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Sudden full payment of all my salary

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I have been working in my current workplace for so many years that I cannot even recount. In all those years my shrewd boss would not fully pay my salary he would always say “I wont pay you, be satisfied with what you have, and if you leave you will leave this job with nothing.” He even went to the point whereby he bribed officials to keep quiet about our underpayment. Regardless of this I came to MTM church and prayed unto God, and I can say with confidence that that was when the mountain was moved. Shortly after he started paying me my full salary, I now don’t have to tell him to pay me but it’s the law which demands it. I am very thankful to God for after all these years he has remembered me. This has taught me that patience is important and even in tough situations we learn to persevere.

All glory to God.

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