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Raise Your Anointing To See The Miraculous Now

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Atmosphere leads you to the anointing (It’s internal comes from within) and then lastly to the Glory Realms (It’s external comes from outside us – like peter’s shadow healed-what covers us and can-do miracles outside our influenceit also includes the angelic host.)

We believe since in Acts 10:38 Jesus was anointed and went around doing healing etc but when we try to do the same, we fail because we have a desire without the investment to see change. We are not willing to pay the price to see the same.

We want to force the hand of God to bring about a change. Unfortunately for us, we don’t discover that there was an investment responsible for that change of the sort that we were seeking. We need to be anointed. For us to minister and see a tangible sense of God’s presence released through us, i.e., the anointing.

The strength of God does not look for strength, the strength of God looks for weakness. So the quicker you acknowledge your weakness, the more you invite God’s strength. Just as water flows from a higher ground to a lower ground so is God’s power.

So, what is the anointing?

It is an ordination, a system of authorization that allows you to function in an office. It was an ancient system that was used on kings, priests, prophets. To anoint doesn’t just mean to smear with oil it means to legitimize your operation make it legal. As far as that function is concerned. To get a backing of heaven

When the Bible says how God anointed Jesus, he was authorized to function in that Office of the Christ. When the Saints are anointed, we are given authorization on legal grounds, the Sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-16) were not anointed by the Holy Spirit. That was why the demon said no, this operation, although you used to get results, but it’s still illegal because the Holy Ghost is not the of it. There is no legitimate ground upon which you should operate that way.

There are 3 types of anointing:

1.The anointing that comes upon you as a believer (dwells a believer) on account of his being born again.1 John to 2.20  

2. The anointing that comes upon you on account of the office that you occupy, which represents the ministerial allocation given to you as far as the program is concerned.

3.The anointing that comes to you as a reward for understanding what God is doing through you.

Different levels of anointing

According to Ezekiel 47:1-6 The anointing and all kinds of grace are in dimensions and in levels. Anointing is not general anointing. Just because you are anointed by Holy Spirit does not mean you are the anointed one like Jesus and can solve every problem. Just because you are anointed does not mean every problem is within your jurisdiction to solve.

That’s not accurate. If that were so the disciples would not need to be filled with the Holy Spirit again (Acts 4:31) and the Bible would not make reference How God anointed Jesus.

The anointing of the spirit works within the jurisdiction of its allocation. There are dimensions. This is where impartation and other things like laying hands come in. Remember, Joshua was already filled with the spirit, but Moses was told to lay hands on him again. (Numbers 27:18)

When you’re anointed to do something, you’re given a special grace, a special ability, a special power to do it and to do it with ease. Psalms 92:7-10. Anytime anointing comes into your life is that you will rule with it no matter what the enemies say.

So,don’t go against your giants in the power of your own strength, go against your giants with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

How do you receive this anointing?

For those of us who want to have a ministry that releases his anointing first is give Jesus your best, we read in John 12:3 that Mary gave an expensive perfume to Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair (her gift made roomProverbs 18:16), and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. Giving was personal and sacrificial to Mary, and it should be that way to us as well. Mary didn’t do it because other people expected it from her.

God does not give the anointing to lazy preachers, lazy Christians. He won’t do it. The anointing is available to all of us But there’s a cost to be paid to get the anointing.

The cost includes paying the price of taking time for intimacy with God as well as time to develop that expertise and your gifts and your skills. It comes by recognizing that God’s anointing is an honor and a privilege. It’s a person to seek after. It’s not something to take for granted. Mary wasn’t following the crowd but offered the oil to Jesus alone, but every person present was aware of and impacted by Mary’s gift. That’s how your life and your ministry can be. Mary was sensitive to God’s spirit and timing.

The woman who came to the tomb with burial spices, were too late. Jesus had already risen by then. that was the moment of giving Mary was led by the Holy Spirit.

The anointing can grow by revelation. Remember Money does not make a great ministry. It is impact that makes a good ministry and supplies, finances, finance, ministries, a product of impact.

