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New Improved and better workplace

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Over the past few months there have been conflicts between me and my brother over a workshop. A few months ago, I was struggling to find a place to start my business, fortunately my brother offered to help me look for a good place to build my shop. He found one and informed me then I built my shop. Business went very well, and a lot of customers came to the shop but when my brother realized this he began stirring trouble staking a claim to the shop. These conflicts continued until I asked God what to do and the simple answer was to talk it out. We called a family meeting, and I asked my brother what he wanted, and he wanted the shop. So we reached an agreement that since I built the shop he would look for another place for me and build a shop there. The deal went as planned and he found a larger place than I already had, that place had running water, electricity and an office space unlike the old place which didn’t. He built the shop there and I moved to the place. I am very grateful to the Lord that he has upgraded me. Now business is back up in a better place and I realized that even through conflict hold back and let the lord handle the situation.

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