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Proven Ways To Unlock Our Documents From Evil Now

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Ignorance is not self-defense, especially in the demonic world, and that is why the Bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. Most of us have carried out night vigils, fastings, long prayers, etc., but still, nothing seems to be changing due to the padlocks in our lives. If you use the wrong tool, you will never get the right results that you are looking for. You will still be locked together with your documents.

Why we bring our documents to the church:

Where we step with our feet, we will possess, and this applies to our documents as well (Joshua 1:3). So we should come to the house of God to hear only his word (Ecclesiastes 5:1). Since Peter was preaching, the Holy Ghost fell on everything in Acts 10:44. Achan brought evil things to God, but because God wasn’t in him, they weren’t sanctified (Joshua 6:18). Hananiah brought something that was short after the sale, and God saw it and cursed him. People can be cursed as well as objects like our documents (proverbs 26:2.)

When you bring anything (those evil padlocks) into the house of God, God’s glory comes down to touch it, and if it’s for a good purpose, God sanctifies it; otherwise, it gets destroyed. For instance, according to the Book of 1 Samuel 5:3–4, Dagon (a pagan Philistine god) was brought into God’s temple and was destroyed, but he was an object and not a person. Remember the Bible in Philippians 2:10-11, says that every knee shall bow to the name of Jesus including the documents. Just imagine that Dagon bowed to the name of Jesus, but people used to bow to him.

Yes, I know you have been made to accept what was said and done to these objects but from today by bringing them here they lose their negative power and start to obey the word that comes from God. There are objects unto honor some made of wood, and gold just like there are different documents brought into this church today so let the holy spirit do his work.

Remember, by putting those documents in the house of the Lord, you are surrendering them to God, and He will perfect them. And then, as a man of God, I will lay my hands on them. After all laying of hands is not for people only but also for our possession. Remember Peter and John laid hands on them and they were filled with the holy ghost (Acts 8:17) in short, he chased the evil spirits which were after them and then they were filled with the holy ghost.

Remember, after the evil spirits leave the person or even an animal like pigs, the house is clean, and a Holy God can dwell in there and do good things, since Jesus did good things wherever he went. Just imagine when we go to the devil’s territory, we attract demons to help us, but they also come with their demands.

Hence the problems we are in: For instance, if a person takes our documents, photos, or other items to the shrine of a witchdoctor, and the witchdoctor lays them with his hands on his god’s altar, and from that day moving forward, an evil spirit is assigned to monitor that item (which could be our documents).

Remember, everything you see has a spiritual side to it. (1 Corinthians 15: 44–45), and I am talking about this side, which can be dangerously affected. Most witches use different methods to keep us in check; they may use items such as padlocks and chains. According to Isaiah 22:22 , Chains and Padlocks: These Witchcraft padlocks are made when a person goes to a witchdoctor for the purpose of locking your life spiritually

Where are these ancient padlocks located?  ( Eph. 6: 12)

padlocks 1
  • On the ground (Genesis 8:21)
  • In living Tree (Judges 9:8,14,15)
  • In Ancient Temples (Proverb 22:28, Ezekiel 36:2)
  •  In the sea and rivers (Isaiah 23: 4,12)
  • In the sky (Exodus.9:33)
  • Beneath the earth (Isaiah 14:9)
  • In Altars ( 2 Chronicles 34:4; Ezekiel 6:4-5)

Which People Are Affected By These Ancient padlocks ?

  • People who are linked to demonic destiny hunters
  • People who are linked to maternal or paternal witchcraft
  • People who are linked to witchcraft Cults and covens(covens are witch gatherings)
  • People who are linked to witches and war Lords
  • People who are linked to any form of idol worship
  • People who are linked to former witchcraft priests or priestesses or even false prophets
  • Families with links to tribal rulers

When you are under demonic padlocks there are some things you won’t accomplish in life. You might work very hard but still you won’t succeed. Remember the case of Peter in Luke 5:5 (Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything). Your pockets will have holes (debts, sickness are holes) no matter what you earn (Haggai 1:6). Here the devil will use your words to lock your destinies (Proverbs 18:21). Some locks work this way: the more you try to free yourself, the more you entangle yourself and get trapped. Take care what you say about your documents or where you take them.


