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Dream Robbers

Dream Robbers: Here Is What You Should Know Now

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Who Are Dream Robbers

According to 1 peter 5:8, “Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.” Dream robbers are demonic agents who take delight in killing, stealing, and destroying, as in John 10:10. They operate in the dream world, where they cause great harm to their victims, which translates to great losses in various areas of their lives.

Their work is to steal anything and everything of great value from the lives of their victims. To do this, they ensure that their victims don’t dream at all, or if they do, they don’t remember their dreams. They do this so that the victim will never know what God has in store for him or her. If nothing is done to remedy the situation in time, then problems start to emerge in the life of the victim.

If you want to and must go far, both spiritually and physically, you must guard your dreams and pay attention to them. The enemy has the right to steal your dream life and disconnect you from the heavens.

The truth is, you can joke about anything else but you cannot joke with your dreams. God is so concerned about your dreams. He is constantly seeking ways to speak to you or reveal certain works of your enemies. Unfortunately, because of your ignorance and spiritual weakness, the enemy may immediately decide to block the source.

We have a choice in how we react when robbers attack our dreams and get into our minds. One reaction is to wallow in the dark side, which makes us unappreciative of the dream that God created just for us. Ungratefulness is a potent enemy that diverts our attention, and if we don’t take courageous action to change our mentality, it may ultimately ruin our dreams. One of the most harmful ways to confront dream robbers is with ungratefulness. Although it often makes things more difficult than they need to be, it may seem like a typical reaction to hurt and disappointment.

Dream Robbers

For example, God might see you and realize how much suffering you are going through. And as a result of your persistent prayers, He will reveal to you in a dream a particular snake or a member of your family who has been holding you, hostage. However, by the time you awaken from sleep, the devil has blocked that revelation. The devil will keep pushing you in this direction so that you listen to false prophets, and he will assist them in stealing your money and stealing the little blessings that you do have in your life.

Signs Of Dream Robbers In Your Life

If you find that in most of your dreams, you see:

  • A total stranger who is stealing your money or valuables.
  • A total stranger having sex with you and not your husband/wife.
  • Your dead relatives giving you something in exchange for what you have and you run mad.
  • Yourself in the village court with your hands and legs tied, being forced to pay generational debts.
  • Someone giving you an empty envelope.
  • Yourself giving a total stranger your ATM pin or banking details.
  • You see a python or a big frog or rat swallowing your money, valuables or even children

Who Are The Demonic Powers Responsible For Sending These Dream Robbers?

These dream robbers don’t just decide to come and invade your dreams instead they are sent by people with:

  • Magic or witchcraft powers.
  • Familiar spirits.
  • Marine powers.
  • Spirits of divination.
  • Spirit husbands and wives
  • Controlled by Household enemies, Ancestral powers, and strongmen

What Makes Dream Robbers Be Drawn To A Person?

  • Receiving evil gifts or enchanted or cursed objects and keeping them with us.
  • Having a demonic pastor or prophet lay hands on us hence opens us to them.
  • Having a sexual relationship with a demonic personality whether physically or spiritually.
  • Being born in a linage of witches and warlocks
  • In case your parents dedicated you to one of the demonic altars or deities
  • In case you sold your soul to the devil knowingly or unknowingly by doing certain rituals

What Damage Can Dream Robbers Do to the lives of their victims?

Dream Robbers

As a result of an attack from dream robbers a person might:

  • Lack any sense of direction and hence misses his or her destiny.
  • Suffer shame and disgrace in all of his or her life.
  • Look and even sound different to his/her destiny helpers and hence they miss each other.
  • Have so many uncompleted projects, and even abandoned ones.
  • Have delays when it comes to relationship issues.
  • Experience many closed doors in his or her life.
  • Experience hardship in everything he or she does.
  • Experience a lack of a financial breakthrough
  • Experience mistaken identity leading to great losses
  • Lack of the ability to hear God through dreams due to spiritual deafness.
  • Might fall easily to sin
  • Not remembering his or her dreams no matter how he tries
  • Be robbed of good health and left with Chronic sicknesses in exchange.

How Do You Overcome Dream Robbers?

  • Make sure that you are Born again. If not so then get born again or Rededicate yourself to Him again if you have backslidden.
  • Repent and confess your sins to God. Start naming them one after the other, and don’t forget to repent on behalf of your parents.
  • Don’t forget to ask the Holy Spirit to recover for you all your lost dreams.
  • Disconnect yourself from any form of evil habit and sinners.
  • Cover yourself and your dream life with the blood of Jesus.

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Pastor Nathaniel

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