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Stagnation: Everything You Need To Know Now

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Stagnation is a state of no progress or event. A time when enemies are prevailing in one’s life. A period when there is no movement. A time when enemies are prevailing in one’s life. A period when there is no movement. Stagnant water will usually smell.

There are some trees that are very big because they get all they need, but others are very small due to a lack of certain things.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Stagnations

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  • Inability to get married at the right time
  • Delay in Childbearing
  • Lack of job despite academic qualification
  • There is no evidence of progress in business or career after many years.
  • Repeated crippling health conditions
  • There has been no positive improvement in ministry or career for many years.
  • A fall in the standard of living
  • Going round and round without any hope in a situation for years.
  • Resistances each time you need to move forward as people get promoted and you are left behind,
  • There is nothing to show for your efforts and labor, i.e. work like an elephant and eat like an ant
  • Rising and falling in sin every now and then.
  • Inability to think properly due to fear, leading to shame and reproach
  • Unnecessary and constant mistakes.
  • Disappointment after Disappointment no matter your best efforts,

Be careful, because if you continue with this vicious cycle of stagnation, time will one day catch up with you and destroy you.

Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it because time has no emotions, no matter your condition. Most of us have stopped developing because of someone else words, actions, etc. It could be something special or dear to you that he said in the wrong way and you got hurt and then you are still stack their

Do you have friends who are blocking your growth; making you do things that you don’t like to do (Romans 7:15) just like blind Bartimaeus and the people who were discouraging him from Jesus? Just ignore them and do the right thing before it’s too late.

Biblical Examples Of Stagnations

*Israelites encircled that mountain for long (Deuteronomy 2:1-3) *Israelites took 40 years to cover a journey of 11 days to Canaan land (Deuteronomy 1:3)
*Hannah – She was barren for a long time (1 Samuel 1: 2 – 3)
*Blind Bartimaeus: He was blind for many years (Mark 10: 46 – 52)
*The man at the Pool of Bethsaida: He was impotent for 38 years (John 5:5 – 9)
* The man at the Beautiful gate—he was lame from birth (Acts 3: 2 – 7)
*The woman with the issue of blood: She carried the disease for 12 years (Mark 9:20-22)
*Jacob in the House of Laban – She served Laban for 14years to marry his wives – (Genesis 29:18,27)
* Naman though he was an Influential person had leprosy for a long time (2 kings 5:10, 11). * Jabez –Had nothing to show off for until he cried to God and became  honourable than his brethren and God granted him five of the things he requested for (1 Chro.4:9,10)

Moral Story About Stagnation Based On 3 Monkeys And A Banana Pole.

A certain experiment involving 3 monkeys and a pole with a bunch of bananas on top of it was done. The first monkey tried to climb the pole and just as it was about to reach the bunch of bananas a cold bucket of water was thrown at it so it run down as quickly as it climbed the pole.

The thing happened to the rest 2 and they run down so the scientists replaced one of those monkeys and brought another one and just when it was about to climb the pole the other 2 pulled it down. Then the scientists replaced all these monkeys with new ones but they didn’t want anything to do with those bananas although they had not experienced that cold water bucket.

Sometimes we are like these monkeys; we don’t know why we can’t do certain things although we are qualified and fit for those things. Why we can’t break that poverty mindset, addiction, etc. There will always be dream stealers, blockers, etc

In life, you will meet giants, red seas, mountains which will try to stop you but remember for you to advance you must know that giants are to be slain, Red seas to be parted and mountains to be scaled.

What would happen if you broke free from those things or persons causing this stagnation? That guilty, fear, worry, etc Remember you still have the power to succeed, grow, etc in you. The power to become the real you or become like the people you hang around in the workplace, friends, etc. Spirits are transferable if your friend’s gossip, they will transfer that spirit to you.

Stop thinking about the past and what never worked. By doing this you are agreeing with the accuser of brethren the devil (Revelation 12:10). Focus on what only worked, and you will go far. You were created to go far in life, and the devil knows that, so he will try to block you and if possible stop you.

Things That Cause Spiritual Stagnation.

1. Sin : Samson was captured by the Philistines and imprisoned in their prisons for a long time because of sin.(Judges 16:21-31) When you indulge yourself in a secret sin, it can led to stagnation.

2. Ignorance – When you don’t have the knowledge you are supposed to have. Ignorance could keep someone in the same state. Gather knowledge. Ignorance aids forces of stagnation.

3. Carelessness – When you are too careless about everything in life it can lead to stagnation.

4. Satisfaction With AveragePhil 3:13 & 14

5. Fear of Taking Risk: Life is a full of risks, so don’t fear to move forward, take the risk and the hand of God will support you. What we call risk is what God calls faith, so the greater the faith the greater the miracle.

6. Wrong Belief: That something can never be done. The elephant and the rope story.

7. Laziness – Mental laziness – Spiritual Laziness – Physical Laziness

8. Wrong Association -Wrong Association will affect your life. Be disconnected from a wrong company

Ways To Break Out Of Stagnation

  • Repent
  • Restitution
  • Deliverance Ministration
  • Living a life of holiness
  • Regular Warfare
  • Meditating on the word of God
  • A consistent prayer life

Pastor Nathaniel

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