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New year

15 Powerful New Year Prayers.

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The new year is a time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and then adopt what worked. It’s at that time when people adopt strategies, plans are made, goals are set, but one thing most people forget to do is to invite the Lord in their plans, and no wonder most of them fail. So don’t be among those who fail because the bible says” Ask the LORD to bless your plans, and you will be successful in carrying them out” Proverbs 16:3.

As a believer, there are many battles awaiting you and you should be prepared to fight a good fight of faith like Paul in 1 Timothy 6:12. You can’t afford to give up now because this is the most important part of the fight at midnight Paul and Silas fought and won. So before midnight, you are going to Re-dedicate yourself to the Lord for the New Year and then you will pray the prayers below.

While others are being distracted by the things of the world, brethren pray this prayer as if everything depends on them and you will have won your battle before it starts.

New Year
New Year


1. My Father! My Father!, Sent chariots of fire to destroy any giants, to part red seas(barrier), difficulty, challenge, problem belonging to this year, I  must not crossover with them, in Jesus name.

2. O Lord, Let the sun, moon, and stars cooperate with me so that I can achieve my divine destiny, in Jesus’ name.

3. Holy Ghost Power, this year assign for me destiny helpers, both human and angelic, to help me locate my divine blessings, breakthroughs, connections, etc, in Jesus’ name.

4. O earth open your mouth this year and vomit all my blessings and divine benefits which you swallowed, in Jesus’ name.

5. My Father! My Father!, Open the floodgates of heaven this year and shower me with an all-around breakthrough, in Jesus’ name.

6. O Lord close all demonic gates and doors opened to bring failure, sickness, poverty, etc during this year, in Jesus’ name.

7. My Father! My Father!, during this year resurrect all my dead(impossible) areas of my career, marriage, children’s welfare, business, etc, in Jesus’ name.

8. I command every owner of evil load during this year, to carry their own load by fire by force, in Jesus’ name.

9. By the fire of the Holy Ghost, I decree that all my blessings captured and transferred by satanic horsemen at the gate of my father’s and mother’s house, be released now, in Jesus’ name.

10. My Father! My Father!, sent warring angels to destroy any periodic covenants, which need worship and sacrifice from me, in Jesus’ name.

11. My Father! My Father!, Let the power of God within me be activated after the order of Samson to pull down the kingdoms of darkness in my family and community, in Jesus’ name.

12. Holy Ghost Power, destroy every demonic power standing in the gap ready to renew bondages in my life, in Jesus’ name.

13. By the fire of the Holy Ghost, Let the witches that are fighting me tonight fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.

14. My Father! My Father!, destroy every demonic power of my father’s house that are making it difficult for me to crossover to obtain my favor in this new year, in Jesus’ name.

15. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I decree that every ancestral witchcraft that wants to continue the battle of poverty, sickness, etc with me in the new year, catch fire and die, in Jesus’ name.

16. Pray in tongues for at least 10 minutes or more.

I wish you the best during the new year and may the good Lord be with you throughout the year.

Pastor Nathaniel.

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