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Beware Of False Preachers In Sheep Clothing Now

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According to Matthew 23:2-3, we should be careful of false preachers who speak one thing and do another thing so they can’t be trusted instead they should be feared and avoided at all costs. Everything they offer you including the miracles, sweet words, their music, their messages on TV or social media are to lure you to their trap (Matthew 23:15).

When you see false preachers know that you are not on the same page, you want to go to heaven and stay there with Jesus but them they want a piece of heaven to enjoy it here on earth with the devil (Matthew 23:13).

Key Things To Look For In False preachers.


According to Mark 9:38-41, Jesus advises us that despite what these false preachers do or say in the name of Jesus they remain dangerous to your faith. They might look blessed, but their end is near.

Some false preachers, teach, cast out demons in the name of Jesus. But when you dig deeper into their lives you find out that they are after what they can get from Jesus and not Jesus himself and his teachings. These false preachers will break every available law in the bible to get what they want. For instance, Carl Lentz, pastor of Hill song East Coast, was forced to resign in November 2020 for “moral failures,” including an adulterous affair, and sexual abuse.

Just imagine:

  1. Casting demons or preaching and in between you speak in tongues which is against the bible(1 Corinthians 14: 2,5,13,27,28)

2. Falling people backwards on the ground and telling them that they are receiving the holy spirit, being filled or being healed Know this is against the bible and is the work of the devil according to (Luke 9:42(the boy); Luke 4:35(the man). When God visited people he didn’t throw them to the ground backward but instead they fell on their face by their own accord to the ground in a position of worship.

According to Matthew 26:39, Jesus fell with his face to the ground and prayed. Now, who is this great prophet, the apostle who can change the mode we should worship God? Leave alone Jesus he was the son of God but are you now greater than Moses and Aaron combined who according to Numbers 14:5 fell on their faces… What about Father Abram when he wanted to talk to God did he not fall on his face down according to Genesis 17:3?

Beware of these false preachers. According to Matthew 23:5 Simply because you wear a white robe with big rings or even worse label suit with the making of Jesus things like a cross just like the Pharisees that doesn’t make you right when you are wrong according to Matthew 23:27.

Remember Galatians 1:8-9 warns us to be careful of such people preaching a different gospel other than the one the disciples preached. So, if this person is cursed if you get associated with him then you receive a curse according to psalm 23:1-2.

By carefully reading the Bible in 1 Kings 13:18  you will see that some of these so-called prophets can lie and can put you into a lot of trouble so stay away from them, and their toys (mantles, oils, etc)before you get burned badly. After all broad is the way which goes to hell.

Let me remind you that according to Jeremiah 23:16-17 most of these false prophets or false preachers do everything to get money. They can lie to the people, offer them false hope, and will never root out sin because sin is their playground, and they love it. Jesus said that “each tree is recognized by its fruit” (Luke 6:44). False preachers’ fruits always appear good, but inside it is bitterness. Maybe it’s time we start believing him and act accordingly.

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15, emphasis added to all). “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock” (Matthew. 7:24). Or, very simply, “Follow me” (Luke 5:27; John 1:43).

Always remember when you are too lazy to pray, too lazy to study your bible or when you are too lazy to rebuke some strange prophetic utterances, you become a slave to these false preachers. Matthew 24:11-24.

Pastor Nathaniel

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