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Babylonian financial system

Babylonian Financial System: Why We Should Avoid It Now!

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What Is Babylon?

The Babylonian financial system started in Babylon, so then where did Babylon come from?

Tower 1

According to Genesis 9:18,24, there was a man in the Bible called Noah who had 3 sons called Shem, Ham, and Japheth. His last-born son Ham dishonoured him in his drunken state and as a result, Noah cursed him.

We see that according to the book of Genesis 10:6-9 Ham had 4 sons named Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan, and cush was the father of Nimrod. This is the same Nimrod who built the tower of Babel(in Hebrew) (meaning: “The gate of god(s)”), Babylon is the Latin representation of Greek Babylṓn according to Genesis 10:10.

According to Genesis 11:6-9, Ancient Babylon was both a city and nation that manufactured, conducted business and made war. From this point, Babylon became a worldwide political, military, economic, and religious system bearing the same basic attitudes as its founder Nimrod (Genesis 10:9) (which means “let us revolt“)and developed to its ancient peak of power by Nebuchadnezzar. He was one of the greatest Babylonian kings.

Just as surely as Nimrod was opposed to God, Babylon is an organized worldwide system opposed to God. It is a culture that is anti-Christ, anti-God, and it is everywhere! That is what we call the world.

Babylonian Financial System(Commonly known as the Modern day Financial System)

Babylonian financial system
Babylonian financial system

We see that this system has continued to the present day unchanged for instance when you read the book of Daniel 1:1-2, you will see how Babylon went into Jerusalem, the holy city, and the Babylonians took everything from the house of the Lord and took it and locked it in their god’s control who was the devil.

This is the same way how the righteous people have lost their wealth, most of the rich unbelievers are trained by the devil’s agents to steal their wealth from God’s storehouse and take it and hide it in demonic storehouses located in various locations, and these locations could be under the water, in the air or in the evil forests.

Do you remember in the book of Luke 4:6-7, when the devil wanted Jesus to worship him so that he could give him some of these stolen riches?

The Babylonian financial system was characterized by the association of money with the work of God, deceiving people into thinking they were doing the work of the Lord when they were actually being drawn to it for financial benefits.

Nowadays most religious leaders use their position to amass wealth and power, leading to corruption and a distortion of the true message of the faith (2 Corinthians 2:17).

The Babylonian system of money suggests that money is with a few people, yes money is always there but it’s out of range for most people. This was as a result of corrupt governments, corrupt economic systems, and idolatry. These Corrupt economic systems prioritize the interests of the wealthy over the poor, leading to economic inequality and social unrest.

According to Daniel 1:3-7, The devil doesn’t just steal our money but also our most intelligent youth and takes them to his kingdom to serve him as slaves, slaves to alcohol, drugs, and women.

Tower 2

We see the world has something to offer the youth to keep them blinded in the system of destruction but first, they train them. This training is necessary to ensure they will never leave the system again.

This is why we call it the Babylonian system or 8 am to 5 pm, where you are always on the road until you retire and there is no room to think outside the system. But after just a few years of retiring, you die because you can’t cope with the outside world which operates differently. The Babylonian system makes sure it has used you maximumly and it leaves us empty with only a little pension to retire to, and then die.

In the Babylonian financial system, the youth are trained and used to start multinational companies, invent great inventions, and run world systems while our believers continue to suffer and languish in poverty. Since if they want anything, it’s owned by the wicked unbelievers. You can see that in this system believers are reduced to cargo, they are exploited and even traded as slaves to drive the engines of production, prosperity, and sinful pleasures (Proverbs 22:22)

According to Ecclesiastes 10:6, “Fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones, I have seen slaves riding on horses and princes (influential people) walking like slaves on the land.” According to Proverbs 19:10, “It isn’t right for a fool to live in luxury or for a slave to rule in place of a king.” A fool is a person who doesn’t know God, but these fools are the once who have the riches and are owning the wealth of this nation. It is very wrong (Proverbs 30:22).

We see that according to the book of 2 Kings 24:13-19, the Babylonian system also took every important person who was in God’s holy city and left all the poorest and sickly as well as the unproductive people. Those people who were considered a liability to the Babylonian system were left behind by the Babylonian system to somehow die or self-destruct through diseases and old age.. That is what is happening even up to today.

Tower 3

In the olden days during the war when a village fell, they would have to take everything valuable, leaving the people to die. For instance, you see that in the book of Exodus 10:24-28, Pharaoh called in Moses: “Go and worship GOD. Leave your flocks and herds behind. But go ahead and take your children.” But Moses said, “You must let us take our sacrificial animals and offerings with us so that we can sacrifice them in worship to our GOD.

That is why the devil doesn’t care if you go and worship as long as you are poor. Yes, churches have done a good job to return the people to God but without the riches they used to have before so we can say that these people are still not fully delivered in the area of their finances.

When the devil wants to control you well, he first takes away your riches and honor and then he leaves you with everything else praise, anointing, and whatever else. For instance, remember that in the book of 2 Kings 4:1, One day the widow of one of the LORD’s prophets said to Elisha, “You know that before my husband died, he was a follower of yours and a worshiper of the LORD. But he owed a man some money, and now that man is on his way to take my two sons as his slaves.”

This is also what the devil did to Job in the bible according to Job 1:9-12 the devil took away his riches and honor and left him with nothing other than prays. According to 2 Corinthians 4:4, “ The god of this world has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. As a result, they don’t see the light of the Good News about Christ’s glory. It is Christ who is God’s image.”

We see that the devil has blinded most believers so that they can’t see that it’s their right to get rich. It’s very important that everybody inside the church should be rich owning cars, houses, businesses etc so that they, in turn, can make the church rich. It has nothing to do with your education, family, etc.

Even if you failed stand up and start again until you succeed, after all a righteous man falls seven times and rises seven times again (Proverbs 24:16). Let us strive to break out of this Babylonian system.

Let us also always pray against this Babylonian financial system which is operational in our day-to-day society.

Pastor Nathaniel

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