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Demonic Tongues Are Forbidden For Christian People Now!

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According to Matthew 24:4-5,11,24, many have been led astray by false prophets through false miracles; are you one of them? They have faked even God’s tongues and come up with these demonic tongues.

Types of people in the kingdom of darkness.

  1. The ignorant are the lukewarm, hypocrites, etc. (they can quote bible verses, say the name Jesus, pray, etc but with the same tongue, they blaspheme Him—one leg in Jesus and another in the darkness)
  2. Those who know they are in darkness serving it – they include Satanists, devil worshippers, magicians, witchdoctors, sign readers, fortune tellers, top world music stars, etc

The second group of people all speak in demonic tongues – it’s a tongue of communication between them and the kingdom of darkness. Satan uses the first group of people without their knowledge – they can speak in demonic tongues without knowing if it’s demonic or Angelic or tongues of men.

More so tongues mean nothing if sin is involved, because many people don’t know that the Holy spirit has left and you now have and evil spirit (1 Samuel 16:14-15).

Remember in 1 Cor. 13:1 (Angelic/heavenly tongues, Tongues of Men, and Demonic tongues). Example of the tongue of men with the help of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:6–11) An example of angelic tongues Mark 16:16-17

Paul was saying that even if you speak with tongues of men and angelic or heavenly tongues, angels have a tongue (Mk 12:25), or so they can teach us that tongue, and it is called a demon tongue. It means nothing; demonic tongues are used to communicate with the kingdom of darkness; e.g., witchdoctors have to chant in tongues.

Demonic tongues in the church 1 Cor. 27:28 if this rule is broken, then it is demonic(When speaking to humans, you must speak in a tongue the human understands, or else have an interpreter—it’s a must, not a request, or else be quiet!).

Differences between Angelic tongues and demonic tongues.

1. Repetitions

God hates repetitions, for He is not deaf (Matthew 6:7) and when speaking in angelic tongues, you cannot speak in repetitions. Demonic tongues are full of repetition and chanting.

2. Spoken publicly

Angelic tongues are for you to speak secretly only and for God to build you ( 1 Cor. 14:2, 4 ). Demonic tongues are publicly used for fame, pride, prestige, envy, show-off, boasting, etc. You need to stop immediately.

3. Not fluent and with flaws

In the same manner you speak tongues of men fluently and flawlessly, so do you speak angelic tongues under the Holy Spirit, but this is not so with demonic tongues.

Demonic tongues are not fluent, full of repetitions, same words, same sentences, and full of flaws. Like bababa. Do you talk like that in your home language or English? Because tongues are supposed to be a fluent language (Acts 2:5–18), this was a sign (Mark 16:17), and it was made for unbelievers to believe (1 Corinthians 14:22) or one that can be interpreted by someone else (1 Corinthians 14:5, 26–28), and this was a gift (1st Corinthians 12: 1 to 4,10) to build you.

4. Spoken by people with no fruits of the Holy Spirit at all

Angelic tongues are spoken by those in Jesus, baptized with the Holy Spirit, thus fruits of the Holy Spirit are manifested in them. Demonic tongues are spoken by those without the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the wicked, blasphemous, hypocrites, those who deny the Power and fight it, godliness with no power, etc.

When indeed you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, you can identify a demonic tongue from miles away. What is spoken in majority of churches today in the name of speaking in tongues is demonic tongues. Unless a person is delivered, many speaking in demonic tongues cannot know its demonic – a prisoner knows no freedom.


1. Luke 11:11–13: As long as you are not born again and are living in sin (an unholy vessel because God is holy and you should be holy), you cant be sure that you will receive the Holy Spirit and not an evil spirit.

2. In case you lose peace and are depressed be careful. Because if according to Galatians 2:20, Jesus lives in you do think that you can be depressed?

3. James 3:10-12 You have a dirty mouth (using swearing language, gossiping, etc.). Double-check your tongues.

4.You are not after the kingdom matter like winning souls (Luke 10:1-2), We should be busy doing God’s business (Luke 2:48-52). Remember no one should perish (2 Peter 3:9), righteousness etc but using God to make your ends meet.

5. According to John 16:14, the Holy Spirit in you should glorify Jesus and not you and your drama. With all your tongues, how much of Jesus have you lifted to men in your workplace, community, business area, etc.

Pastor Nathaniel.

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