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Connecting with God: Fasting Is Proven Way People Easily Do It.

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Brethren, any time, in my life, God has moved my heart and mind and self-will to fast and pray over certain people and situations like now. In doing so, I have been more than filled with God’s goodness and encouragement! Should brethren fast during this trying moment? So,lets Connect with God.
YES, several times in the Bible, the disciples exercised fasting and prayer to seek God’s provision in bringing down strongholds against their adversary, and God worked miracles (Acts 4:31). Could it be that we lack this type of miraculous work of God because we neither seek the time to pray, connect or fast for God or for His people? Remember, fasting, coupled with mighty prayer, is very powerful.

If you wonder why you are not growing in the Lord, you might ask yourself what you could lay aside that you might spend more time with God. Remember, our souls need fasting as much as our bodies need food. Are you laying aside daily time for prayer and study, or are you taking it all in on Sunday while fasting from the Word of God the rest of the week?

Ever tried to take in a week’s worth of food all at one time? It’s impossible! So why do you decide to take in God’s Word all in one sitting? That’s like eating once during the week and going without food for the rest of the days. This makes growth in Christ difficult and leaves you usually lacking in effectiveness!

So, won’t you set aside time each day to pray and connect with heaven through read the Bible and see what God does in and through your life? After all, results come over time, not overnight.
So, brethren prepare yourself for a buffet of fasting where some of us will settle for three days, seven days, 14 days,30 days, and final 40 days. You don’t have to fast all day; you can choose the best time for you as far as your strength can carry you, i.e., 12 am-9 am, 12 am-12 pm, 12 am-3 pm; 12 am-6 pm. It’s not about the time but the commitment (Ecclesiastes.5: 4-6). It’s all about discipline.


Fasting is a grace that significantly increases our receptivity to the Lord’s voice and His word. It prepares us for a new anointing. Yes, you may have to fast from your sleep. You may have to give up something. But when you think about what you are giving up, remember Jesus gave up His heavenly home, His kingly robes, and He took on the flesh of man that He might come to a dying, lost people and save them.
Now that is sacrifice! If you want something, you never had you need to do something you’ve never done.

What will you let go of this week in order to spend more time in prayer in order to connect with God? Who do you truly seek to glorify in your Christian walk and work–God or yourself? What will you change as a result of this lesson?

Everything we have done so far was to prepare our spirit for this journey. Kindly let me know if you are interested in joining me in this fasting buffet and for how many days. This is to help me know which platform is suitable and to prepare the relevant materials. Without prayer and fasting in the mix, it would mean we are only drawing power from encouragement only, which is ok but to get ultimate power, you need to connect with heaven directly through prayer and fasting. Fasting is not just a physical discipline; it is a spiritual feast.

Brethren feel free to call me if you need me to stand with you in the gap in any area of your life remember with God nothing is impossible so lets ensure that we have a strong connection with him.

Pastor Nathaniel

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