It’s Amazing How Lazy Christian People Can Serve God

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After reading Jeremiah 14:7-17 I learned that there are things which can leave God helpless to help a lazy Christian. Due to our sinful nature God has sent problems, diseases and wars a form of punishment to return us to him. But today’s false prophets have taught us to continue to dishonor God through our evil ways. Hence it seems like God is helpless but it’s not so we need to change our ways. Remember where it all went wrong return to God and he return to you. (Zechariah 1:3).

Why Does God Not Help Us Out Of Our Problems?

According to Psalm 11:3 AMP “If the foundations [of a godly society] are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” lazy A Lazy christian will have a rotten foundation or an ignored foundation. No house can stand without a foundation because that is where it gets its strength to stand. Just like a tree needs roots to stand.

Hence most of us have no foundation left because of rotten foundation, ignored or weak or collapsed foundations

2 Samuel 1:19 AMP “Your glory and splendor, O Israel, is slain upon your high places! How the mighty have fallen!

2 Samuel 1:27AMP “How the mighty have fallen, And the weapons of war have perished!”

When the foundation is interfered with it doesn’t matter who is under the roof (even Samson the strongest man) because everything gets crushed what about a Lazy Christian?.

According to Jeremiah 16:1-4;10-11(God warns Jeremiah from marrying from a certain place)This passage leaves us with more questions than answers. Have you ever gone to help a lazy Christian person ONLY to be trapped as well or get hurt yourself? So as a pastor or a leader get careful some foundations are so dangerous and you could be hurt as a result. So, let’s get busy and serious otherwise leave before you get hurt this is not a place to play it more dangerous than you think.

That is why it’s not about money but about saving lives. There are foundational issues which make God to just stand and look and do nothing so if God is doing nothing what can a man do ONLY you can do something. So do your part. That is why today’s message is important for all of us to hear.

Laziness To Serve God Has Cost The Church A lot.

In this day and age of irresponsible Christianity whereby most irresponsible lazy Christian don’t know what is their responsibility is in the Kingdom of God and even they don’t know this father and hence they don’t communicate with this unknown Father in heaven regularly. It has made many of them to loss power to do or see many miracles. Leave alone this Kingdom you don’t know when we were growing, we were taught how to clean the compound, dishes etc.

If you failed to do it well then you were punished by our parents but there was no way out of these duties and no wonder we have grown with these skills ingrained in us. But just imagine today’s generation they think everything is their right. Remember they are born in family where there is a nanny who does everything so when they grow up, they expect to have a nanny following them around even up to the church.

They don’t know that the bible says work out your salvation not some else working out for you. No wonder they don’t know what Mathew 6 says When you give(ver.2-4) pray(ver.5-7), and fast(ver.16). Most of this Christians end up looking for nannies even in the church called false prophets, pastors to do their dirty jobs. To pray for them and even fast for them and they only want to get the results. Hence, they are willing to pay them for doing this just like they grew up seeing nannies being paid for their services (fake oils, mantles, stickers and what else they get their hands on)

Remember With great power comes great responsibility. I want us to return to that old time religion where men and women walked in God’s power and God backed them up. But that came at a cost and I feel we are willing to see God bless us. Just imagine today’s Christianity has become a popular fashion with many clubs to suit your taste and NOT to please God as of old.

Churches have become entertainment houses people go there just as a picnic for a lazy Christian. They have watered down Christianity it no longer the standard. Most Christians are just chasing shadows.  No wonder Psalms 12:1 say Help us, Lord! There is not a good person left; honest people can no longer be found.

According to Matthew 23:13 Don’t be fooled most so-called spiritual men and women are going no where and hence they can’t lead you to heaven since it’s not there destination.

According to 1 Corinthians 10:12 Be careful if you think you are standing firm (titles or positions aside) because Demonic doctrines have entered through the church doors and Godliness has been thrown out of the window. We seriously need a revival and return to old time religion which a lazy Christian don’t know except what he sees in the TV (Rotten Gospel).

Life is full of choices and as Christian people we have to make the right choices but remember every choice you make comes at a cost. You can choose to partner with the devil or God to see more miracles.

If you choose the devil, remember he is not a gentle man and also, he is a thief so he might add something more than you bargained for in the contract or agreement. For instance, when the devil gives you riches, he also adds with it sickness, shame and God knows what else.

According to Joshua 21:45 With God also he will keep his part of the bargain as long as you keep yours. But remember both the devil and God don’t like to be double crossed because it comes at a heavy price. Ecclesiastes 5:4-6

Whether you are serving God or the devil their terms and conditions you have to meet. Only that when it comes to the devil they are written in a different language or are hidden somewhere. According to Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus said that my burden is light meaning there is still a burden but it’s much lighter than that of the devil.

