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Evil marks

Evil Marks: What You Need To Know About Them Now

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According to Ephesians 6:12, we see that there is an invisible battle taking place even right now between us and the demonic world. Sometimes you might not see the effects of the battle in the physical realm, but that doesn’t mean that there is no battle taking place.

In other cases, the effects of the battle are more evident and can even be seen by other people who are not even part of the battle. They can take the form of evil marks or even physical wounds. For example, we see in the Book of Job 2:7, “Satan went out from the presence of the LORD and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head.” You can see that to the spiritually untrained eye, these were just normal wounds or marks that needed a doctor’s attention, but to the spiritual, people could see that this was the work of the devil.

What Do You Mean By Marks From A Spiritual Point?

A mark or marks are like a target or symbol to identify you when it comes to spiritual matters, just like the way you have a car number plate for easy identification (1 Corinthians 15:44). It can be passed on from generation to generation. Remember, a mark or marks can be used for a good or evil purpose.

Types Of Godly Marks

God promised to put a good mark of protection on all Christians, as we read in Galatians 6:17, Ezekiel 9:4, and Psalm 105:13–15.

10 Types Of Evil Demonic Marks

The first time we saw their use was in Genesis 4:15, where God put an evil mark on Cain, and we can see that ever since that time, the devil has also been involved in putting evil marks on people for various evil reasons. Some of these marks include:

1. Mark of stagnancy: As a result of it, a person might remain in the same post, job, etc longer than necessary (Deuteronomy 2:3)

2. Mark of slavery: When you have this mark, you work like an elephant and eat like an ant, no matter the Job title or the amount you earn and you always see yourself as a servant or slave in your dreams (Joshua 9:23)

3. Mark of sorrow: Due to this mark, life is full of sorrows and misfortunes on every side (1 Chronicles 4:9–10)

4. Mark of barrenness: This mark leads one to live a life of barrenness in body, career, business, etc., with no fruit to show no matter your education (2 Kings 2:19).

5. Mark of untimely death: A sign you have this mark is that you are prone to accidents, terminal diseases, uncurable diseases which can’t be cured or diagnosed in the hospital, etc (Genesis 4:15)

6. Mark of “ No marriage” or “ Late marriage.” As a result of being married to spirit husbands or wives (Genesis 6:2)

When any of the above evil marks are under operation, you will notice that you have evil dreams; you might even hear voices, and people who associate with you might suffer due to you being under attack. People will be less willing to assist you.

7. Marks of hatred: This mark is like an evil smell that follows you everywhere and prevents goodness and favor from coming to you.

8. Mark of failure: As a result of this mark, most people at the edge of a breakthrough have something go wrong and they lose everything, and they have to start all over again; it’s like they were robbed at gunpoint.

9. Mark of “Get and Lose”: As a result of this mark, it is impossible to keep the breakthroughs you get from the Lord.

10. Mark of poverty

5 Places Where These Evil Marks Can Be Put.

Evil marks can be put on witches, familiar spirits, vagabond spirits, ancestral powers, and even marine powers.

1. On various parts of your body.

2. pictures on the wall.

3. wooden furniture.

4. metal objects such as your stove and sink. 

5. driver’s license and credit or bank cards.

Always be sensitive in the spirit, and if you notice small or large scratches in your body or house items frequently, then it’s time to address this issue spiritually.

God forbids us from putting evil marks like voodoo marks, cutting for the dead, and tattoos on our bodies (Leviticus 19:28; Revelation 13:17; Psalms 37:27–28). Most evil marks can be used to monitor their victim’s progress and then be used to bring marital failure, career stagnation, and failure in all other areas of life.

How Can One Receive These Evil Marks?

We receive evil marks as a result of an open demonic door such as:

1. A place where an idol is worshipped.

2. Incisions by a witch

3. Sex with demonic agents, such as marine agents or even a witch.

4. Membership in evil associations like Free Mason, Rosicrucian, and other evil brotherhoods.

5. Visiting evil shrines, evil altars in mountains or rivers

6. Blood covenants

7. Making pacts with an evil spirit for a certain favor.

7 Signs You Are Marked With Evil Marks.

1. You face many unnecessary persecutions and even face many false accusations.

2. Hearing strange voices

3. Your helpers come under attack

4. You tend to experience more and more bad dreams

5. You tend to experience failure at the edge of a breakthrough

6. Your destined helpers are chased away before they reach you.

7. You face unnecessary hatred and failure

How Can I Remove The Evil Effect Of The Evil Marks?

1. Do some spiritual investigation to see whether you have any door that is open that is causing this mark or not.

2. If you find any, please pray a prayer of repentance.

3. Then surrender your life to Christ. You need his name, power, and blood to overcome evil marks.

4. Revoke and Renounce any activities leading to these marks

5. Now Pray prayers of destroying these evil marks.

6. In case you need specialized deliverance then book it if possible.

Pastor Nathaniel.

Recommended Prayers:

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