Women Ministry


who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. -proverbs 31:10

The Leadership

Shall consist of three (3) or five (5) committed women, full of the Holy Spirit, having good reports and are able to teach the other women and also are responsible for managing this Ministry


Head of Men ministry

The Team

Women´s ministry shall include all women of Age

  1. Chairman – The wife of the pastor
  2. Vice-Chairman – elected
  3. Secretary – elected
  4. Treasurer – elected
  5. Committee – elected

Primary Responsibility/Objective

  1. Community projects (Women, Elderly, Children especially the Girl child)
  2. Sales and other fundraising activities
  3. Functions for women to get to know one another
  4. Gifts e.g. Naming ceremonies
  5. Refreshments after funerals
  6. Handling baptism clothes
  7. Decoration of church building
  8. Curtains and carpets
  9. Flowers and decorations in the church

  • Recommend policies and procedures for acquiring, arranging, and disposing of flowers and decorations for worship services and special events.
  • Recommend policies related to providing flowers for sick and bereaved members and special occasions for the church. • Work with the Stewardship (or Budget) Committee in requesting for the flowers and decorations financial support.
  • Acquire, place, and dispose of flower arrangements and special decorations.
  • Serve as a resource team in planning, designing and renovation of existing or new worship and storage space.

Other Responsibilities

  1. They shall function in such a way as to make Christ better known to the women and the young girls
  2. They shall organize outreach activities in order to reach out to people with the Gospel of Christ
  3. They shall teach the women to rely on the grace of God and to work hard towards fulfilling their missions in life
  4. They shall organize programs that would empower the women to meaningfully better their conditions
  5. They shall prepare the young women in the Church for successful marriage and teach the married women to cooperate with their husbands
  1. They shall teach the women to contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities
  2. They shall encourage the women to stand against injustices in the Church and in the Communities
  3. They shall teach the women to study the Bible and to pray daily
  4. They shall assist the women help put the place of services in order for meetings
  5. They shall attend to the social, emotional and psychological as well as the spiritual need of the women


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