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12 Proven Prayers To Overcome The Evil Foundation Now

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Due to our evil foundation, many Christians are running a race they never started, fighting battles they never intended, and worse off paying for debts they never incurred themselves. Remember according to Matthew 7:16 when the root is bad the fruit is also bad. The same thing applies when the foundation is evil or corrupted then we get bad results which come with heavy prices to pay in life.

Brethren have you ever taken a closer look at what your ancestors(lineage) did for a living, how they worshipped, their marriage patterns etc.

No wonder many Christians have tried to be faithful and true to the calling but because of their evil foundations they have failed. Look at the case of Gideon in the Bible in Judges 6:25 it shows that he came from an evil foundation.

According to Psalm 11:3 ask yourself this question When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous (you and me) do expect to pray?”

Things which show that you have an evil foundation

How should you uproot those evil foundations?




Step 1. Start Praising God and worship him with songs, and even with dancing.

Step 2. Repent… (As the Holy Ghost reminds you of any un repented SINS during the course of the day KEEP REPENTING THEM)

Confess those sins one by one. Mention them by name, especially sins. And ask GOD for forgiveness and mercy. Believe that the LORD has forgiven you as He has promised in His Word. You need to repent of them all if you REALLY want to see results in this 1-day program.

Step 3. Confess out LOUD the Scriptures promising to MAKE YOUR ENEMY To LET YOU To GO:
These scriptures: Matthew 15:13; Matthew 7:17-18; Acts 16:26; 2 Timothy 4 :18, Isaiah 53:3-5
Step 4.

Prayer Points To Use When You Want To Come Out From An Evil Foundation

  1. By the blood of Jesus, I silence every evil voice against my life coming from wicked foundations in my father’s or mother’s house, in Jesus’ name.

2. I command every deep-seated evil foundation in my life and family, to be uprooted and destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.

3 I release a mighty earthquake upon every foundation that speaks against my family, my business, my health, …., in Jesus’ name.

4. My Father! My Father! uproot every mountain that stands before me from its foundations, Let the foundations that stand against my life be shaken, and let the doors and gates therein be opened in Jesus’ name.

5. My Father! My Father! Let every foundational covenant or bondage in my life, be destroyed by the power of the holy ghost
   in Jesus’ name.

6. After the order of Gideon in Judges 6:25 let every spiritual shrine, covens, idol worshippers of my father’s and mother’s house, servicing these foundations be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

7. O Lord you said whatsoever we bind on earth is bound and what’s over is loosed, I pray for total deliverance from evil foundations affecting my life, family, job etc during 2022, in Jesus’ name.

8. Oh Lord let every influence of hell over my life as a result of bad foundational agreement, be destroyed by the hammer of God, in Jesus’ name.

9. I command every evil power assigned to monitor me from my foundation to catch fire in Jesus’ name.

10.  My Father! My Father! Let your resurrection power come upon my foundation and bring forth every dead thing to life, in the name of Jesus.

11. My Father! My Father! Destroy every evil foundational curse, placed on me and my family in the areas of marriage, finances, career etc in Jesus’ name.

12. Spent some time thanking God for how he HELPED YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO COME OUT FROM AN EVIL FOUNDATION this year.

Step 5. Close the session with high praises to the LORD.

Pastor Nathaniel

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very insightful and revelational. The best site I’ve come across

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