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Beware Of False Deliverance Now

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Deliverance is an important thing God wanted us to know about hence it’s mentioned 160 times. So, We can’t say deliverance doesn’t exist but also we can’t add or mix it with something else either. You should always remember all of us need God and no one is immune to sin or demons.

So, what went wrong with true deliverance as taught in the Bible?

Let’s say you go to the hospital due to a broken leg and the doctor examines you with his eyes only and assures you that he is learned, and you should trust him because he knows what he is doing. He doesn’t perform any X-ray or even run some tests and then he tells you to go home and on your way, buy yourself 2 aspirins and you will wake up well.

You continue taking this aspirin but unfortunately, you lose your leg after a week because it is rotten. Tell me should you not sue this so-called doctor for your loss. Should he not be arrested for this and stopped from practicing as a doctor? Can we say this is medicine gone wrong?

This is what has happened in our spiritual world, a person goes to his pastor with these questions pastor I keep seeing dead people, I keep eating in my dreams, etc the pastor listens to this situation but he doesn’t ask any questions and if he asks he asks the obvious questions which can’t help in this situation.

According to Acts 19:19-20, The pastor fails to ask this person whether he or she has something demonic like a charm in his or her house, or if he or she has ever gone to witches or any member of his or her family. Was he or she a victim of sexual abuse? Etc. If this is not done well then this is deliverance gone wrong.

Deliverance ministries are growing like wildfire. They believe that all your sins are as a result of demons for example if you are lazy its because of a demon and it must be cast out. If you are immoral, it’s because of a demon and it must be cast out through deliverance. although the bible doesn’t say so we do it anyway. Remember the bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:18 flee/run from immorality, and do not wait to be delivered for example Joseph fled from immorality (Genesis 39:11-12)

Remember you cannot say that everything is the devil, a broken-down car, TV, and even sickness, etc… No! So, everything is not about the devil it is about Jesus. Stop blaming the devil for everything and instead work out your salvation (Philippians 2:12-13). Instead, renew your mind (Romans 12:2)

According to Mark 1:25,34, We shouldn’t let the demons speak just as Jesus did. Why ask them their names and how many they are. Remember demons lie and can’t be trusted to speak the truth. You can get any information from the sober people (Matthew 17:14-23)

If we focus on the devil, demons only, and all we talk about is the devil. Then it means that we know much about the devil and his working more than God’s kingdom. Don’t magnify the devil, remember that all power belongs to God. Remember simply because we are getting results it doesn’t mean we are right.

That is why we are looking for a quick fix. Hence, we end up paying in one way or the other.

In the olden days, people used to pay something called penance for their own sins and even for their dead relatives to be delivered from hellfire. Especially in the catholic church in the olden day they used to pay for something they called an indulgence and it was different for different people in the society. It was stopped in 1567 but was replaced by penance whereby the priest made you do a good act to your enemy, donate to a soup kitchen, visit a children’s home.etc

But for us Pentecostal people we still have penance in form of deliverance whereby if you have sinned you might donate, do acts suggesting that you are sorry this could range from crying, rolling yourself on the ground, etc all this was what the Pharisees did and Jesus discouraged them in Matthew 6: 1,5,16.

I look forward to a time when everyone will be in a position to pray for themselves and pray for others.

Deliverance is not a gift it’s an authority for all believers. We shouldn’t be empowering Satan by the way we think. Saying to yourself: “The devil is so powerful I can’t overcome him.”

When the deliverance minister wants to make a name for himself and not Jesus for greed purposes. They play with the person and make him do things which are awked. They want to be more powerful.

They make you fill a number of sheets of paper detailing all your possible sins you want to be delivered. But Jesus said come to me as you are and reason with me and not men (Isaiah 1:18) and ONLY Jesus has the power to forgive sin and no other man and also deliver you 100% from any condition or sickness (Matthew 9:5-6).

You see after deliverance you feel good and even more holy and closer to God but wait until temptations come and you sin again why? Because in Romans 7:18-24 you can’t do it without Jesus. No wonder after a few days you start to sin again and hence you need another fix i.e. another round of deliverance, so you go to the apostle, prophet, etc

For another deliverance he makes you to roll yourself down, makes you vomit, makes you do all those crazy things, etc and that makes you feel again better for a few days. So, you end up becoming dependent on these deliverances and not the holy spirit. You forget that cursed is a man who puts his trust in another man (Jeremiah 17:5).

