many as possible of the presentations are free of charge and funds are re-invested in the youth



The minister to single adults is responsible to the minister of education for developing, planning, and supervising the total church program for single adults.


  • Meet regularly with staff members to plan, coordinate and evaluate the single adult ministries.
  • Work with appropriate committees, program leaders and ministerial staff to prepare the budget for single adult ministry.
  • Plan and conduct effective support ministries (i.e. Bible study, retreats, mission projects and appropriate seminars).
  • Counsel single adults as needed.
  • Lead single adults to participate in the total church program.
  • Work with the nominating committee to enlist and train leaders for single adult ministry.
  • Conduct special training projects for single adult workers in proper relationship to the ongoing church program.
  • Participate in weekday prospect and hospital visitation.


What is Youth Ministry?

Simply put, Youth Ministry is the Church’s efforts to help each & every young person grow personally & spiritually.

The purpose of the Youth Ministry program is to prepare students for effective ministry to middle high, senior high, or college students and their families within the context of a local church or a parachurch organization.

Training young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life is what “youth ministry” is about. If we don’t know that, the kids won’t either.

Youth ministry is more than programs and events.

Youth Ministry is every effort by the Christian community to reach out to the youth with the love of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Youth Ministry is a means for both junior high and high school students to grow as individuals while exploring ideas, values, and faith within the context of a supportive community of peers and adults.

Youth Ministry is a church-wide ministry which strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw teens into active, responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community and the greater church.

Youth Ministry is designed to help spiritually train and equip teens in a fun and Godly atmosphere to the Glory of God.

Youth ministry is the Church in its pastoral concern, reaching out to young people to embrace their gifts and to walk with them in their process of becoming all they can be.

Youth Ministry is an umbrella term that describes the systematic attention the faith community gives to young people which enables them to reach their full God created potential. That is, everything the faith community is involved in that promotes both healthy development and faith growth in adolescents.

Youth Ministry works to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person and seeks to draw young people into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the faith community.


Youth Ministry is defined as the response of the Church to the needs of young people, fostering their faith in Jesus Christ and their communion with the Blessed Trinity, and drawing them into responsible participation in the life, mission and ministry of the Church.

Youth Ministry seeks to help youth share their gifts, grow in life skills, develop a positive self-image, overcome prejudices, develop respect for differences, serve those in need, and foster social change, participate in the sacraments, develop a personal spirituality and prayer life, apply Catholic faith to daily life, integrate Catholic values, participate in the Church, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Youth Ministry is fun, faith, and friends, usually with a little food added to keep our engines going!

Youth Ministry is a series of programs and activities to give young people a chance to participate in Church life, develop their own faith and spirituality, and discover new friendships.

Principal function

The minister of youth is responsible to the pastor or Chairman (Spiritual) for assisting the church in planning, coordinating and promoting the youth programs of the church, special youth projects, assignments and events.


  • Work with the ministerial staff, appropriate committees and program leaders in planning, evaluating and coordinating all youth ministries of the church.
  • Conduct special training projects for youth workers.
  • Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies and space by youth groups in all church program organizations.
  • Plan and direct youth groups in all church program organizations.
  • Plan and direct youth fellowships, retreats and mission trips.
  • Plan and direct parenting seminars and workshops.
  • Counsel youth and parents as needed.
  • Lead in a weekly youth visitation program.
  • Conduct weekly youth Bible study.
  • Develop relationships with local school officials and be available to speak and/or visit in the schools.
  • Remain informed of current trends in youth education programs and youth culture.
  • Be alert to win the lost and assist both workers and youth in reaching the unreached.

* This position is often called minister of students or student minister.


This committee shall be composed of at least four (4) couples, one of which shall serve as chairperson. There should be at least one youth representative on this committee from each youth group.


  • To plan, promote and supervise activities for children and youth. This includes retreats, special trips, cookouts, and special events. 
  • To plan and promote spiritual programs and activities for the youth of our church. This would include youth week, puppet ministries, and other special promotions. These activities should be planned on a regular basis. 
  • To work in cooperation with the day camp committee in planning and promoting the day camp activities. 
  • To interview and select candidate for recommendation as summer youth worker. 

YOUTH Team Members



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