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When You Lack A Miracle and God seems to Have forgotten you

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Why Do Some People Experience Few Or No Miracles ?

According to Exodus 2:11-12 Moses tried deliver the Israelites before his time he needed 40 years of God’s training Some of us ask for the wrong miracle The miracles were are asking can endanger our a 5 yr old asking for a car. It’s not the time for that miracle to happen. So keep persisting For instance, Elijah prayed 7 times

According to 2 Kings 2:19-21 The miracle we are asking for is beyond our anointing For instance Elisha breaks a curse Elijah couldn’t. God has a better option Jeremiah 29:11

Sometimes to get to your miracle it might require some other miracles to happen.(Chain of events)so could it be you are on the way to your miracle but you have given up. For instance. Jesus to get money to pay tax needed peter to go and fish and open it and remove the coin and then bring it. Naaman healing needed him to leave his country then go to king then to Elisha the to the river then bath 7 times. Just imagine. Elijah prayed 7 times to get a miracle of rain

According to Romans 8:28 All this are not delays or denials but just part of the whats your case.You might need a person who is part of the miracle to come and join you from far remember a chain is called a chain because it many circles joined together. Jigsaw puzzle can only be so after you have all pieces.

For instance God give me husband maybe he is in cape town and you are on Johannesburg so he loses his  job in in cape town comes to Johannesburg where he got a job comes to leave in your area and as you are evangelism you knock his door and bring him to church and before you know it he in your department and the rest his history marriage happens see how many steps and how much patience is thing led to another for the miracle to happen.

Exodus 14:13 So stand still and see the hand of God. stop being in a hurry god knows it all. If you can’t mention it or write down to yourself or friends it maybe too big for your spiritual hands that is your faith to handle and hand over to your physical hands. So how big is your goal brethren you can’t call it a miracle if yet it doesn’t give you sleepless nights just like Abram and Sarah who were past child bearing age but yet believe they will have a child.

When its too small sow it as a seed unto God and you will see what he does with it eg abram had one son and he thought let me sow him as a seed unto god and what followed is me and you as Abram’s seed Galatians 3:29&Genesis 11:30& Genesis 17:16

So just imagine even when things are so difficult sow a seed unto God for that particular thing and God will do it. Brethren don’t wait and say to God when I am rich, I will sow the seed do it now and God will do the rest eg the poor widow who gave until Jesus noticed also the widow who gave Elijah her last meal etc

Not sowing unto god is a sign of unbelieve. Show God that you trust him with everything you have and he will in turn trust you with his riches. Test me and see that I will not open widows of heaven. Malachi 3:8-10. Believe me wherever you go God never fails but do your part first and god is sure to do his part. God is not a man to lie Numbers 23:19 He keeps his part of the bargain.

Since its difficult or looks impossible to you and god it doesn’t means its impossible to God Luke 1.37. When things feel hopeless, they feel helpless, you just need to know that God promises to make a way. When you feel like every door has been shut and you can’t see how something is going to happen in front of you, you will make away through providing a miracle or keeping a promise. For instance, God makes a way in the middle of no way when Israel found themself at the Red Sea. Mathew 19:26 with man this is impossible

According to Mark 7:8-9 Stop putting God into a small box called a church or your pastors experiences he owns it all and he can give you whatever he wants and he doesn’t have consult anybody. You belong to God and not to a church or  a pastor.Break free from those useless rules and you will see more miracles. I know some of us don’t believe those miracles of the Bible that they either never actually took place or they’re not for today.

We surely have a wrong picture of God we see him as Santa no gifts no love. So the only way to see god is if he gives first. We should love God with all we got and not to love God’s toys its like a child who loves his father because of the toy he brought otherwise their wouldn’t have been love at all. I wish the child knew how much money you have in the bank the child would love you more so as to apply for bigger things than a toy.

Is God still in the miracle business. God, I want to tell you that God is still in the business of doing miracles. In order to experience a miracle, sometimes you have to take a step of faith. Miracles are God’s business, obedience is mine. Remember you can’t expect God to do the supernatural if you aren’t willing to do the natural.

if you want to see the miraculous, sometimes you have to take a step of obedience, you have to trust God, you have to have faith, and you have have to do what he’s asking you to do, even if you don’t want to, even if everything inside of you is screaming. No, that doesn’t make sense. For instance, Abram sacrifice your only son. Genesis 22:2

From the time we pray to the time we see it comes to fulfilment, that’s called the trial of our faith. This is when people get discouraged and give up, they start believing the negative thoughts. It’s never going to happen. It’s taking too long. Now, that seed is lying dormant. It’s still alive. It still has potential. But you have to do your part and start watering the seed. The way you water it is by thanking God in advance. You can’t wait until you receive the promise. You have to thank God that the answer is on the way. Maybe you are struggling in your health. The medical report doesn’t look good. Don’t talk about how you feel.