Demonic padlocks and chains work like this: when you go to a witch, he might put the documents, photos, CVs, and other materials in front of the altar, and then he will be told to take a chain and start to go around the item several times until a certain number of rounds are done, and then at the end of those rounds, he will be told to take a padlock and lock the chain. Then he might be instructed to take the key and throw it at the river, sea, or evil forest, or even drop it at a grave site, and the evil kingdoms will take over from there by safekeeping the key to the lock.

Remember, when this witch is making the rounds, he will be altering chants, incantations, curses, jinxes, and hexes on the chain and padlock, then locking it, and from that time on, this is will draw certain spirits to the object being enchanted.

Cases Where Padlocks were Used To Lock Things and People:

Destinies are locked through the following activities:

  • Demonic dreams which are not canceled.
  • Going through certain rituals and initiations
  • Having sexual relations with a marine agent
  •  Worshiping deities in demonic shrines.
  • Carrying in your body or putting charms and other demonic material at your home.
  • Being involved in any animal, bird, or even human blood sacrifice leading to a covenant.
  • Curses issued by people in authority like priests, parents, and even witches
  • Your own negative words can lock your destiny, choose your words carefully.

1 Samuel 1.5: But the LORD had shut up her womb. That is why you see that many women don’t give birth because either God (2 Samuel 6: 16,22,23) or the devil has locked their wombs, and no matter how hard they try to get pregnant, they miscarry.

Witchdoctors can lock a woman with a padlock or padlocks and she can’t go anywhere. Witchdoctors can help a person to lock newlyweds from having a child or cause chaos in the marriage through locked gifts(a cursed object) given to them. Joshua 6:18. Also 1 Peter 3:7 treat her with honor, because she isn’t as strong as you are, and she shares with you in the gift of life. Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.

As a result of this people can lose Jobs, and lack promotions and even it can affect students when their books are locked. You can graduate from school with a degree, diploma, etc., but you will never get a job for some reason. But you will see unlearned people doing the jobs you should do.

Achan’s gold and silver were enchanted(Joshua 7: 1;19 to 23) Although it belonged to god before it was turned to the devil through this process. Due to this process, even a place or country can be turned over and its possessions to the devil e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah and hence it was beyond saving so God destroyed it.

So it’s a process to break these chains, or if you can’t break them, to recover the keys and open them. Jesus had to go to hell and get the keys from the devil, so sometimes Jesus will go to where these keys are and bring them and open these documents and release them to us. But believe me, some of us are chained, and even when these documents are unchained, we are still bound like Paul and Silas’ hands and legs (Acts 16:24) and even our minds, so these things become useless.

According to Acts 16:25-26, Paul continued to untie their minds and then when their minds were loose it helped them worship God with their mouths then from this their hands and legs were loose, then the objects also became loose starting with the prison doors, and gates and then they were free indeed.

But even when some of us are free, we don’t believe it, and we still continue to stay there like them. Paul and Silas were threatened by the jailor (Acts 16:27–29).I will kill myself, so do you believe that you are free and you can go? Whoever or whatever the son sets free is free indeed

dead document

It’s easy to be cursed, but very hard to break some of this curse because so many demons come in force to enforce this curse and make it impossible to accept letting go, e.g. According to Mark 5:13 the madman had 2000 spirits; Naaman had to dip himself 7 times to be healed;  Elijah prayed 7 times; Jesus prayed for that blind person 2 times; John and peter did so many things to this cripple to this crippled person but nothing happened but it eventually happened

Moses went back for 10 times to the pharaoh and then deliverance occurred. Jesus took time to get Lazarus delivered; it was a process. They started a chain of events when they first removed the obstacle, the stone. 2nd pronounced life to him: yes, he was alive but still not doing anything, then he was to be unbound. The same number of bounds had been done, and it took the same amount to unbind him. Then he came out, so if one step had been missed, he would not have come out.

So, everything you see being done the services, and activities are not in vain so if you miss any process you tend to delay the process. God is a God of order and you can’t hurry him but cooperate with him it might seem to be taking time but God is watching to ensure all processes are followed. so how far are you now?

It took 7 days for God himself to create this world and all in it so why did he not do it in a day he knew everything builds on the other and so forth. Have you done your part? Just like when you go to witches to enchant these things, you have to meet certain requirements, and until that is done, he will not begin to do what you want. I won’t force you to do anything, but please, even if you don’t believe, believe the miracles you have seen and heard.

Take care of your Documents and if you suspect that your documents have been locked or your documents have been caged or your Documents have been marked for failure by the demonic world then you should pray and fast for your documents to be released and your documents will be released in jesus name.

Pastor Nathaniel

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