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Mystery Of People Praying In Native Language Now

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The reason traditions have remained powerful is because they are administered using our native language. This should tell you that your native language is very important in your most important moments of your life. For instance, when you were born you were given your name in a native language and that is why it sounds native to honor your native deity’s and just to confuse you, sugar coat this issue by associating it to your own beloved mother.

Remember all rituals, rites and even other cultural activities are addressed in your native language that is your “mother tongue”.

So why is this the case? What is the importance of our native language in relation to our lives?

 According to Genesis 11:7, God said Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. “It is very clear that these people were speaking in their own native language and hence the people and the gods of the land were in unison and hence the great success.

So, God understood that if the gods are saying one thing in one native language, if that is translated it loses power and efficacy. No wonder the gods of the land understand this and don’t want their instructions given out in another language like English or any other foreign dialect for instance, in ‘Zululand'(in south africa) if you name a child using Sotho language, it is considered a cultural failure which could earn a punishment.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it was abused by the witches with time. They knew that the gods of the land would not honor foreign god’s commands. So, they started issuing chants, vexes, spells, incantations in very deep local dialects’ less known to the new generations who only speak English. This they also did in secret shrines which are far to reach for the city born, making it very very difficult to be broken by the modern-day Christians.

Remember there are laws which govern the local spiritual councils which have a great say in how your life is, was and will be in the future. Unfortunately, the books that contain your life issues there are in a certain local native language and the court won’t be in cession until you speak the same language. So, you must break, cancel, and nullify those evil handwriting using the same language they were issued in.

Failure to use the same native language might amount to a technical delay whereby the gods might ignore your command on pretense that it’s unclear to them, might misinterpret it to mean that you want to challenge their authority over that person or thing. This was what happened to Daniel an Israelite in the bible (Daniel 10:13) where he made a prayer request while living in Babylon, He met with great resistance from the gods in charge of that area. They knew he didn’t belong there, and they were not willing to listen to him at all, until God sent a high ranking angel who could overrule that dialect thing.

As a Christian you need to be wiser than the children of darkness (Luke 16:8), by turning the weapons they are using against themselves and one of those weapons is the use of native language to issue evil commands. Remember evil angels (gods of the land) have a language and they use it to destroy so also use the same language to restore and build.

So, with this understanding for the next three days, we are ONLY going to pray in our native languages so that we can bombard those local spiritual courts in order to release our God given mandates and blessings.

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