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Easter: A Time To Receive A Crown Of Glory Now

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1 Corinthians 10:11-12,” All these things happened to them as examples for others, and they were written down as a warning for us. For we live at a time when the end is about to come. If you think you are standing firm, you had better be careful that you do not fall.”

How deep am I rooted in the things of God or to put it plainly how ignorant am I? So, before answering anything just remember what the bible says, in 1 Corinthians 8:2, “Those who think they know something still have a lot to learn.”


Less Known Facts About Easter.

Everything we see leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is symbolic of our day-to-day life:

1. Jesus (is the Lamb that takes away sin)

2. Cross (was an instrument of torture, but also a symbol that connects earth to heaven through Christ)

3. The Thief’s cross (The thief’s cross was made in the shape of a capital Y, and symbolizes The Holy Trinity i.e., the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.)

3. The Crown (symbolizes Authority) and the Soldier (enforcer of that authority)

4. The Thorns on the Crown (symbolize the Worries, and cares of this world)

5. The Scars on his hands and legs (Prove to others of what you did and where you went )

6. The 2 Thieves ( They were there to prove that Jesus is the Messiah. These two criminals represent the whole human race.)

7. Jesus Hanging between two thieves (These thieves were guilty of sin so Jesus was guilty of our sins among sinners)

8. The Spear which the soldier pierced Jesus with (To open a link or way through between two worlds) John 19:34

9. His Blood ( Life; the forgiveness of our sin)

10. The scarlet robe put on Jesus (Willingness to defend their faith with their own life)

11. The Water (symbolizes the power to save, and purify many)

12. The Vinegar which was given to Jesus when he said he was thirsty“sour wine.” (opposite of love toward the neighbor and the good of faith)John 19:30

13. The Sponge that carried the vinegar ( Because a sponge is always taking in liquids, this case the sponge symbolizes the love to read God’s Word )

14. The Tomb (Limiting factors, fearful a place of testing)

15. The Large Boulder that closed the tomb (greater obstacle to the truth) Ezekiel 36:26-27

16. Angels (Heavenly connection is established)

17. Women (symbolize the church but here it talks about friends of Christ)

19. Men (symbolize People in authority)

20. Thomas (symbolizes the people who Ignore; Doubters)

Brethren, we touch a little bit about the crown.

7 Types Of Crowns In The Bible.

•The Crown of Separation

•The Crown of Protection

•The Crown of Incorruptibility

•The Crown of Rejoicing

•The Crown of Righteousness

•The Crown of Life

The Crown of Glory.

What is the spiritual meaning of glory?

Glory (from the Latin word Gloria, which means “famed, renowned”) is used to describe the manifestation of God’s presence. Today we will learn more about the crown of glory which is the opposite of the crown of thorns.

John 17:4-5,” I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. Now, Father, give me back the glory I had with you before the world was created.”

This verse shows us that Jesus had a crown of glory before he came to earth, but he chose to give it to us and take a crown of thorns, which had been given to us through Adam’s sin by God. God took away the crown of Glory and replaced it with a crown of thorns as we read in:

Genesis 3:17, “And he said to the man, “You listened to your wife and ate the fruit which I told you not to eat. Because of what you have done, the ground will be under a curse. You will have to work hard all your life to make it produce enough food for you. It will produce thistles (weeds) and thorns, and you shall eat the plants of the field.

We see that this was fulfilled in:

Matthew 27:27,” Then Pilate’s soldiers took Jesus into the governor’s palace, and the whole company gathered around him. They stripped off his clothes and put a scarlet robe on him. Then they made a crown out of thorny branches and placed it on his head, and put a stick in his right hand; then they knelt before him and made fun of him. “Long live the King of the Jews!” they said.”

So, by putting the crown of thorns on easter Jesus was accepting the original curse placed on man as a form of punishment. He died as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, so that the Curse that God had pronounced upon this earth because of sin, could be removed for those that believe in him, and that ultimately creation itself could be redeemed, and we can say 1 Corinthians 15:54-57, “… “Where, O Death, is your victory? Where, O Death, is your sting?”

Easter is a time of change in every area.

Jesus took our Shame ( lack of power and authority) in exchange for a crown of glory. So, has given us back that authority that was stolen. Matthew 28:18-20. So, don’t forget to drop your crown of thorn shame at the cross and collect your original crown which Jesus purchased for you back from the devil.

Most of us have been in the same spot for a long time, wearing a crown of thorns, yes you don’t want it but you still wear it.

By the time they put this crown of thorns on you, you will then know that your garments are dirty and torn by these thorns. Thorns symbolize suffering at all levels and they will not allow you to be helped by anyone because they will attack that person and hence you might die like that.

This crown of thorns was always put on the head so as to prevent the person from being helped. It also prevented the head from thinking straight and hence they lost strength and bearing and they make many mistakes. Allow Jesus during this Easter to remove any crown of thorns the devil has being putting on you.

A spiritual crown of thorns takes away your dignity and ability to think and hence you lose your power due to limiting beliefs and other things which don’t matter. Remember a thorn is something that is dead but still can kill and even affect your life in many ways.

And for Jesus, he was also crucified on the cross as a form of punishment. Here the cross was a symbol used by the world to punish offenders. No wonder you will see that most of the world loves their master’s symbol of punishment and that is why they wear it as a reminder that you can’t double cross the devil and not get punished using the modern-day cross.

But Jesus turned what was made for harm for our salvation and blessing

This Easter is a time to remove that crown of thorns and wear a crown of Glory but for that to happen you need to change your garments which you were rolled with and wear new garments. A crown of Glory symbolized wealth that came from great authority. So let this Easter be different from others and get something out of this Easter.

1 Peter 5:4 “And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.” For instance:

Recall Stephen (his name surprisingly means Crown)who, while being stoned to death, was able to look into the heavens and see the glory of God (Acts 7:55-56). If Stephen could look up and see this glory or else receive the crown of glory while still alive it means we can also receive it but we must be filled with the Holy spirit just a Stephen was.

When Jesus was resurrected he had to go to the Father and present himself as the final sacrifice for our sins and that is why he said to Mary to wait for him to go and be glorified first as said in John 20:16,” Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned toward him and said in Hebrew, “Rabboni!” (This means “Teacher.”) Jesus replied, “Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father.”

In closing 1 Corinthians 3:18,” Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool, so that he may become wise.”

Let this Easter be an Easter to be remembered in the years to come. Don’t be like many others who this Easter is just another day with no meaning attached to it.

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Have a blessed Easter full of love. Invite many to Christ this Easter. Let others know this Easter that Jesus died for them and they should die in sin.

Pastor Nathaniel

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