Modern-day deliverance makes you feel like you are not good enough and you need to do something more for God to accept you or even go to a more spiritual man of God may be an apostle since my deliverance was done by a prophet the other time.

When it comes to deliverance it is more of works i.e. always repenting of sins than having faith in the finished work of Christ who died for our sins. You end up spending more time repenting sins that with the holy spirit. Remember Romans 5:8 it’s a finished deal so nothing can be added to it by and any process or man.

Matthew 17:21, Another case we see demons didn’t go was with the disciples who were ill-equipped, and Jesus said they should do more in terms of fasting.

Remember most churches are trying to get the attention of members so that they can give. How much drama you can cause equals to power? This is mostly done to women and not children or men, so think twice.

Just imagine a man wrestling with a woman touching her all over in the name of deliverance. Embarrassing our sisters and mothers. Poking them all over. Simply because you call yourself a deliverance minister or prophet it doesn’t give you the right to man handle or even touch or even make someone undress by whatever means. Just imagine how vile and vulgar it is.

When it’s a physical thing you will be having people come to help you because either you don’t have the power, or you don’t know your authority in Christ to cast out that demon.

Demons are spirits and they understand spiritual authority so why is there the physical now. Remember if the Holy Spirit lives in you how can the evil spirit also live there.

In the case of Jesus and the disciple, the demons knew them, and they used to run and bow before them Mark 5:1-13. It’s not shouting, running around, etc but only by the faith in the name of Jesus. Matthew 8: 16,28-34 Jesus cast out diseases. You don’t have to council demons for years to take authority over the demons. Brethren if you know the name of a dog call it and order it.  

According to Acts 19:13-20, The 7 sons of sceva were casting devils but were not called, sent or even followers of Christ they just did it for their own reasons just like what you see today. They were trying to help people but didn’t have a direct relationship with Jesus so that is why they mentioned the name of Paul who they thought could connect them to Jesus.

Some churches entertain witches to preach in their pulpits and even cast out demons. Just imagine! Some pastors have been seen walking around with snakes in their necks and even they go with them to the restaurants. ( Joseph lefu a south African prophet). You can’t mix with witches and still be a Christian. 2 Corinthians 6:14. 

1 Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons. According to Matthew 12:24 The Pharisees thought Jesus used Satan’s power to cast out demons

Remember Matthew 12:25-26 satan can’t cast out Satan and hence the results don’t last and if they last you end up with another problem you didn’t have, because the devil will just reassign that tormenting demon elsewhere and bring another type of demon with another type of problem so you will be in an ending cycle of problem needing unending deliverance sessions.

Matthew 7: 21 to 23(Not everyone who casts demons is called to do it by Christ even if he uses Christ name). If someone says I will train, you to cast out demons for a fee that is a red flag. Because the witch called Simon in Acts 8: 9,18 to 21 wanted to be sold the power of the Holy Spirit. So nowadays there are many witches selling demonic powers to do miracles in the name of Jesus. No one is supposed to train you on how to cast these demons there is no formulae to cast out demons.

Sowetan newspaper on 28th march 2013 reports that Mboro a south African prophet is telling his congregation to call his name when casting out demons!. Around 31st Mar 2016 Daily post, A South African news site reported that “the Prophet Mboro did go to heaven” during an Easter church service and that while there “he took pictures” using his smartphone. Those eager to see photographic proof of the afterlife will have to pay first. Mboro has asked those who wish to view the pictures for a donation of 5,000 rands (about £240 or $340). Just imagine how strange this sounds.

Things To Watch For To Know That Demons Have Left.

The person will tell you about…; The physical movement of hands, legs, other parts of the body; Physical pain release; Breathing might increase; Facial expressions; Eye twitching/narrowing; Coughing; Burping; Yelling; Sweating; Screaming; Might remain quiet; Vomiting and Diarrhoea in extreme cases.

Pastor Nathaniel.

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