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God's Protection

God’s Protection: 20 Proven Prayers To Offer It Now

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Did you know that everyone, whether a Christian or a non-Christian, says a prayer when faced with danger or a dilemma? That means that we admit that we are weak and need some form of assistance from time to time, often in the form of God’s protection.

Always remember what the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs 4:16, “Evil people can’t sleep until they’ve done their evil deed for the day. They can’t rest until they’ve caused someone to stumble.” So always pray for God’s Protection because evil is all around us, and the plan of the enemy is for us to slip, fall, and be put to shame.

Spiritual Attack

Prayers for God’s Protection are powerful tools of faith and spiritual defense that provide comfort, guidance, and a deep sense of God’s protecting presence in our lives. That is why the Bible promises us in the Book of Psalms 46:1 that, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Therefore, we believe that God’s Protection is ours.

Brethren When you feel like you need God’s protection at any time for any reason just know that God will always come through for you. Just ask, and it shall be given (Matthew 7:7). When you pray for God’s protection, be specific about what you are asking for. Vague or general prayers for God’s Protection are less likely to be answered than specific ones.

Prayer requires faith. Without faith, it is difficult to even begin to pray. In order for God to answer your prayers, you must do your part as well.

Let us pray these prayers for God’s Protection together and may they bring comfort to you and peace of mind.

Angels 1

Proven Prayers You Should Pray For God’s Protection

1. By the fire of the Holy Ghost, let everyone who is planning my downfall and plotting to harm me this year fall for my sake, in Jesus’ Name.

2. I decree and declare after the order of Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon formed against me in any way shall prosper, in Jesus’ Name.

3. Every demonic voice that will speak against me this year, be silenced by the power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ Name.

4. My Father! My Father! Send your warring angels to destroy completely every spell, enchantment, wish, and incantation being made against me right now, in Jesus’ name.

5. I decree that demons of darkness who are fighting my career, marriage, children, etc. shall not succeed with their plans at night and in the day, in Jesus’ name.

6. My Father! My Father! Send your protective angels to offer me safety and security from jinxes, spells, charms, and other dangerous witchcraft materials at all times, in Jesus’ name.

7. O Lord, I pray that you give your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways so that accidents and evil things will not overtake me, in Jesus’ name.

8. O Lord, let your favor be a shield of protection over me and my family amid evil, in Jesus’ name.

9. O Lord, I ask for wisdom and understanding to preserve, keep, and deliver me in these evil times, in Jesus’ name.

10. Oh Lord, as I go about my business today and even throughout the year, I refuse to fear because you are with me to protect and guide me all day long; for you will not fail me, in Jesus’ name.

12. O Lord, though I may be persecuted at my home, workplace, and elsewhere, you will not forsake me, you will be with me during those moments, in Jesus name.

13. Holy Spirit please protect my mind and heart from negative thoughts and influences. May I be filled with your peace and joy, and may I trust in your goodness and grace, in Jesus’ name.

14. In the name of Jesus, I declare that every attack of the devil against me will be diverted now! I use my words to agree with God’s Words, and therefore I cannot be defeated, and I cannot be terrorized by the devil.

15. Thank You, Lord, that You have given me authority and Dominion over this earth and everything in this earth. I have authority over every serpent and scorpion and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt or harm me or my family (Luke 10:19, Psalms 115:16).

16. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost make my body, soul, and spirit too hot to be tampered with by the devil in Jesus’ name.

17. My Father! My Father! deliver me from unseen as well as unknown enemies and forces of darkness who are trying to destroy me this year in Jesus’ name.

18. in the name of Jesus I decree and declare that every evil power delaying my testimonies, miracles, and joy to be paralyzed in Jesus’ name.

19. Let the thunder of God scatter to pieces, every evil altar that is controlling every satanic grave digger sent to dig my grave and let them be swallowed by their own graves in Jesus’ name.

20. In the name of Jesus I declare that every evil camp of the enemy that is against me is to be put into disarray. Let their members make mistakes that will expose them in Jesus name,


Pastor Nathaniel

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