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star hunters

Star Hunters: Incredible Facts You Need To Know Now

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Who Are Spiritual Hunters

Spiritual hunters are people who always go for things that are of value to them. In fact, hunters are ready to do anything to get their prey or anything they want or pursuing. Spiritual hunters hunt or pursue their victims for things of a particular kind and are often likely to find something that they are looking for, and that could even be your star. For instance star hunters are after your star.

Your star
Your star

10 Types Of Spiritual Hunters.

There are so many kinds of hunters in the spiritual realms and so this list is not exhaustive but just an indication of this vast field of spiritual hunters.

  1. Star hunters.
  2. Physical hunters
  3. Spiritual hunters
  4. Canal hunters
  5. Ritual hunters
  6. Intellectual hunters
  7. Soul hunters
  8. Destiny hunters
  9. Glory hunters
  10. Money hunters

7 Characteristics Of Spiritual Hunters.

  • They develop various traps for catching their victims.
  • They go to any lengths to search for their victims, and when they capture them, they might kill them.
  • They are very sharp, and always on focus on what they do .
  • They use baited, concealed and dangerous weapons or tools to catch their victims.
  • They are very intelligent and can easily outsmart their victims.
  • They seek for both divine spiritual and physical protections 
  • They are extremely strong both in physical and in the spiritual realms which gives them added advantage.

Who Are Star Hunters (Star Thieves)

star hunters
Star hunters

According to Matthew 2:2, it’s very clear that if Jesus had a star, then it’s correct to say that everyone has a star. This star represents all that the person stands for. According to the Bible we see that God has a plan and purpose for each individual’s life (Isaiah 46:10, Psalm 138:8, Jeremiah 29:11) but sometimes God’s plans can be stopped or stolen by demonic forces known as star hunters. They can do bad things to people’s stars. For instance they can cage, demote, kill, misdirect, pull down, darken, or cause people’s stars to wonder around aimlessly (Luke 22 : 31-32),

5 Examples Of Star Hunters.

Star hunters come in many forms and shapes:

  • An evil spiritual authority who could take the form a false pastor, prophet, etc.
  • An ancestral spirit working through witches.
  • An unfriendly friend or neighbor who is acting out of jealousy.
  • An unhappy relative this could be a parent, a spouse, or a distant relative.
  • An unhappy business competitor or a colleague at work.

Why Do Star Hunters Hunt After Other People’s Stars?

  • In case your star has special attributes that will make you great.
  • In case you left a secret society, and you are about to reveal their secrets it is a way of silencing you or warning you.
  • When you had a sudden major breakthrough in any area of your life then they might choose to steal from you, so that they can enjoy it themselves.
  • When you choose to turn your back on the dark kingdom and become a serious Christian then they will try to hit back at you or your family.
  • When you are a major threat to the kingdom of the darkness through your preaching and service in the kingdom of God. They will try to make you live a life of hell so that you can quit and hence stop bothering them.

4 Ways Used By Star Hunters To Hunt Other Peoples Stars

star hunters
star hunters

1. Manipulation of body fluids.

 They can use any of your essential body fluids to trap you. When you visit any demonic agents who are vast with star hunting they might harvest your star by taking your saliva, blood, urine, or even body sweat. They will present them to their deities and altars and then your star is ruined.

2. Attending demonic parties and gatherings.

 Star hunters attend these events and then they contaminate the foods and drinks by charming them and by doing so they trap the participants of these events knowingly or unknowingly. Many people after attending these events have ended up losing their job, businesses, marriages, and even their lives because they were harvested by these star hunters for their own gain.

3. Through wrong names.

Most of the names we are given at birth are associated with evil deities and as a result, our stars are tied also to these evil deities and so it’s very easy for the star hunters to hunt for our stars and sell them to make money or destroy them. So that is why you see that God changed people’s names before he used them greatly or sent them on an important mission. For instance, Sarai was changed to Sarah, Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, and the list continues.

4. Manipulation of your glory.

When God’s glory is resting upon you it will be visible to others, for instance, your face might be radiant like the face of Moses in the Bible (Exodus 34:34-35). This symbolizes that the glory of God is upon you. It is this glory that the star hunters are after and so they might veil you and then steal it. The star hunters know that if they are able to change a person’s spiritual body, the wrong spiritual body would not get the right blessings for the person. So be careful when people are telling you to lower the level of your Christianity.

Warning! Warning! God Hates Astrology!!!

star hunters
star hunters

The Bible discourages the worship of stars and the practice of astrology. In Deuteronomy 4:19, it states, “Do not be tempted to worship and serve what you see in the sky, which are the sun, the moon, and the stars. The LORD your God has given these to all other peoples for them to worship.” We see that the Bible further discourages the practice of astrology and seeking guidance from the stars.

In the book of Isaiah 47:13-14, it says, “You are powerless in spite of the advice you get. Let your astrologers come forward and save you–those people who study the stars, who map out the zones of the heavens and tell you from month to month what is going to happen to you. “They will be like bits of straw, and a fire will burn them up! They will not even be able to save themselves–the flames will be too hot for them, not a cozy fire to warm themselves by.” We see that those who rely on astrologers and star gazers for guidance, as their predictions are futile compared to God’s sovereignty.

All I want you to know is that while astrology is discouraged in the Bible, there are instances where stars are used metaphorically to represent guidance. In Numbers 24 verse 17, it is written, “I see someone who is not here now. I look at someone who is not nearby. A star will come from Jacob. A king, like a bright star, will arise in that nation. He will crush the heads of the Moabites and destroy all the people of Seth .” This prophecy was referring to a future ruler and is often interpreted as a foreshadowing of the birth of Jesus Christ. Don’t let astrologers misguide you using their horoscope charts, always rely on God 100%.

Pastor Nathaniel.

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