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God’s Angels : How To Easily Work With Them Now

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If you want to start enjoying the benefits of the kingdom, like working with angels by your side, then your righteousness should pass that of the Pharisees for this to happen (Matthew 5:20). Remember, it’s not just quoting many verses or praying for long hours (Matthew 6:5–7) that catches heaven’s attention, but the correct use of everything in the Kingdom. .

As you can see in Matthew 14:28, Angels won’t appear the way you want them to. They will appear in different sizes and packaging depending on the person they are sent to and his or her importance to the Kingdom. Remember, they have to use a mix of spiritual bodies and physical human bodies so as to connect with us; otherwise, if they appear only in their spiritual bodies, they might scare us and not communicate the message they have for us.

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We must learn to appreciate and also cooperate with these messengers of God instead of pretending that they don’t exist or, even worse, mocking them. For instance, in the real sense, you can’t call a police station and request that the police commander send policemen to your house to come and make your bed because you are too drunk to make it. Yes, they might come because they sense you are too drunk, but they might end up arresting you. That is the same when dealing with angels.

In the same way, If you are in the kingdom, then God assigns you a spiritual helper called an angel, or what is commonly called a guardian angel, to help you do your daily activities and even act as a bodyguard when the need arises.

When your importance increases both in the physical as well as in the spiritual, then God assigns you more angels, and this time they are more powerful. The number might also increase as per the need of the moment, and that can mean that there are people who are protected by archangels who are in charge of armies of angels.

What These Angels Did In Bible Times

Just imagine that Jesus said that he could call this kind of angel, up to twelve legions, (72000 angels) (Matthew 26:53). Did you know that only one angel led the children of Israel from Egypt, according to Numbers 20:16? It was this angel who performed all the 10 plagues, divided the Red Sea, brought manna, and even healed them when they were in the desert.

According to Isaiah 37:36, ,”Then the angel of the LORD went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies!” Just one angel!

We see in the book of 2 Kings 19:32–35 that there are times when you let God see and hear what your enemy has planned for you and then let God send an angel to go and act. The question is, When did those angels guarding Elisha come to the mountains? The fact is that they were always there.

If, according to Romans 8:29–30, Jesus says he is firstborn among many then you have the authority to do the same things he did, even calling 72 000 angels to fight alongside you.

Why do angels seem to visit more women in the Bible?

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Women in the Bible stand for a church, if the woman in the Bible is a prostitute, then it’s an apostate or false church, and if the woman is holy, then it is the true church. So that is why you see that there were more sightings of angels in biblical times than today. If the church is emphasizing holiness, then the presence of the Lord will be there, and hence it will draw angels to that place.

Why Don’t We See These Angels?

According to Deuteronomy 30:19, it is a matter of choice If you want to see them or not, but they are always by your side. The reason many of us don’t want to see our angels is because we keep provoking them, and hence, we are afraid of them (Exodus 23:21). The media always discourages us from seeing angels so that we can choose the wrong things, and then we give up our rights to these angels.

According to John 18:11–12, Did you know that until Jesus cooperated with the soldiers who were sent to arrest him, they couldn’t arrest him? So don’t cooperate with your enemy at all; instead, cooperate with heaven.

So don’t choose the wrong thing and start saying it, because you will have broken the law of choice. So, speak out for what you want, not what you don’t want to see.

How Angels Operate.

It seems like most of us don’t even know that there are angels assigned to us, let alone how to work with them. So, we tend to miss their valuable services.

We should understand the Kingdom protocols and duties of various heavenly beings. You can not send God to do the work of an angel. That is why he sends the angels to come and do certain things here on earth because they are His messengers.

So, know what the role of angels is, what they can do, and what they can’t do. What you should do yourself and what God should do.

You can see that the Kingdom of God seems like it’s weak because of this confusion. People not knowing what they should do or should not do. For instance, just imagine you asking God the Father to come and guard your door, What an insult to the Kingdom, because for this you need just the blood of Jesus or the fire of the Holy Ghost to act as an edge of protection.

Most of the people who know how the Kingdom operates correctly are experiencing great miracles and are enjoying heavenly blessings (Daniel 11:32), These people are like supermen of this generation because they know how to operate and cooperate with the Kingdom of God for maximum results.

Always know that there are certain things God will do himself, there are certain things the blood of Jesus or his name will do, there are certain things the Holy Spirit will do; but there are also certain things you have to do.

So, before you call Jesus to come and do something, check whether that thing can be done by his name, his blood, his word, or even the Holy Spirit. Don’t overlook Kingdom protocol. Use the correct tool to get the best results. Any wrong use of a tool can cause injury instead. So, learn what goes where and also does what. Due to poor theology, we have been taught to ask things in the name of God alone and not even in the name of Jesus.

The Bible says we will walk on scorpions and snakes (Luke 10:19), so if you see a scorpion or snake, you don’t call on God or the angels to come and walk over it but you do it yourself because God has given you permission (authority to do so)

For instance, simply because most of us are so spiritually ignorant that we don’t know how to pray correctly, we pray, like this God come and make my bed or send one of your angels to come and make it for me. This kind of prayer is likely to be unanswered because you don’t know where the roles of God and the angels start and end and then you take over. In short, you tend to pray amiss (James 4:3) out of ignorance (Hosea 4:6).

Another example is when a woman like the mother of Samson was barren in the bible, we see that they prayed to God and God didn’t come himself to them but he send an angel to them who came and took away that barrenness, But it was the work of Manoah’s wife to carry the child in her womb for nine months and even take care of the child.

In a country, policemen protect its citizens and so do the angels they are the policemen in the Kingdom of God and so they do protect its citizens (Psalms 34:7). We see that they are there to enforce the Kingdom laws inside the Kingdom and sometimes they are sent to enforce these laws even outside the Kingdom.

It is the work of an army to guard the boards of a country and also to diffuse tensions inside the country we see that in the kingdom of God, there is an army of the Lord formed by legions of angels (a legion is 6000 angels) and overseen by a captain called an archangel.

According to Revelation 22:8-9, Angels are God’s servants and that is why they don’t want to be worshipped because they are just messengers and not the King, so they understand the worship goes to God. Remember you can’t pray using the name of an angel, but you use the name of Jesus (John 14:13-14).

Pastor Nathaniel.

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