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True Fasting: 20 Proven Prayers To Do It Now.

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Introduction To True Fasting

True fasting and prayer can restore or strengthen your intimacy with God. Many longtime Christians find that fasting helps them rediscover their “first love” for God again. True fasting is a way to humble yourself in the sight of God (Psalm 35:13; Ezra 8:21). King David said, “I humbled my soul with fasting” (Psalm 69:10). Remember to follow the instructions given for each day as you do the true fasting and prays.

    Start praising God and worshiping him with songs and even dancing before you start praying these true fasting prayers.
    Praise God for who He is, and thank God for all He has done and is doing in our life (Psalms 100:4, Psalms 103:1-2, 1 Thessalonians 5:18)
    Thank God for His unfailing love and all the mercy He has shown towards you and your family
    Confess all your sins one by one (for example, sex outside marriage, abortion, or other forms of bloodshed; worship of false gods; family altars). Mention them by name and ask the Lord for forgiveness and mercy. Then you should believe moving forward that the LORD has forgiven you as He has promised in His Word. Please note that the Holy Spirit will remind you of unrepented sins. You need to repent of them all if you want to receive miracles and breakthroughs during this fast. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
    Confess out loud these Scriptures, which promise deliverance, before you start true fasting:
    (Colossians 2:14–15, Galatians. 3:13–14, 2 Timothy. 4:18, Isaiah 53:3-5)
    Pray for the protection of yourself, your family, and anything else of value from attack from every evil force (Matthew 6:13, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 91:3–15, Psalm 35:1, Isaiah 49:25, Psalm 68:1-2)
    If you were a member of any cult group or went to witches or demonic churches at any time (or you know that your parents or ancestors did), I recommend that you pray like this:
  2. O Lord, I repent of my involvement with this … group (mention the name). I ask for your forgiveness. Please wash me clean with the blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. Holy Spirit, please help me never to go back to my own vomit.
  4. By the power in the name of Jesus, I hereby renounce my association with this group in Jesus’ name (mention the name).
  5. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I reject all the properties of this evil group (charms, evil rings, demonic photos, idols, amulets, evil candles from shrines, talismans, and demonic attire) in my possession, and I command the fire of God to burn them to ashes in Jesus’ name.
  6. In the name of Jesus, I bind all the spirits, powers, entities, and strongholds associated with this group, and I cast them out of my life forever by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, I command these powers to loosen their hold on my life right now. I cancel every evil claim of ownership over my life in Jesus Christ’s name.
  7. In the name of Jesus, I silence every evil voice of idols of our land crying for vengeance and destruction against my life from the camp of the wicked in Jesus’ name.
  8. My Father! My Father! arise and cut off all the graven images, standing images, witchcraft, soothsayers, and sorcerers from my family and nation in the name of Jesus. (Micah 5:10-14).
  10. I revoke every decree, and I counter every negative pronouncement. I cancel every spell, enchantment, and divination from this evil group (mention the name, e.g., witches) by the power in the blood of Jesus.
  11. I bind every spirit associated with this group, and I FORBID them from operating against my life and family from now on, in Jesus’ mighty name.
  12. Let the blood of Jesus wash and purge me from every stamp, mark, or label associated with this group in Jesus’ name.
  13. I break every covenant with this group; I entered into it willingly or unwillingly, whether in the physical or in the dream, in Jesus’ name.
  14. Let every curse attached to my membership in this group be broken by the power of the Holy Spirit and the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
  15. At this moment, I announce my separation from this group. I terminate all assignments, and I destroy every linkage or connection with this group for now and in eternity, in Jesus’ name.
  16. Let my name be erased from their evil registers by the blood of Jesus, and let all covenant materials with my name be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus’ mighty name.
    Close the session with high praise to the LORD.

Always remember that if you do this true fasting in the right way, this true fasting is going to bring you so many blessings. Every who did this true fasting well reported so many miracles.


Right Fasting: Why It’s The Engine For Success Now – 2024 (

Pastor Nathaniel

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