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Closed Doors: Why They Can Never Stop Heroes Now

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Why Are Doors Closed?

Why do you close your home door? why can’t you let it open? Sometimes good people close it for you for various reasons. While sometimes bad people accidentally close those doors for you and that saves you unnecessary problems.

What happened to those parents who used to close dangerous doors for us not to enter into trouble? But now that we have jobs, money, etc those same parents no longer help us to close those doors anymore. Did you know that a seed in your hand is nothing, but if you close the same seed in the soil, after a while it will refuse to stay down and it will make a way out, but this time in a multiplied form.

Remember when someone closes a door on your face all God wants you to do is to look around there are much better doors that are still open, and waiting for you to enter them. Changing your thinking opens many new doors.

So, you shouldn’t keep beating that door, questioning why the door closed. Remember the door closed for a reason and if you stand there crying you might miss those other doors. We might not see the new doors that are opened or are about to open because we spend too much time looking at the doors that are closed.

When you focus more on problems you open more doors leading to problems but when you focus on possibilities you open more doors leading to better opportunities. Don’t look farther since Jesus is that door you have been looking for (John 10:9)

Remember that opportunities don’t just happen, you open doors for them to enter into your life. Your action today might not bring change today but for change to happen certain doors must be closed and others opened. If you have all things figured out, you might not have any faith left to open new doors.

According to Proverbs 16:9 Most of us love open doors because we can see what’s in there, but we hate and even fear closed doors especially if we don’t know who closed them or why they were closed.

Remember one door might close behind you and another one opens, and it might not make sense, but God will connect for you the dots because after all if God closes a door no one can open it (Revelation 3:7). After all, God is your doorkeeper and no one or no door can keep God’s blessing from you (John 20:19). God is not limited by any man-made thing or place. You could have closed that door through fear or even an evil person could have closed it but remember God can help you make a way where there is none (Isaiah 43:19).

According to Mark 2:3-5 Open your own doors to glory now or someone will hire you to do it for them. Remember never be afraid to try a new thing because you don’t have what it takes, start with what you have, and the rest will fall in place along the way.

Remember that every great door that opens attracts the attention of many evil forces who want to close that door but keep fighting (1 Corinthians 16:9). Genesis 3:22-24 The only time you use authority, force, or try to block something with something like a door is if you sense some danger or threat. Just like God sensed that when Adam disobeyed, and God put an angel to block Adam from entering and eating from the tree of life.

The Devil has no power except the power you give him, and he can’t destroy you unless you allow him. Most of us when we fail, we blame it on someone or something (Genesis 3:12-13). If you cooperate with him by accepting what he is whispering to your ear through media, friends, etc he can destroy you. The Devil will encourage you to eat poorly through those ads you see and then destroy you through diseases etc. Then when you get sick you start praising this disease and instead of standing with the scriptures which are on healing, you stand with the doctor’s negative prescription.


Remember that according to Philippians 2:10-11 as long as the disease has a name then it’s defeated by Jesus. After all, Jesus healed all our sicknesses (1 Peter 2:24). So, stop talking, thinking, and acting sick or poor. You should see yourself not the sick trying to get well, but the devil trying to make sick. Reach a point where you hate and can’t tolerate sickness or poverty. Getting angry at sickness doesn’t feel so bad of an approach. James 4:7 resist the devil.

The only time the Devil will try to destroy you will be when he succeeded in challenging or changing the word of God in an area you know very well what God says about (Genesis 2:16-17). Adam and eve knew that they were gods but still, the devil tried to confuse them in that area, and they failed and lost their divinity (Genesis 3:1-6).

Remember that when the devil was cast out of heaven he was stripped of all powers and given to Jesus (Matthew 28:18) who gave it to us. So, Satan must steal this authority from you and then use it against you. He enters people and animals and uses them to do evil. We were supposed to be gods of this world something the devil wanted all this time.

Pastor Nathaniel

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