Say, Father, thank you that I’m healthy. Thank you. That I’m strong. Thank you. With long life, you’re satisfying me. That’s not just being positive. That’s watering the seed. This is what Abraham did. God placed the seed in his heart that he would have a baby. 24 years went by. There was no sign of a child. It looked impossible.

Abraham and Sarah were nearly 100 years old. Every voice said it wasn’t going to happen. They could have easily talked themselves out of it. But the scripture says Abraham grew strong in faith by giving praise to God. Notice, when you give God praise, it gives you strength. When you thank God in advance for the answer, that’s what keeps you encouraged.

You’re not going to stay strong in faith by complaining. You’re not going to stay determined if you’re talking about how bad it is.  Well, God, you promise me this baby, but it seems like I’m too old. God, you said you wanted me to be blessed, but my business is so slow. God, you said you would bring me out of this trouble. But these people are so much more powerful than me. No switch over into praise. Business may be slow, but Lord, I want to thank you that you prosper me even in a desert.

These people may be powerful, but Lord, I want to thank you that you are all powerful. Praise makes you strong and keeps you moving forward. So often we think I’ll give God praise after the problem turns around all. Thank God after business picks up after I see the solution. No, if you don’t learn this principle to thank God in advance, you won’t have the strength you need to wait for the promise.

What keeps us strong is getting up in the morning saying, Father, thank you, that my dreams are coming to pass. Thank you. That this problem is turning around. Thank you. That you are bigger than this obstacle. I’m sure Abraham got up many mornings and was tempted to be discouraged. The negative thoughts came saying, Come on, Abraham, you’re an old man. It’s not going to happen. You’ve been waiting five years, 10 years, 20 years.

You must have heard God’s wrong. If Abraham would have dwelled on those thoughts and went around worried, thinking maybe I’m too old, maybe I did hear God’s wrong, maybe I’m wasting my time. He would have given up the way he stayed in faith day after day, month after month for 24 years is he would get up each morning and say, Father, thank you for the son you promised. Thank you. That Isaac is on his way. Thank you. That Sarah will conceive. Thank you. That you are true to your word.

When you give God praise God gives you strength to keep believing that what he promised will come to pass all through the day. Just like with Abraham, negative thoughts will come to try to get us to about our dreams. Here’s a key. Every time you’re tempted to worry, let that be a reminder to thank God the answer is on the way when the thought comes saying you’re never going to get well instead of worrying, turn it around.

Father, thank you. Thank you. Restoring health back onto me. When you do that, you’re getting stronger. Your faith is being built up. God wants to bring the promise to pass, but he’s looking for people that will thank him before the walls fall down, before Isaac shows up. Thank you. Before the building, his days, before the healing comes, before the legal situation turns around.

Ephesians 3:20 God is able but always remember Remember most miracles are the by-product of a long obedience in the same direction.If Jesus does a miracle, in your life, there’s always a bigger purpose involved. What’s the purpose? It will always, always, always be about bringing God glory and drawing you closer to him to deepen your faith, to put Jesus on display. Every one of the miracles in the Bible is about bringing glory to God and deepening the faith of the people involved in the miracle.

God will never waste your pain, hurt, suffering or miracle. Remember no matter how long you’ve been waiting on a miracle, Jesus has not forgotten about you. There are no promises, in God’s word that says. That God’s going to heal every person that is suffering. For instance, Elijah was sent to only one widow although there were many widows in the land. For instance Romans 8.23

Even though I don’t understand why God may choose to do a miracle here, but he chooses not to do a miracle over here, I do know this. He is compassionate. He is loving, he is good and he’s not forgotten about anyone, God is with you just as much as he’s with the person that he does the miracle for just as much.

The mistake we make so often is when these thoughts of worry comes and it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to change, we start begging, God, God, please help me God. I’m begging you to give us that building, baby. No, begging doesn’t get God’s attention. Once you pray and ask God to bring the promise to pass, you ask God to heal you. You ask him to restore a relationship.

From then on, you don’t need to ask God one more time. He heard you the very first time. Now every time you think about it. You should thank God that the answer is on the way. What begging won’t do? Praising will do.

Don’t be a beggar. Be a believer. Once you pray, switch over into praise. None of this year after year. God, please help me God. Please give me that promotion. God, I’m just begging, stop. Father. Thank you that I’m healthy Thank you. That my business is blessed. Thank you. That promotion is coming. When we beg him, God says don’t you trust me? Don’t you have the confidence that I will do what I promised?

Thank you does a whole lot more than begging when you’re constantly giving God. Thanks for telling him how much you love him, how great he is, how proud you are to be his child that causes God to want to go out of his way to be good to you.

