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Evil Chains: 30 Proven Prayers To Break Them Now.

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A chain is a device that offers some form of security to your valuable things, like your safe, the gate to your house, and many other things. The devil also has evil chains that are invisible to the naked eye, which he uses to ensure that a person or property remains secure in a particular location for a certain duration of time for all the wrong reasons.  A person that you use chains on is like a prisoner who has been tied down so he doesn’t escape. In the spiritual realm, the devil uses evil chains to keep people in evil prisons.

Many people are tied to one place or one thing by chains of different sizes and dimensions. Some of these chains are light, while others are heavy. Always remember that chains are instruments for binding someone. Evil chains are instruments of wickedness and oppression. For example, when you are sleeping and you discover that something is pressing you down, that is an example of a chain tying you down so that you can’t be raised or seen by your destiny helpers. Always remember that the purpose of a chain is to introduce problems into people’s lives and their situations.

According to Psalm 2:3, the Bible says, “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” So, let us pray these prayers given below to help us break these evil chains:

30 Proven Prayers To Break These Evil Chains Now

1. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command every evil invisible chain preventing my progress, family progress, and business progress, to break now in Jesus name.

2. By the power in the name of Jesus, let every chain of torment, fear, debt, poverty, sorrow, sickness, affliction, backwardness, and stagnancy be broken in Jesus name.

3. Let all evil chains of darkness, holding me down to where I don’t like, break by fire in Jesus name.

4. Let the fire of God burn to ashes every cobweb of darkness, binding my spiritual hands and legs, in Jesus name.

5. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command every size of chain used to chain me in the spiritual realm, to break into pieces and let me loose, in Jesus name.

6. Evil chains of darkness, holding me down to repeated afflictions, horrible experiences, constant failure, and repeated oppression, hear the word of the Lord, break by fire in Jesus name.

7. In Jesus mighty name, I command every satanic chain that tied my father and mother and is now trying to tie me down in life, to be broken by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

8. By the power in the name of Jesus, let every marine chain, occultic chain, and serpentine chain, of darkness over my life, be broken.
9. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that every chain of darkness holding me down to long-time problems, repeated problems, and wrong positions, to be broken.

10. Let the hammer of God break every family idol that has tied me down using evil chains so as not to move forward in life in Jesus name.

11. Let the fire of God, after the order of Elijah, consume to ashes every barrier, barricade, control point, prison wall, wall of Jericho, strange walls, evil reinforcement, preventive weapon, antagonist instrument, and debarring weapon blockage being used to prevent me from forward and upward movement in Jesus name.

12. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command every evil chain binding my testimonies, to be broken.
13. Let the power in the blood of Jesus break every unknown covenant that has chained me down to one spot, causing me shame and embarrassment, in Jesus name.

14. Let all evil chains of darkness, tying me down to diseases and barrenness, lack, delay, and stagnation, be broken by fire in Jesus name.

15. Almighty God, send a fresh wave of breakthroughs into all areas where there has been stagnation or delay as a result of being chained, in Jesus name.

16. My Father! My Father! Break every evil chains that has bound me, which I may not be aware of. Lord, open the eyes of my heart to see and hear from you on this.

17. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may walk in your power, even through difficulties and trials, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

18. My Father! My Father! Send a divine earthquake to destroy the evil foundation of every satanic prison where my glory and blessings have been chained and locked up, in Jesus name.

19. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost consume to ashes every foundational remote control, regulating my life for evil, in Jesus name.

20. My Father! My Father! Empower me to break every evil chains the enemy has used to lock up my blessings, testimonies, and breakthroughs, in Jesus name.

21. Let the hammer of God break to pieces every chain of the enemy used to tie me to one spot, in Jesus name.

22. Let the power of God, deliver me from every satanic captivity, in Jesus name.

23. Let the blood of Jesus, deliver me from every form of bewitchment, in Jesus name.

24. In the name of Jesus, I shake off every evil chain and free myself from all their hindrances.

25. Let every dark force of frustration and failure tormenting my life, be destroyed in Jesus name.

26. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command every area of my locked-up brain, organs, ideas, progress, and achievements to be opened now in Jesus name.
27. Let every evil force of demotion and shame, tormenting my life, lose me now in Jesus name.

28. My Father! My Father! Send your warring angels to go and break every visible as well as invisible chain, binding the work of my hands to one spot, in Jesus name.

29. I decree and declare in the name of Jesus, that the glory of God Almighty, will never depart from my life and family in Jesus name.

30. My Father! My Father!  divinely separate me from every friendly and unfriendly friend being used by the demonic world to chain me in one area or the other of my life, in Jesus name.

Pastor Nathaniel

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