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“Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” Rom. 8:26 (ERV)

This ministry is in charge of prayers in the church i.e. prayer warriors. They intercede for the church and members of the church. They also take prayer sessions for 10-15 minutes during church service. They should have a call of God to stand in the gap and pray. Our goal is for the entire church to become intercessors

Primary Objective/ Responsibilities

  1. To regularly attend prayer meetings. A list of persons to do intercession during services must be compiled. A team of

     intercessors must be started. To ensure that all those scheduled to do intercession are indeed at the church building.

  1. To do intercession during the scheduled service while the sermon is being delivered. Intercession is done inside the

     Church or in the prayer room.

  1. To sit near the doors so that it doesn’t cause any disturbance when the intercessors move to the prayer room.
  2. To ensure that prayers in the prayer room are not so loud as to cause a disturbance for the congregation
  3. To pray for the Pastors, the church leaders, the church, the community, the nations and the world.
  4. To pray together with the pastor and his spouse for revival in the congregation
  1. To train intercessors in the task of praying by using the “Prayer Guide
  2. To pray that families, health, finances and positions on their job remain under the covering of Jesus Christ.
  3. They should have genuine faith in God and be called to lead prayers during services as the holy Spirits Leads.
  4. They shall encourage the church to pray fervently and be able to keep the pray requests of the people secret.
  5. To pray for a revival and the expansion of the Kingdom of God during the sermon and during special prayer

       times as arranged.

  1. To claim territories, win and maintain victories. To stand in the gap for people with various needs and to intercede for the salvation of souls. To be in the front line when it comes to stabilizing and uprooting the works of the enemy.


Primary Objective/ Responsibilities

  1. To live a truly dedicated and exemplary life so that those who are trying to find the Lord are not put off
  2. To always be neatly dressed and well-groomed with fresh breath so as not to offend our new comers
  3. To treat the requests, problems and secrets of every person with confidentiality so that this confidential information does not reach the ears of others, especially members of the congregation
  4. To welcome those arriving for the services, especially new visitors, so that they may feel comfortable and welcome inthe new community
  1. To not look around during prays but to pray silently to God so that He shall move in their life with signs following.
  1. To move to the prayer area when the pastor invites people to go their for prayers (this will put the souls at ease and make it easy for them to simply follow you to the prayer area)
  1. To be next to a searching soul in the prayer area and make contact with him/her by asking what he/she needs God to do in thir lives.
  1. To lead this person to accept Jesus as her/his personal Saviour and Redeemer
  2. To encourage this person to confess his/her sins and to ask God’s forgiveness
  3. 10.To request the person to fill in the prayer request card/address card, supplying his/her address and telephone number so that he/she may be visited in future.


…and we will not forsake the house of the Lord Neh.10.39

Primary Objective/ Responsibilities

  1. Work hand in hand with Hospitality and Ushering to ensure that the Church is well organized and properly used before, during and after services e.g. Organising church seating arrangement.
  2. Show clear directions as to where the Toilets, Water taps, Baby change area and other sanitary facilities are located within the Church premises.
  3. Carry out proper waste management within the Church premises i.e. Empty the waste bins, garbage removal
  4. Ensure that there is adequate air conditioning and heating within the Church premises. (where no applicable keep door and windows opened or closed).Check the thermostat settings for appropriate cooling and heating.
  1. Safe keeping of all lost or forgotten items in the church.
  2. Ensure maximum security of the church after service by locking up the church properly.
  3. To open the church for services, events on time.
  4. Ensure that Church compound, the sanctuary, Chairs, the Toilets, Water taps, Baby change area and other sanitary facilities are kept clean, tidy and comfortable for worship and other usage.


 It’s open to all people who desire to pray and stand in the gap for others. The position of any of these officers in the church is subject to yearly review. However, s/he may continue to stay in office if approved by the church.


Confidentiality, discretion, and a commitment to prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.


No training required, but a person should be comfortable praying extemporaneously for the needs of others.

Length of Commitment

One year, or an indefinite period of time.

Upcoming Meetings

For upcoming dates and times, please click on our Church Calendar or call the church office.

PRAYER Team Members



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