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Evil Houses Eat Their Owners And Their Wealth Pt 2.

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According to Ephesians 2:20, Everything we do here in this church is built upon the foundation of the apostles, prophets like Moses and Elisha, and Christ Jesus. In the Book of John 13:15-16, Jesus told us to follow his example in everything after all, we are not greater than Jesus or the prophets to disobey them. So, lets follow Jesus as far as this issue of soil of the house is concerned.

When it comes to using the sand and water what does Jesus say about it?

According to John 9:6-7, Jesus healed a blind man using sand, and this is not the only account of Jesus healing blind people with sand (John 21:24-25), so no one knew how to use the power of the sand as Jesus did, and with results to show for it. But remember even in the days of Jesus people still didn’t approve of what he was doing and that is why he took this man outside the village (Mark 8:22-26).

God our Father also reminds us that in Genesis 2:7, We are part of the dust and hence we are the food for the serpent according to Genesis 3:14. The serpent might eat you in bits and pieces by giving you a sickness here and there until he turns you back to dust as in Genesis 3:19.

Remember also that the earth has also a mouth and it can swallow things and people according to Genesis 4:11.

Hence as you can see the soil can be used by the devil and his agents to harm us or our properties. They use the soil as arrows against the unsuspecting Christians. They know how to command the earth to open its mouth and swallow things they do this by pouring blood, oils, and other things into it.

They then curse the soil making it impossible for anything good to happen there. Due to ignorance, most Christians have fallen victims of these attacks by demonic agents. If you step on charmed ground you might get immediately sick or start to experience misfortunes in your life. Satanic agents can collect the soil from your house, business, etc. and even collect the soil from under you feet to harm you. They speak to it and hence as a result destroy the person and the house instantly.


Exodus 8:16-17 As for Moses he stretched his hand which had a staff (here the staff symbolized a weapon of war) while the dust that he struck symbolized a vehicle and a witness that the punishment was executed.

As for Elisha in the book of 2 Kings 2:19-22, he didn’t use a staff, but he stretched his hand which had salt in it which turned the barren land (poverty, joblessness, etc) to be productive (riches, jobs, etc) and the water to give life and not cause death

As you can see that according to Joshua 6:18, demons live in things, and sometimes if you keep these things then the demons might enter you as a person.

That is why we say there are houses with blessings and curses in them.

Matthew 12:43-45 When a demon leaves your house it can still come back

According to Jeremiah 22:29, the bible says O land, land, land, hear the word of the LORD! So, when last did you command the land where your house is built? Remember just like everything else the land has ears so it can hear you.

According to Leviticus 18:28, the bible says then the land won’t become sick of you for defiling it and vomit you up (in short the land wont reject you), as it rejected the pagans who lived there before you. So, we see that the land has a mouth that swallows good things and vomits bad ones. So, you can command its mouth and vomit as said, Numbers 16: 30-33

Have you ever thought of this, if an argument took place in a certain house and you entered that house after some time , and you began sensing this negative energy? you may be asking yourself Pastor, what are you talking of?

According to 2 Chronicles 7:1-3, When God’s presence is in a house it will be noticeable, and it can make you to do or not to do certain things.

Even animals can sense and even see the presence of either God or the demonic like in the case of Balaam and the donkey (Numbers 22: 22 to 23,28,31)


2 Kings 5:8-17 just do what I am telling you and you will know that there is a God who lives in heaven. I don’t care whether the demon in your house has wings or horns my God is more than that.

Did you know that the Jordan River is very salty, and it feeds into the dead sea which is the 5th saltiest lake on earth?

Salt represents purity and water life. Both are a witness to what we are telling this sand and if the earth has ears, (Micah 6:1) then what about salt and water. They can hear too and will act as policemen to enforce what we have decreed today.

When your people in that house are prone to unusual sickness, accidents, deaths,etc then you need to do this. Washing with this water and sprinkling this SOIL separates.

But first, we need to speak to the soil we brought in the house of God, because maybe you are among the people who I have been addressing this morning who have suffered a lot, but know that there is a way out. But before we pray you need to repent of any involvement in the Witchcraft activities and then we can pray these prayers.

If you have not done so,or have backslidden Pray this prayer to surrender your life to Jesus first so that you can ask for his help.

Put your left hand to your heart and stretch the right hand to this altar and repeat after me.

Father in the name of Jesus I repent of all my sins and I return back to you today accept me as a son and daughter just as you accepted the prodigal son back into your Kingdom. Take full control of my life as from today moving forward.Amen

I am going to pray with you sons and daughters in the kingdom. Father accept these ones who have returned to you and

Forgive them of every known and unknown sin. As of today, write their names in the Book of life and put a mark of protection on them against anyone and anything that has been fighting them. Guide them and lead them to hidden treasures in Jesus name.

The dark kingdom uses the dust against us, but it is a power that we CAN use against them too. Jesus said if you are driven away from a place for preaching the gospel, shake the dust from under your feet. Matthew 10:14

Pastor Nathaniel

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