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Its Proven God uses People with Their Limitation.

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Every time God did something great, he used those people who seemed like they can’t do it or are losers according to society. According to Romans 3:10, these people had various shortcomings, weaknesses, limitations etc.

God Used These People With Their Limitation.

Moses was a stammerer, Jeremiah, and Samuel were young and inexperienced, Zacchaeus was short; Peter was hot-tempered; Judas was a thief; Thomas was a doubter; Lazarus was dead, but God used him; Mary mother of Jesus was too young, etc. So, what’s your limitation? What I want to say is that when we are measured against the glory of God, we are short (Romans 3:23) but still, God uses us with those limitations.

The reason why most talented people have not done so much is that they are waiting to feel that they are ready or,100%. They will give you an excuse after excuse as to why they haven’t made it, things like if I can have this or that; be in this country or attain this qualification. Then I would do this like so and so.

They forget that no one is perfect which means we all make mistakes. So, if you wait for that day, to be perfect you will wait for the rest of your life. Look at the same peter who couldn’t preach to 3 people and instead he denied Jesus but God still used him with all these limitations to preach to 3000 people.

God is not dependent on your righteousness to do things instead is waiting for you to depend on him,100% and not on anything else and then he will show his power (2 Corinthians 12:9).


Just like a baby starts by first crawling, rolling, and eventually walking. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to take baby steps i.e., make as many mistakes as you can as long as you don’t repeat the same mistake twice and you are heading in the right direction. Life is a journey and not a destination so walk it carefully, there will be STOP(Limitations) along the way but that is not the end. Keep Walking, if that isn’t possible crawl if that’s not possible roll, and even if that isn’t possible shout like Blind Bartimaeus. Do something Jesus is waiting. Make sure you are not where you were a year ago

What the Bible teaches us is that some weaknesses, limitations God won’t remove otherwise we think we are God. For instance, according to 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul had a limitation to keep him in check but still, he served the Lord in a great way. He prayed the most and even wrote the most books of the Bible.

Why you haven’t gone so far in LIFE is because of the weight you are carrying give them to Jesus. Stop carrying them, talking about them and you will make it. Quit criticizing yourself there are worse people with greater limitations than you and have gone to achieve the impossible. Yes, I am NOT the best, but no one can take my place.

Go home and divorce all those friends who continuously remind you of your limitations, Mrs. XXX do you have that, or you don’t have it then you can’t become this or that. Delete their contacts, don’t visit them, etc. Throw away anything that reminds you of your limitations, be it photos, clothe, diaries, etc

Brethren instead of counting your limitations count your blessing i.e., your strengths what you did right this year and the previous years. There is a lot of good you achieve this year. When people remind you of your limitations remind them that if they focused on your strengths that you would have achieved much more than what they can see.

limit God
limit god

I am not saying you do anything to those limitations otherwise they will kill you as they did to Lazarus, He had the chance to run to Jesus, but he chose to stay with friends and family who encouraged these limitations to grow. So, people will help you cover your weaknesses and eventually bury you but if you can run to Jesus and sometimes run on behalf of someone, it is never too late. Don’t cover a limitation expose it and God is able to change that condition or situation let him in.

According to 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 God doesn’t see our weaknesses, limitations, etc. as men see them, he sees a raw diamond that needs a little bit of processing, and then it will have a great value, but most men see a rock to be thrown away since it has no value. God sees through our limitations and sees what we will become and hence he invests in us, How many people have written you off, and now that you are successful, they have come back to you?

Brethren everything about you including those weaknesses has been designed to propel you to go further. Remember what was made to harm me God will use to my advancement just like in the case of Joseph being sold to slavery this was the vehicle God used to promote him (Genesis 50:20). Be the best you can be with what you have now. Quit wishing.

Pastor Nathaniel

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