But if we go around thinking, oh man, life’s hard, God, can you see I’m struggling. God, I’m asking you, I’m begging you, God, just help me get through this. That doesn’t get God’s attention. Praise gets his attention thanking him in advance for the answer, acting like it’s on the way.

That’s what brings promises to pass. You may be in a drought today. Don’t complain about it. Don’t keep begging God to change it. Don’t ask again and again for the same thing. Matthew 6:7 Do you like Elijah? Switch over into praise every time you’re tempted to worry. Tempted to get discouraged, tempted to complain.

Father, thank you for the rain, healing, favor, restoration that’s coming. Lord, I want to thank you for not just a little bit, not for barely get by, but like Elijah, thank you for the abundance that you have in store.

Now, you may not see anything happening for a week, a month, a year, or like Abraham, for many, many years. The don’t  quit. If you keep thanking him in advance, then like Elijah, you won’t get discouraged even though you don’t see anything happening.

Sometimes it’s difficult. You may not feel like doing it, Jeremiah 33.11 said. If you will offer up the sacrifice of praise, that means if you will do the right thing when it’s hard, then God will cause the fortunes to be restored. This is saying, if you’ll thank God in advance, even when you don’t see anything good happening, if you offer up that sacrifice of praise, then God is going to reverse negative situations and he’s going to restore what should have been yours. Joel 2:25

He’s going to reverse finances or business that were going down even a bad medical report. He’s going to restore the years you’ve lost because somebody did you wrong and unfair situation. He’s going to restore a relationship, a dream.

Brethren don’t lose your praise. The battle may be tough, but keep praising people do you wrong. Keep praising the report doesn’t look good. Keep praising finances. Go down. Keep praising. As long as you have praise coming out of your mouth, then it’s not over. I’ve learned God won’t let appraiser be defeated. Don’t lose your praise.

Psalms 23:4 When you’re in a valley like David, fear will try to occupy that valley. But no, this that valley doesn’t belong to the enemy. It belongs to praise. Now, you’ve got to take your valley back all through the day when the thoughts come saying it’s not going to work out.

Turn up your praise, father. Thank you. That you’re still on the throne. Thank you that you are bigger than this obstacle. you’re fighting my battles. You do that and you won’t stay in the valley, praise cause causes God to go to work. Praise, brakes, chains, opens up supernatural doors causing things to fall into place. Some of you have prayed about the situation long enough. You’ve got to switch over into praise.

Why we do not see more miracles by those who walk with God as the disciples and the apostles performed for the Bible John 14:12 says, truly, truly. I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the work that I do and greater works than these will he do because I am going to my father. In Matthew 17:20 it says He says if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will move mountain, move and nothing will be impossible for you.

For Miracles To Happen You Need To Meet Certain Conditions Like:


We must ask

We should expect for God to give us that miracle.

We should suspend doubt and unbelieve Jesus village, avoid friends who doubt you

Create an atmosphere for miracles to happen.

Simplily since the miracle have taken long doesn’t god mean God can’t do miracles

Three step process to get a miracle

First step the miracle you look to happen is something that already exists. For instance great news email from somebody, phone call, text message, money, a job opportunity, to buy a house etc Remember all things are driven by Emotion is Energy in Motion. So this chair, this wall, my body, the reality you’re in right now, your bank account, your career, your love life, your emotional state house, you it’s all just energy.

Energy is never created or destroyed. So what you want already exist. if it doesn’t exist and you have to create it, it’s a lot harder and you’re fighting against the laws of nature. Your level of faith will determine your financial reality, relationships, the people that you attract, the people you network with, the general circumstances and situations that come into your life.

It’s a frequency pattern. And every person has a specific. Frequency in the exact same way that ninety nine point one FM is a specific frequency pattern. The exact another analogy would be like a phone. So this all this really is is a frequency pattern. And the frequency pattern is my phone number. And if you have my phone number, you call it, and you hit my frequency level of information. To get what I want let me match and sustain the frequency of what I want and I will get it.

Second Step is to suspend disbelief by make a clear and definite picture of what it is that you want, clearly pick one thing. And when you clearly pick that one thing, what you’re doing is you are putting that frequency pattern into your energy field. James 1:7-8

But what what keeps you away from it is this belief. If you believe that you are separate from it or you believe that you need xxx amount of time to get what you want, what you’re doing is you’re solidifying a frequency of limitation and you can only attract things that match that pattern.  The moment your belief matches with any state, you fuse with it.

So, suspend your disbelief, make it clear intention and start to embody that you have it. So if you already had it, if it was already in your life, what would you be doing if you were the person that already had that job, that already had the money, that already got that soul mate?

So to start the process of suspending your disbelief, I invite you to write what you want down Habakkuk 2:2 and you wont keep changing it e,g, goals

Third step in this process is to practice gratitude and letting go.

Pastor Nathaniel

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