The anointing can Association Ask yourself what Grace brought this result, is it common, should I ignore it and you come to a conclusion that there must be an ability at work in this man or woman that’s not common. And you submit to it and the portals of the grace opens up to you. Even if they don’t speak over your life right there and then, you will find out that you begin to reproduce possibilities under the jurisdiction of their anointing.

Do you I listen to my teaching? yes and when I listened to my own teachings, when Pst Nathaniel is about to pray or preach I don’t say I’m hearing myself. I say Lord as this man is preaching, I receive and surely I have been blessed than some of you.If According to Numbers 22:28-31 if Balaam’s donkey as stupid as it was spoke and that saved his life how much if I listen to God speaking through me.But we are full of doubts and we want someone else to speak to us.

Do you know why many men of God are not blessed by their own grace because the anointing needs honour, Please don’t confuse what we’re dealing with here, not just human worship. No, no, no, no, no. A recognition, the grace that comes on the man touching in his office is for everybody, including himself, if ONLY he was to submit to it he may be sick and yet healing the sick until he decide to tap to into his own grace.

When I listen to my teachings, believe me, I don’t listen like I am repeating myself. I listen with an open heart and I hear what I did not even hear while I was preaching then.

There is no man that is empty. There are human beings, carrying mysteries that they themselves do not know. You could be

carrying a favor that comes from the blessings of our grandfather. (I am recipient of this grace from my grandfather who was

a might man of God who challenged great powers of darkness and won and also did many miracles).

Who did business with God and God covenanted that all his children will enjoy a certain grace.

Example of people who received a miracle due to they came into conduct with an anointed man of God.

Sometimes you need some to help you tap into this anointing and hence release your own anointing to see this miracle.

Lady with issue of Blood (Mark 5:25-30)

Just like the lady with issue of blood in Mark 5:25-30 said If I can touch Jesus’ garment, not any other garment not peter I will be healed remember even Paul’s garments were anointed to heal.

Elisha’s staff and the dead boy(2 Kings 4:31)

Elisha’s staff was anointed to even raise the dead. 2 Kings 4:31. The owner of the staff Elisha had transferred the anointing to the staff and so if it was carried by a worth vessel it won’t have leaked all the anointing by the time it reached the dead child(leaking happens through doubts,sin,etc).Just imagine a person like Gehazi and his brother in crime Judas loved money than the things of God.

Jacob and Laban (Genesis 30:27-43)

27Laban said to him, “Let me say this: I have learned by divination that the LORD has blessed me because of you. 28Name your wages, and I will pay them.” 29Jacob answered, “You know how I have worked for you and how your flocks have prospered under my care. 30The little you had before I came has grown enormously, and the LORD has blessed you wherever I went.+ Now it is time for me to look out for my own interests.”

31“What shall I pay you?” Laban asked.

41When the healthy animals were mating, Jacob put the branches in front of them at the drinking troughs, so that they would breed among the branches. 42But he did not put the branches in front of the weak animals. Soon Laban had all the weak animals, and Jacob all the healthy ones. 43In this way Jacob became very wealthy. He had many flocks, slaves, camels, and donkeys.

Joseph and Egyptian master Genesis(39:2-6)

2 The LORD was with Joseph and made him successful. He lived in the house of his Egyptian master, 3 who saw that the LORD was with Joseph and had made him successful in everything he did. 4 Potiphar was pleased with him and made him his personal servant; so, he put him in charge of his house and everything he owned. 5 From then on, because of Joseph the LORD blessed the household of the Egyptian and everything that he had in his house and in his fields. 6 Potiphar turned over everything he had to the care of Joseph and did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate.

Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses (Numbers 12:1-10)

Michal mocked king David (Samuel 6:16,20-23)

Michal suffered bareness for mocking king David

Jesus not Honour at his hometown (Matthew 13:54-58)

A pastor used to bless his members and testimonies were many but his family was going one day they went to church and she left church and when pastor came home he asked why she left but she was quiet the she served his favourite food and acknowledge that him as a man of god from that day breakthrough came.

There are many pastors whose relatives have never benefited from his grace just like Miriam. Only God knows what this man carries. So be careful. You might marry this woman and you start to rise even higher. It’s because of the anointing rubbing on her.

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