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20 Proven Prayers People Can Use To Cancel Negative Words.

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When people open their mouths to speak, they either pronounce a blessing or a curse. So, what words are coming out of your mouth? Are they to build or break? How many people have you broken with your words?

Remember, your world is a result of your words. In short, most of your world is made up of your words.  After all, this world was formed through the words spoken by God (Genesis 1:1). There is great power, whether you know it or not, in your words. So, use your words properly to get what you want in life. That is why Paul, in the book of 1 Corinthians 14:5, encouraged us to speak in tongues so as to access more wisdom from heaven, and after getting this wisdom, he wanted us to use that to create our immediate world through prophesying.

Everything you see was spoken into existence through a word. Hence, you should destroy the negative power in the words by uttering some positive words. According to Lamentation 3:37, the Bible reminds us thatWho can speak a thing, and have it come to pass unless the LORD has commanded it?”


20 Proven Prayers People Can Use To Cancel Negative Words.

1. Blood of Jesus wash me and make me whole from every witchcraft word issued against me to reduce my life to nothing in Jesus’ name.
2. My Father! My Father! deliver me from every satanic pronouncement in Jesus’ name.

3. Holy Ghost fire, locate and paralyze every evil tongue raised against me in Jesus’ name.

4. My Father! My Father! Nullify every evil word programmed into the sun, moon, and the stars to destroy  my destiny in Jesus’ name

5. Every word spoken by any man or woman that (your name) will never make it in life, receive fire

and be canceled in Jesus’ name.

6. Every negative word spoken by any of my relatives to keep me in one place receive the fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ name.

7. For every evil word spoken against me during the day or at night to limit my life, I command it receive the fire of the Holy Ghost to destroy, in Jesus’ name.

8. Every curse issued against me by my mother and my father from my place of birth receive the fire of the Holy Ghost, to burn down, and release me, in Jesus’ name.

9. Whoever that is renewing evil word against me day and night, receive the stones of fire, be exposed, and be wiped away

10. Every witchcraft pronouncement made against my destiny, finances, family, etc receive the Holy Ghost fire and be destroyed, in Jesus’ name.

11. Every satanic decree issued to pull me down, scatter, and be canceled, in Jesus’ name.

12. For every evil word spoken and sealed with any blood, be it from an animal or human, against my destiny, family, career, or anything else of value, the fire of the Holy Ghost, break, and release me, in Jesus’ name.

13. I fire back to senders every evil pronouncement blocking my open door, in Je

14. My Father! My Father! Rewrite every statement concerning my destiny to reposition me for excellence, in Jesus’ name.

15. Oh Lord, let your plan and your word stand in my life in Jesus’ name.

16. Every evil word spoken or written against me by water spirit that is limiting me,, your time is up be canceled by the blood of Jesus Christ.

17. My Father! My Father!  Destroy every secret word and embargo tying me down, in Jesus’ name.

18. Holy Ghost fire, locate and wipe away any personality, cursing me day and night, in Jesus’ name.

19. My Father! My Father! Destroy every evil word that was spoken by the strongman of my father’s house in Jesus’ name.

20. Prophesy and speak good words to yourself in areas of your health, career, family, and any other thing of value for a duration of 2-5 minutes

Pastor Nathaniel

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