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Good Persistence: How It Can Easily Open Doors Now.

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Brethren, DON’T GIVE UP! When things get tough or scary or overwhelming there may be the desire to just quit or give up. Avoid acting on that desire. Focus (Follow One Course Until Success), use your inner resolve and keep going; persist. Remember that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations(Romans 5:3-5).


During this year, we have all experienced a new normal due to COVID-19. We have moved outside of our comfort zones to what was once the unknown and frightening becoming our new normal. Brethren, Let’s remember to embrace the new normal (Lockdown), takes time to adjust to it with God all things are possible Luke 1:37.

Doing nothing gets you nothing. So, take action and do something. Even if you do not appreciate what has happened due to COVID-19, it is important to keep moving forward so that you make something happen. Taking action keeps you in control instead of letting the events taking place due to COVID-19 dictate what will happen to you.

It is persistence that keeps us going on no matter what we may be facing or how we feel about the current situation. We all are facing situations where we feel like giving up; due to the sudden, unexpected, or unwanted effects of COVID-19. Persistence is the Key that will open any door that has been closed by resistance.

When we get overwhelmed by what is happening or paralyzed by being forced out of our comfort zones, it is easy for us to just give in or give up. Neither of those is an option when change is upon us. Neither of those helps us in dealing with what we are facing. It is our ability to keep moving forward, to persist even in the face of adversity that will help us continually move forward(2 Corinthians 4:8-12).

Brethren, I know being persistent is not easy and it is not quick. We must be determined, focused, and motivated to keep on task no matter what else is going on. Total commitment to the purpose of the task is needed. We need mental toughness which makes us find fuel in an empty tank to move us closer to our goals.

Remember always, In the confrontation between the stream (River) and the rock, the stream always wins. Not through strength, but through persistence.
Remember that sometimes you fall down because there is something down there you are supposed to find i.e. a blessing with your name Joseph in the bible (Genesis 45:4-6). You must keep things in perspective. Look at the whole situation not just at what is currently happening. Always keep the big picture in mind.

Afterall you want Money it grows on the tree of persistence.

Pastor Nathaniel

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