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12 Proven Prayers That People Use To Destroy Satanic Foods

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One of the means by which Satan sow tares among the wheat is when poison is given as satanic foods in dreams. (Ps 69:21, Matt 13:25-26). Just as we have caterers here on earth so are their demonic caterers who feed weak Christians with all manner of demonic foods to destroy them. It’s done in the dream through eating unusual objects like human or animal waste, spoilt decaying meat, drinking red stuff etc.

It can also be done through laying of hands, speaking negative words(through incantation and enchantments) into the food, adding dangerous chemicals or something that may quickly weaken organs or blood vessels. They can manifest through sexual immorality with strange partners. Kissing and hugging can introduce poison into a person’s life. Through demonic access to a person’s physical personal property. When you receive demonic gifts from people.

As a result, satanic poison causes sickness to enter people’s lives. Due to this satanic foods we end up with mental illness, epilepsy, leprosy, tuberculosis, hypertension, migraine and some other deadly diseases. Such sicknesses become hidden and no doctor is able to find a lasting solution to their health challenges. It all starts a simple dream but wait and see what this one dream will do to you.

As a result of eating in the demonic table it can also cause Rejection, Depression and other social problems. such as drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, evil plantations in various organs like the womb, growth. Moving objects etc. Most victims of satanic food poisoning complain of Physically, Vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, Spiritually Confused and frustration, Profitless hard labor. Financial loss and unaccountability. Marital setbacks. Just to mention a few.

Sometimes, it’s not all satanic food poisoning that kills instantly. While others takes weeks, months or years before it start to manifest negative symptoms like destruction of organs. Depending on the type of words (incantations), the evil forces are expected to carry out on the food, we might get varying result ranging from mild to deadly if nothing is done.

Most satanic food poisoning is caused by familiar personalities close to you in one way or the other. Remember Samson was destroyed by Delilah his wife(Matthew 10:36), so are most pastors especially if you have big dreams. So beware of those close to you. Avoiding eating food offered to demons because its polluted by the demons themselves and this can cause many forms of weakness, tiredness and even organ failures. The main goal of the devil through this demonic foods is to destroy you and your hard earned wealth.

Brethren take care of food given to you by strangers because if its bewitched it can affect your spiritual level. Also if you notice that certain days of the month you have to attend the hospital and the doctors don’t see anything wrong you could be a victim of satanic food poisoning.


1.Make sure that you are born again.

2. Daily purify your spirit, soul, and body with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost(Daniel 1:8-20).

3. Be careful of who you associations with and the food you eats from people.

4. Pray over your gifts and anoint them before using. Be careful who you accept gifts from. Be careful who you allow to stay in your home.

5.Pray very well before you eat or drink anything. And if you suspect strange act, do not eat.

6. Incase you experience any of this pray the prayer attached below as a starting point and if the problems persist seek spiritual advise(Obadiah 1:17).



Step 1. Start Praising God and worship him with songs, and even with dancing.

Step 2. Repent… (As the Holy Ghost reminds you of any un repented SINS during the day)

Confess those sins one by one (e.g., satanic ceremonies you attended, of your visitation to local healers, witches etc) Mention them by name, especially … sins. And ask GOD for forgiveness and mercy. Believe that the LORD has forgiven you as He has promised in His Word. You need to repent of them all if you REALLY want to see results in this 7-day program.

Step 3. Confess out LOUD the Scriptures promising deliverance from the Power of Demonic Foods:

Matthew 13:25; Matthew 15:13; Ephesians 6:12; Mark 16:18

Step 4.


1.I command that every demonic caterer in my dream to eat their own food and then fall down and die in Jesus’ name.

2. Oh Lord! Cut off every satanic hand trying to cater for me or even feed me in reality or in the dream in Jesus’ name.

3. I swallow the blood of Jesus and vomit every satanic food I eat in the dream or in demonic ceremonies In Jesus name.

4.Lord Jesus I drink your BLOOD (imagine you are drinking it), so let it clean all my organs, soul and spirit from evil poisoning by witchcraft agents in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord Jesus I drink your BLOOD (imagine you are drinking it), Let it destroy every poison in my body in form of moving objects in Jesus’ name.

6.By the blood of Jesus let every evil powder or portion, incantation, curse, placed on my food in order to harm me, backfire. In Jesus name.

7.Every demonic caterer in my dream or physically that is controlling my life through my favourite foods, fall down and die. In Jesus name.

8.Any demonic poisonous food eating up my organs hence causing various sickness dry up, in Jesus’ name.

9. Every satanic plan to pollute the anointing of God upon my life through demonic foods, backfire, in Jesus’ name.

10.Any satanic food I eat that is maintaining the problems in my life, expire by the blood of Jesus and let the star of my destiny, shine again by the power in the blood of Jesus.

11.All my wasted years due to eating at the demonic tables let them be restored back hundredfold in Jesus’ name.

12.Every evil mark put on me knowingly or unknowingly through eating these demonic foods be cleared by the blood of Jesus.

13.Spent some time thanking God for how he has helped you overcome the spirits of delay this year.

Step 5. Close the session with high praises to the LORD.

Pastor Nathaniel

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