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Proven Ways To Beat Your Haters Now

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Who Are Haters?

In this world we live in there are some people who will never like what you do let alone like. They will always talk behind your back of how you shouldn’t be where you are now. This are haters and you only have to ignore them.

A very good case in point is found in the book of John 9:1-3 where Jesus healed a certain blind man and immediately after this, he met with great opposition from his own disciples who were set on finding some sort of blame for the man’s problems. They wanted to know if he was blind because of his or his parents’ sins (John 9:2).

Unlike the society around Him, Jesus wasn’t looking to blame the man or his family; He was only concerned with healing him.

Even today that’s what Jesus does. But remember according to John 9:16 there were pharisee who were always willing to challenge Jesus for doing good. Since they had their own strict, worked-out ideas on exactly what was and wasn’t important to God, they’re quick to judge Jesus for not sticking to what they expected. Sometimes, it seems like you can’t please anyone…or everyone. But that is ok as long as you do what Jesus wants and says.

He keeps His calm, and, more than that, keeps His centre-point of love. Despite all that goes down in John 9, nothing fazes Him, because He knows that He did what His Father wanted. When we’re pushing ever closer to God, we can know that we’re working for His way, with Him. Then, because of His backing, we’re well placed to answer the critics with a (loving) smile, that says ‘Nope, I know what I’m doing’.

What Now?

Going through something at the moment that’s bringing opposition? Make time today to bring it before God. Ask: am I defending this because of who God is, or because of what I want? Take as long as you can to chat it over with Him.


8 Proven Prayers To Beat Your Haters

1. LORD, I thank you for Your promise of power from above and power of the world to come, in Jesus’ name.

2. Let my blood reject the spirit of infirmity in the name of Jesus.

3. Every good thing I have lost to envious enemies be restored to me 7-fold in the name of Jesus.

4. Every good thing I have lost to household enemies, be restored to me 7-fold in the name of Jesus.

5. Blood of Jesus arise in your power, fight for me against workplace witchcraft in the name of Jesus.

6. I overthrow every kingdom of witchcraft working against my life in the name of Jesus

7. Every witchcraft mirror and crystal ball used to monitor my life, break into pieces, and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name. 8. Pray in the spirit for at least 10 minutes.

Pastor Nathaniel

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