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evil garments

Evil Garments: 10 Prayers To Destroy Them Now

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What Is An Evil Garment?

Isaiah 59:5-6 describes it” They hatch the eggs of vipers and weave a spider’s web. Whoever eats their eggs will die; crack one open, and a viper is hatched. Their cobwebs cannot be made into garments, and they cannot cover themselves with their works. Their deeds are sinful deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands. “This is as a result of evil garments in operation in one’s life.

Therefore, A garment is a robe that increases our beauty. There is a wise saying which says that you are addressed the way you dress, this is true whether in the physical or spiritual. Did you know that people may tell a lot about you by looking at the way you dress? they might even go ahead and estimate how rich or poor you are. The same applies to when one is clothed with an evil garment, no good thing will be happening in that person’s life. It’s difficult for their helpers to recognize them and help them.

Correct or wrong garments can make some to be useless while living on this earth as useless beings, evil garments have reduced some to nothing and made them a failure, it has also made some very successful. You remember the story of Joseph’s garment in the bible which was made of many beautiful colors, yes it made his brothers jealous, but it made his destiny helpers happy and were willing to help him along the way to become the second in command in Egypt.

When Joseph was made a prime minister in Egypt, his garment changed. Joseph used to wear the prison robe, but when he was elevated, he began to wear the garment of royalty. So also, the blind Bartimaeus, he had to take off his robe so the mighty hands of God could restore his sight. (Mark 10:50-52).

evil garments

So, let’s pray these prayers to help you remove any evil garments you might be wearing.

10 Prayers To Destroy Evil Garments

1. O Lord, I come before you and acknowledge every sin that I and my family members have committed against you, I ask that you forgive us, cleanse us, and make us holy, in Jesus name.

2. O Lord, I thank you for clothing me and my family with your righteousness, your glory covers us like a garment of protection against evil garments, in Jesus name.

3. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare total destruction of all the powers of evil garments in my possession, let all the covenants and curses serviced by these garments be broken, in Jesus name.

4. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that whosoever that will want to reactivate these evil garments and veils that have hindered our ancestors and parents from succeeding in life let them be destroyed by fire, in Jesus Name

5. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I destroy every evil garment of inequality, every evil garment that is hindering and eventually stopping me from doing good things that my friends are doing easily, in Jesus Name

6. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare total destruction of every evil garment of poverty, sickness, infirmity, backwardness, setbacks, confusion, disappointment, hatred, rejection, non-achievement, failure, covering me and my family, in Jesus Name

7. In the name of Jesus, I command every evil garment that is upon me and my family that is attracting evil, shame, or pain, to catch fire in Jesus name. O Lord, I pray that you will save me from every evil affliction in my life that came as a result of these evil garments upon my life, in Jesus Name

8. My Father! My Father! Let every evil power, principality, and demonic spirit that has prepared evil garments for me (name them one by one such as hated garment, beggarly garment, garment of blindness and infirmity) wear your evil garment. Fall down and die, in Jesus name.

9. My Father! My Father! Send your recovery angels to go to both the seen and unseen worlds and recover anything that was stolen from me or my family as a result of these evil garments, in Jesus name. 

10. My Father! My Father! Send, your warring angels to go to both the seen and unseen world and take away every evil garment of delay and disappointment used to prevent destiny helpers from locating me, in Jesus name. 

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Pastor Nathaniel

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