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Territorial Spirits: Proven Facts You need To Know

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What are territorial spirits?

In Christianity Territorial spirits is a term we use to identify demonic occupation of a specific geographic location based on the hierarchy system. In the whole Bible there are LEAST 25 demons mentioned and in each case the demon was given territorial authority (Colossians 1:16).  It could be a region, a city or a nation. There used to be angels assigned to churches like Angel of church of Ephesus (Revelation 2), so also does the devil assign his evil angels. The angels are given limits of where they can go and authority to govern those territories. Jude 1:6

The Christian concept of territorial spirits comes from passages such as Daniel 10John 12:31John 14:30John 16:11Mark 5:10; and Ephesians 6:12. Territorial spirits control the mind and culture of the people. Just look at the patterns in that area and you will know which it, in some territories men don’t prosper no matter how hard they work. Others you only survive there but you will always be sick. These spirits appear to focus on one area and did not desire to leave it.

How territorial spirits work

terri spirit

Territorial spirits are spiritual and physical powers holding people in captivity in the territory where they reside. Territorial powers are stubborn powers that resides in the house, street where you are currently living. They are not there as you friend but enemy.

No matter the good thing you do to them, they will use it against you. Know that they can fight against you and sit on your case without your knowledge. That’s why some Christians are concentrating more on the enemy in their village. These territorial powers know you to some extent. It is better to ask God to show you the locations of those powers fighting you.

Territorial spirits can even use your neighbour, friend, landlord etc who can blow the wind of bad luck and stagnation from the environment where you are living against you. if you are not sensitive spiritually, you will end up sharing your life information to your enemies.

Daniel 10:13 and 20 talks about the Princes of Persia and Grecia whose aims were to stop the answers and blessings of the people in that territory. But thanks to God who sent warring angel to fight him (Prince of Persia) to submission.

Ephesians 6:12 exhorts believers to stand firm against our spiritual adversaries and to remain alert and ready for battle. There is no doubt that our struggle on Earth is mirrored in some way in the spiritual realm. So, a believer needs to be aware that there is a spiritual battle and to take it seriously (1 Peter 5:8). Always remember that Territorial powers are silent killers!



Step 1. Start Praising God and worship him with songs, and even with dancing.

Step 2. Repent… (As the Holy Ghost reminds you of any unrepented SINS during the day)

Confess those sins one by one (e.g., Demonic ceremonies you attended, of your visitation to local healers, witches etc) Mention them by name, especially … sins. And ask GOD for forgiveness and mercy. Believe that the LORD has forgiven you as He has promised in His Word. You need to repent of them all if you REALLY want to see results in this 7-day program.

Step 3. Confess out LOUD the Scriptures promising deliverance from the spirits of the valley:

Daniel 10John 12:31John 14:30John 16:11Mark 5:10; and Ephesians 6:12.


1. I command the territorial powers in… (mention the place you live) transferring the lifestyle of poverty into my life, to backfire, in Jesus’ name.

2. I command every witchcraft personality in my territory… (mention the place you live) using cobwebs to attack me, fall down and die in Jesus’ name.

3. I frustrate every Prince of Persia (instead mention the place you live) blocking my prayers from reaching heavens, wither and disappear now by fire, in Jesus’ name.

4.I command God’s fire to fall on all the idols, traditions, sacrifices and rituals organised by my hometown territorial spirits in Jesus’ name.

5. My Father! My Father! Let all the curses and covenants brought about by the idols, traditions, sacrifices and rituals… (instead mention the place you live) be revoked and also broken in Jesus’ name.

6.By the blood of Jesus let every evil powder or portion, incantation, curse of this evil priests, backfire. In Jesus name.

7.I deprogramme whatever the enemy has programmed into the sun, moon, stars etc. which is affecting… (mention the place you live) in Jesus’ name.

8.Every demonic territorial altar including marine altars operating in(mention the place you live), catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

9. Every devoted shrine, land, building, stone etc, … (mention the place you live), let it be destroyed together with its priest, in Jesus’ name.

10.I declare that the word of God shall not be restricted by this territorial spirits here in. … (mention the place you live) in Jesus’ name.

11.Every evil mark put on me knowingly or unknowingly these territorial spirits so a to destroy me be cleared by the blood of Jesus.

12.I command every territorial power working hard to waste my efforts and life here in … (mention the place you live), you shall not succeed in the name of Jesus. Fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.

13.According to Ephesians 6;12, every territorial power that are sent to fight against me in my house, office, business etc be arrested by the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ name.

14. You territorial powers holding my womb and any other sick organs release me now and wither by fire, in the name of Jesus.

15. I decree that the demonic powers sent to monitor my address or my activities in my yard, will be exposed and submit to Jesus’ name.

16.Spent some time thanking God for how he has helped you overcome the territorial spirits this year.

Step 5. Close the session with high praises to the LORD.

Pastor Nathaniel

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