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Don’t Worry Always Wait Upon Proven Awesome God.

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Our today’s Sunday service message is called Don’t Worry Always Wait Upon the Lord. It’s taken from the book of Lamentations 3:25-The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him.

Waiting Upon God Pays


I know waiting on God is not easy. Sometimes we want things to happen in our own timing, according to our plans. We forget that “As for God, His way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30). God knows our situation, He cares for our needs, and He is good to the end.

I all of us have things we are waiting for to come to pass but it’s taking longer than we thought. During this time It’s easy to get discouraged, to become impatient and think when is it never going to happen?

We should not forget that “As for God, His way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30). So if something not happening is because we’re not prepared for what God has prepared. You’re ready for what you have in mind. But if you could see what God has in mind, you would realize you couldn’t handle it. So, you need more time to grow, to develop, to gain experience. According to Isaiah 40:31 – Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run.

Whatever is happening to you might seem like a waste of time. But it’s making you stronger and building endurance so you can sustain what God has coming. You may not like it. You may not see anything happening or changing but something is happening.

Don’t ignore this waiting periods. Don’t get discouraged because it’s not happening as fast as you would like. The longer it takes that means the more God has in store.

We need patience if we’re going to see promises come to pass. That promise is right on schedule. Now, do your part and wait with a good attitude, not upset, complaining.

When we understand that waiting doesn’t mean nothing is happening, doesn’t mean God has forgotten about us. It’s all a part of the process. Psalms 37:9 – wait on the Lord and you shall inherit the earth!

David waited 13 years. To take the throne after the Prophet Samuel anointed him to be the next king, God could have taken him straight to the throne. But David wasn’t ready. He had to go through a time of testing. During those 13 years, he faithfully took care of his father sheep. She seemed like a menial position. He knew he had bigger things in him. He had heard the prophets say that he was a king. Over a period of time, the Lord tests our faith, and that’s when we can really struggle.

We may even start to wonder whether the Lord is really listening to our prayers. If what you’re praying about isn’t changing, then God is using that situation to change you. If it’s not working out, then it’s working out something in you. According to Psalms 40:1, 17 – wait patiently and God will listen, You are my help and my deliverer.

God might not use the good times but resistance. You don’t grow when everything is easy. It teaches you to trust God in a new way. I developed a greater resolve, a greater confidence. You can’t get that overnight. That doesn’t happen on a weekend. It takes time.

When Joseph was in prison unfairly, He didn’t like it, but those challenges were developing something in him. But I’ve learned some things take time. We live in a microwave society. Remember you can’t get microwave maturity, microwave growth, microwave anointing.

Sometimes people say to me, pastor, pray that God will give me your anointing. I want to say you can’t have my anointing without going through what I’ve been through, without the sacrifices, without the closed doors, without facing the Giants. you can’t bypass the process and reach your destiny.

But the mistake we make is we get in a hurry and try to make things happen in our own time. This is what the young man did in the story of the prodigal son. He went to his father and said, Give me the portion of goods that belonged to me. They were rightfully his. It was his inheritance.

But a blessing given at the wrong time is not a blessing. And something may have your name on it. You know, God has put it in your heart. But if it happens too soon and you’re not prepared, the blessing will become a burden. A good father won’t give a good gift at the wrong time. e.g. you can’t buy your 2-year-old a car. It will kill it.

The sooner we pass these tests, the sooner God will release what belongs to us. See, the prodigal son got his inheritance too soon. He went out and wasted it, spent it all living wildly. I used to pray God give me everything in a hurry. Now I’ve learned to pray. God, don’t give me anything too soon. And one reason we get in a hurry is we think we’re falling behind.

Our friend is getting married. Our co-worker got promoted. The neighbors moved into a new house. We’ve got to make things happen. We’re being left out. What has your name on it will not go to anyone else. The person, the job, the house, the opportunity, the promotion cannot go to anyone else.

Be patient. You may be ready, but God still working on the other person involved in the project. It’s not going to flow to them.

That’s why we don’t have to live jealous or envious of other people. What God has for you is on the way. The reason it’s taking longer is because it’s much bigger, much more rewarding than you thought. It was worth the wait.

Now, maybe the door didn’t open for you. The job, the position, the relationship didn’t work out. That means God has something better stay in faith. And one day you’ll see it was worth the wait. I read where an elephant is pregnant for almost two years. A dog, on the other hand, is pregnant for only 63 days. After two months, the mother can give birth from between five and eight puppies.

The dog says, I don’t think you’re pregnant. I gave birth after two months. Something is wrong with you. I’ve given birth multiple times, the elephant says. Now, here’s the difference. The reason you’ve given birth so many times and I’m still pregnant is because what I’m carrying is not something common, not something unusual.

Don’t get discouraged because it’s taken longer. That’s a sign that you’re carrying an elephant. What you give birth to is going to surprise people.

Pastor Nathaniel

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