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Can curses Affect A Genuine Christian Now?

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What is a curse?

Genesis 3:14-16 God was the first to pronounce curses even to the soil and no wonder the copycat devil tries to copy God by cursing things like the soil. So, A curse is when your world is turned upside down by either a person or a thing leading to a great suffering as a result.

You can’t run away from a curse or curses but you can be covered, exempted from it or them.

A curse has an origin from a certain cause it doesn’t t just happen you need a justifiable cause from either yourself or something or someone (proverb 26:2).

For a curse to keep working you need to put a promise in place to the gods who are the enforcers of this curse this is where a covenant comes in place.

For you to be part and parcel of a covenant you need to be an initiate that is a partaker which can only be achieved through certain rites or doings called initiation (this include doing certain things which attract the spirits to come and make a covenant with you to carry on this curse.)

They might ask for certain this like blood. flesh. Soil etc. whatever the cause you are required to bring all these things or met these conditions before you can succeed. Curses are made with the support of that is witness of either the elements that is the sun moon water air etc. also earth.

According to Jeremiah 22:29-30 the earth can hear the words spoken to it and can become a witness. The earth can help you to carry out this curse if required through making covenants with men. Have you ever seen people swear by the earth? They touch the earth with the figure and then touch their mouth. Earth can also help you to carry the curse issued thereafter.

Examples of curses with the help of the Earth (Soil)

According to Numbers 16:31-33 The earth can swallow a person either alive or kill them or even worse swallow their belongings and resources and that includes money.

According to Genesis 4:12 The earth can help in destroying your livelihood. Adam you will eat from sweat, because earth was cursed

Tell me where you can go where there is no earth is it in the air there is dust, or is it in the sea or water there is mud so everywhere you can’t hide to avoid the earth.

Ways In Which Curses Can come to you(Malachi 3:8-9)

According to Proverbs 18:21 Through spoken what are you speaking because angels can hear you and do what you say Ecclesiastes 5:6.

According to Joshua 6:18 Through images, pictures and symbols a curse can be effected to a thing or a person. So remove all charms, pictures of things, idols and clothes given to you by witches and cults otherwise the curse or curses effect will never end in your place

Not paying Tithe and offering can bring a curse

The money system is unrighteous in most cases according to Luke 16:9,11 remember we work for non Christians and how do they make their money, most of it is dirty money, blood money, ritual money, magic money etc. which one are you carrying now thing twice, if clothes get dirty and we wash them don’t you thing some of this monies need washing first before we use it and this can only be done in the church.

You can’t use this monies safely without the curses attached Matthew 6:24.because of how its acquired.

So according to Roman 11:16 you can clean it this way, give some to god first and he will clean the rest so devil cant touch

Think this way when a pastor greets a prostitute do you thing she becomes clean or I am a Christian I touch a drug does that make it clean now,

Luke 11:41-42 what is the other thing that is tithing

Hebrew 7:4 If Abram tithed who are we not to tithe. A priest receives tithe on behalf of Jesus Hebrews if nothing is there to receive that why I will start receiving since we have an altar in place

Story of a thief avoiding to be destroyed or caught by a cursed soil

As I was growing, I used to see the locals invoke the earth to protect their properties but how they would take earth and say. But a thief would come carried by another on the back the one standing on the earth never stole but the one on top stole and they go short, they understood this principle.

Are Generational curses real?

Deuteronomy 5:9

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,

Let say your dad was cursed with spirit of drunken or poverty or broken marriage then it might run in the family. As long as you continue to stay around them then:

According Proverbs 14:7 Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips.

Just imagine you are still young and living with this kind of a person as a dad or mom what will become of you. You will view women in a certain way because your dad divorce several times. The same applies to drinking as a way to overcome stress.

Remember fools train up other fools and vice versa (proverbs 20.7)

Who are you hanging around and what are you learning from them proverbs 13:20?

Whose shoulders are you standing on and what can you see. Stand on giants shoulders and the difference is clear to those far and near you.

Signs You Might Be Under a Curse

Proverb 26:2 a curse can’t just be upon you without a purpose. If it appeared the there is a justifiable reason for it to be there.

Genesis 3:14-16 God was the first to pronounce a curse even to the soil  and no wonder the copy cat devil tries to copy god by cursing things like the soil.

Genesis 4:10-12 Due to doing certain blood rituals the soil might get a curse or curses and as result the people living on that ground get into a circle of curses.

So, check for this thing in your life as a mark of a curse (Genesis 4:12-15),Remember a curse can attract this things and more:

1. Mental and Emotional breakdown

Once its ok but if it runs in the family then the family is under a curse.

2.Undegunisable diseases

Doctors can’t find a cause for the disease but it keeps getting worse and worse.

3.Repeated miscarriages and related female problems

4.Breakdown of marriage and family systems and values

5.Unending problems related with finance

Yes, you have a good job or a thriving business but still money is an issue. There is never enough money no matter what dispute the source. The source of income seems to keep drying no matter what. Qualified but un appreciated at work spaces.

6.Pron to accidents no matter the care you take. This might be as a result of certain curses.

7.Suicides and un natural deaths. This might be as a result of certain curses.

8.People go missing in your family. This might be as a result of certain curses.

Galatian 3:13-14

Through christ death we were given a chance to live a curse free life. Since jesus took our curse in exchange for a kingdom life so take it now. Jesus was made sin so that we may be righteous,rejected so that we maybe accepted.took our curses and gave us blessings.

Deuteronomy 21:23 So every jew knew that jesus had been made a curse.because he hang on a tree.otherwise we were all cursed but we can now receive remission from our curse through christ.

John 10:27 because of our curse nature we cant hear jesus calling us back to the kingdom

Pastor Nathaniel

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