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Devil works

Devil’s Works: 20 Prayers to Destroy Them Now.

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The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:8)

Brethren, It is foolish to think your brother or sister is your enemy. In most cases, that person is only being used as a vessel by the devil. For us to fight properly, we must fight against the right enemy. Fighting against a fellow brother or sister is wrong.

Brethren If you desire to walk in the reality of your identity in Christ, then you must strengthen your prayer altar so that you might destroy the devil’s work in and around you. Always remember that prayer is an effective tool in the hands of a believer who desires to destroy the works of the devil. Yes, the devil might not have all his works around the world all together, but you can stop him from operating around your business, career, children, and everything else about you. So let’s pray!

20 Proven Prayers to Destroy Devil’s Works Now.

1. By the power of Jesus, I speedily destroy every work of the devil in and around my life.

2. Confess any known or unknown sin, be it work-related, business-related, or relationship-related, that attracts the devil to me.

3. Let the blood of Jesus Christ silence every priest of darkness preparing an evil account against my destiny and be burnt to ashes in Jesus’ name.

4. All evil powers assigned to rearrange problems in my life, fall down, and die in Jesus’ name.

5. My Father! My Father! Deliver my soul from the prison of land covenants in Jesus’ name.

6. Holy Spirit, envelop my life with mercy and grace; let the manifestation of God’s glory in my life be visible this year in Jesus’ name.

7. Every satanic decree, covenant, utterance, law, etc. working against my life, I cancel and render it useless in Jesus name.

8. My Father! My Father! During this is year send a mighty angel to deliver me from any profitless hard work in my life in Jesus name,

9. I decree the earthquake of the LORD to arise and uproot every satanic altar assigned against my family in the name of Jesus. I destroy every evil hidden structure in my life with the earthquake of the Lord in Jesus name.

10. O Lord, arise in your might and destroy the pharaohs and heroes in my life during this year, in Jesus name.

11. All my buried virtues, gifts, and talents arise and shine again in my life during this year, in Jesus name.

12. Almighty God, arise in your power and destroy my brass heavens, and let me walk under open heavens during this year in Jesus name.

13. On the order of Elijah, may fire come down from the heavens and consume all evil entities, occupants, etc. in my home, business, career, etc. in Jesus name.

14. After the order of David, this year shall be the year I shall pursue and recover all my stolen virtues, blessings, miracles, etc. in Your house.

15. My Father! My Father! Fight for me so that I can access all the blessings and other inheritances that were not claimed by my ancestors in Jesus name.

16. During this year, I shall cross my local Red Sea on the order of Moses, leading me closer to my promised land in Jesus name.

17. In the name of Jesus, I command that every spirit of fear in me that has given the devil the foothold to work in my life be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost!

18. Whatever the devil has done that is stopping me from manifesting as a child of God, I destroy it right now, in Jesus name.

19. According to Psalms 91:11, I claim your promises and lay everything down before you. Command your angels to take charge and keep me safe in Christ Jesus. I wear your righteousness today against all condemnation, corruption, attack, and evil demonic manipulations in Jesus’ name.

20. In the name of Jesus, I command that every effect of demonic incisions, sacrifices, curses, and initiations upon my life come out with all your roots.

Pastor Nathaniel      

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