You know very well that even the normal people or institutions when they lend you anything they charge you something so it’s not news.

As Christians What Are We Supposed To Do To Start Seeing Great Miracles Again?

What Are The Conditions To Receive A Miracle From God?

According to Jeremiah 4:19-22 it seems that their certain things  we shouldn’t do because God hates them.

 According to 2 Samuel 24:24 the Bible is very clear that serving God will cost you something. Show me Just one place in the all-bible God gave something in exchange for nothing or there were no terms and conditions attached to any miracle God did. So are you willing to pay the price to see the fruits of your labour? Or you want to waste you time on useless Christianity.

Remember according to God in Luke 19:40 it says if you as a lazy Christian don’t sing for him or praise him then he will cause the stones to do it. Why would God ask for the stones to do things for him while we are here or do, we need a donkey(the world)  as in the days of Balaam to bring us to our senses. You can’t bribe God or cheat him (Deuteronomy 10:17). Never

No miracle is too hard for God to do only do your part. Elijah told Elisha what you asked is hard but just meet this condition first. According to Exodus 16:18-20 I know you might think of manna being for free but God gave a condition to receive it otherwise you would miss it because of wrong timing or even worse you would loss it because it got damaged (took for two days).

A lazy Christian only wants what God can offer but he is NOT willing to do anything let alone to lift a finger to help in the miracle creation process.

All These people met certain conditions and then received their miracles in short, they played their part:

Stop giving God an excuse as to why you can’t seek first his kingdom. God is tired of men giving him excuses. I have to go and do this and that e.g., I have to go and bury the dead. Luke 9:59-62

Elisha stopped everything and followed Elijah 1 Kings 19:20-21

I don’t have this and that for instance the lady with the little oil and flour (1 Kings 17:12)

I did not build this church when I was working but had lost my job I have never given an excuse to God why I won’t come on Sunday since ….. or I won’t give to help in doing his work or etc.

Elisha was available to offer his services as a prophet but the people brought the bowl and salt and even showed him where that stream was and then did he blessed it.

Elisha asked the prophet who lost the axe to bring a stick, show him where it fell and then after the axe floated, he was the one who took it and put it back.2 Kings 6:6-7

To Naaman he was supposed to bath in the dirty river which he wasn’t ready. He was to do it 7 times. 2 Kings 5:14

To Jacob he was to build an altar after he succeeds Genesis 35:7

To Elisha he was to serve Elijah for the rest of his earthly life and then he would inherit a double portion of his spirit.

To Moses he had to spend 40 days in the mountain for God to speak to him. Not 39 days or what he feels like.

Even in the days of Jesus nothing still changed people had to do certain things:

Mary Magdalene was healed of 7 demons and she choose to support Jesus’ ministry (Lk. 8:1-3).

Zacchaeus received salvation and he returned everything to the poor (Luke 19:8).

So please don’t tell me that you want to change things and do them you own way no way simply because you are a lazy Christian. God is committed to do his part ONLY if you are committed to do your own.

As a lazy Christian can’t blame God if you never kept your end of the bargain. Even worse is to play with God

What about me and you?

You Just think God is Santa claus even after you make a wish list you must make preparation and also have a plan.

The worldly people know very well what I am talking about when their sangomas tell the to buy a certain thing however expensive it is they do it. Whether it’s wearing this thing they do. Go to this place they do. Just imagine wearing a dead animal stinking skin or certain fun clothing or a giant rock or born.

Show me just one person who served this God of MTM and never received the smallest of miracles. Some people have invested in MTM and now they are reaping the benefits but remember you can push it to another level.

Since I and many other obeyed and followed this vision and this God behind the vision I have seen so much, but what about you. Join us in doing something for this God. I am not asking you to give me anything although it’s my right bring; we should make this altar a better place for us and our kids when we come to serve God in it.

I was awoken by God and he reminded me that before he grants these desires, we will have to play our part as a matter of urgency. Start by offering your services and even your material things and proof me wrong. Join me and see what God can do. Remember God deals with individuals and not groups, families etc no wonder you hear God of Abram, Jacob and Isaac and not their full family members etc.

So, what am I supposed to do:

Seek ye first the kingdom that is go out and win souls for God (how many in exchange for what you want).e.g. the lady at the well won the whole village, the disciples won each other, etc

Live righteously. (What habit are you willing to give up in exchange for what you want. Remember Jacob gave up his hip after all you can’t meet a might God and remain the same and expect much) Remember God is holy and he is the giver and not me.

Even according to Jesus in John 5:14 used to say go and sin no more or something evil will happen to you.

Let us not be like this people mentioned in Jeremiah 7:16-29 and instead we should Support the ministry even in the olden days people did that.

Pastor Nathaniel

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