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God's best

How To Receive God’s Best Easily.

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Job 34:4 “Let us choose for ourselves what is right;Let us know among ourselves what is good.

Luke 10:42 but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

From the beginning of time, God gave us the power of choice through Adam, but Adam didn’t choose God’s best. God has also given us the power of choice too, but most of us are not even using it, and the only time we use it we choose the wrong things, or we don’t choose God’s best.

There are so many people in the Bible who didn’t choose God’s best. For instance, in so many occasions Israel rejected God’s best, and that cost them heavily as we can see in Luke 13:34. According to Jeremiah 29:11 always God wants the best for us, but we have come to accept the worst for ourselves and our children.

Most of the time we use God as an insurance policy in case something doesn’t work out or goes wrong then we cash in our insurance policy. We remind God that it is written so and so, so honor your word, you can’t lie you are God. We try to twist God’s arm through every trick in the book we pray, fast, and even give but not because we love God but just to get what we want from Him. Please don’t tell me when the devil was quoting verses in the bible, he was serious he just wanted to get his way out.

Most of the time after you get what you want, be it healing, wealth then you tell God to leave you alone since you are doing well. We serve God on a part-time basis no wonder we don’t receive God’s best. Remember if you walk towards a God miracle will be drowned towards you. I am not there yet but I have changed much address since I started the walk with Christ.

According to Ephesians 1:3, we are already blessed by our father, so we shouldn’t act as if we are asking or begging to be blessed instead, we should learn to receive what is rightfully ours those blessings.

God's best

How To Receive God’s Best Easily.

You can receive from God through any of these two channels either a miracle or a blessing. Believe me, most Christians are always believing God for a miracle and not a blessing. Did you know that a miracle is not God’s best? God might be willing to provide your need through a blessing and not a miracle. You could miss God’s best.

I am not saying you can’t have a miracle but only if you are in a crisis like when the children of Israel were in the desert, they needed a miracle called manna for food until they reached the blessing called Canaan land. Remember a miracle suspends the natural way of doing things while a blessing cooperates with the laws and systems of doing things.

Due to the condition of the world now God has from time to time intervened to correct one thing or another through a miracle. But before God gives you a miracle you have to be in a crisis. A blessing prevents a crisis. So, to receive a miracle after a miracle you must be leaving a life full of crisis. That is not what you want.

Most of us want to break God’s laws through our lifestyle and expect not to suffer for that. The bible says for instance in Ephesians 6:2 “Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise: that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” You want long life and the benefits that come alongside, then do that but what do you do you ignore that, and you start doing your own thing and you get sick and die before your time.

You want prosperity then believe in God according to Matthew 6:33 and also believe his prophets according to 2 Chronicles 20:20. But what do we do we say instead we will work very hard, this will make us rich we forget that it is God who makes us rich according to Deuteronomy 8:18.

Remember miracles are temporary in nature for instance when Joshua stopped the sun it was for a short period of time (Joshua 10:13), manna lasted for a short period of time (Exodus 16:35). Jesus walked in the water for a short period of time. A miracle is a quick fix to a crisis at hand. A blessing can’t be stopped it is eternal (Exodus 20:6).

A miracle is never abundant but just enough to meet the need at hand. For instance, manna, the food that fed the 5000 people, etc. A Blessing is abundant that you can’t have enough room to receive it for instance Canaan land provisions as compared to the manna in the desert.

Sometimes simply because we don’t see many miracles it doesn’t mean that we are not godly instead it means we are so blessed that we no longer live from crisis to crisis but operate with the laws of provision of God. Laws like give and it shall be given.

Some people will not cooperate with God’s natural and spiritual laws and hence they never get off the system of miracles into blessings. So, if they see God wants to bless them by taking away the miracle they resist and even look for alternative miracles from the devil. They try to force a miracle by all means necessary.

Just like the children of Israel wanted manna to continue even after they reached Canaan land. Some never wanted to work at all. Just like most of us want God to bless them on their terms, no wonder that witch in Acts wanted to buy the gifts of the holy spirit. No wonder we don’t want to change a bit so as to receive god’s blessings. If pressured about it we go to churches which are selling things of God gifts, prophecies, etc in exchange for money.

According to Deuteronomy 28:8, God says He will bless the work of your hands so what are you busy doing? Or are you just praying and doing nothing on the other side. No wonder people are playing rotary, only losers play lottery Statistics show that over 80% of those who play the lottery are at the poverty level. No hard work would risk his money this way. This is not how God will get money to you. God won’t fix a lottery for you, and he won’t promote you if you are lazy.

A Story Of A Woman Who Prayed For A Miracle And Did Nothing.

There was a lazy Christian woman who had children but didn’t want to work at all, what she did was to pray and pray but didn’t want to work. So, after praying for 2 days with no food, she heard some noise at the front door and when she went to check she found a dog dragging a very big bag.

Then when she opened the door, the dog run away and after further inspection, she found all the food she needs. Just imagine she was busy thanking God yes it ok but is this how you want to live and be fed. Many of us are ok with as long as it doesn’t cost them a dim. It’s ungodly to get something for nothing (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

Because of abusing the laws of nature no wonder most of us are sick just imagine you were carrying around 50kg sacks Many are carrying 2 around and then you fell and got injured when you come to me, I would probably remind you that you should remove them, and you will feel better. That’s how we abuse our bodies with sugar, salt, and sweets and we gain unnecessary weight. If you are sick a miracle would do but God is committed to giving you health so he would ask you to cooperate with those laws and not break them.

If you want crops to grow you need to plant them, you can’t pray and do nothing about it. even the miracle won’t happen in this case. You need to aid the miracle to happen like God will ask you what do you have in your hand? so that he can start with that. You can’t say nothing because he will send you to go and borrow something like the widow in 2 Kings 4:1-5.

According to Mark 10:29-30, You have to do something to see something happen. Look throughout the bible and you will see that all miracles were in one way, or another aided. On several occasions, Jesus told people to go and do a certain thing, and then they received a miracle. But our generation doesn’t want to do anything at all, whether it’s praying, fasting,or even giving but they want things to happen. No wonder witches are on the increase who offer the evil spirits to work for these people but not for free but at a fee and also perform rituals also.

Remember when you start moving away from the miracle mentality to the blessing mentality you will notice that you became busier than before because you have things to do and take care of. In Canaan land, they had to milk the cows, feed them, plow the land, and do the harvest.

Jesus used miracles like a bell to draw people to him, but he expected the people to opt for a blessing moving forward that is why he used to say to them go and sin no more or something worse will happen to you and you will be back for another miracle (John 5:13-14).

According to Genesis 12:2-3, God wants to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others. You have to receive a blessing to give it to others.

According to Genesis 14:17-23, No man can make you rich except God. Abram was so confident that he will be successful no matter what, famine never stopped him nor did wars.

According to Genesis 26:12, you can receive a blessing by association with a blessed person. Something comes over you and you become a new man and you learn to do things that make God to bless you. Surely God wants to bless your life but get blessable. Live a life God can release his blessing to JOB was an example of that. You can’t be living in sin and expect a blessing.

If you look at Psalms 1:1-6 you will see the condition to be blessed. You must believe in the one who blesses you (Jeremiah 17:7).

Did you know that the worst sinner can receive a miracle but it’s impossible to receive a blessing while living a life of sin? When you running low on faith you may ask for a miracle, but after you are out of that situation you don’t need a miracle but a blessing.

Pastor Nathaniel

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