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Jesus Is The Only proven Way To Avoid Distractions

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Distractions can come in different shapes and sizes and can, come at different ages, and stages. We have to accept that distractions are a part of life and will continue to exist. So, the more we suppress or deny them, the more they get bigger. To be successful, you must learn to distract your distractions so as to achieve certain things in life. It is entirely up to me.

Despite the many dreams we have, we get distracted in life at some point, and we end up not achieving them at all. The distraction could be a family problem, marital problem, work problem, lack of money, etc. So, you need to shift your attention from distractions (insecurity, pain,, or hurt) to success, and you will see a great change.

Failure loves attention and no wonder it creates distractions to get attention while success loves perseverance. Yes, you might have gone through one failure after another but that is not a good reason to be distracted and give up. The ONLY reason why men fail is because of broken focus.

Did you know that 90% of all first-time businesses fail? But 90% of all second-time businesses succeed. But just imagine that 80% of all people are distracted by one thing or another and never try a second time, and as a result, never get to achieve what God had destined for them.

Brethren, we want success to be easy; we just want to win the lottery, take a pill become skinny, etc and we don’t want any distraction at all but that is not how it works.

Remember there is no success without some distractions here and there. Today you are being promised microwave miracles, instant this or that just by this anointing oil, holy water, etc it doesn’t work that way.

According to Habakkuk 2:3 Don’t trade your deadline for God’s timing especially when things are taking forever due to one distraction or the other. God didn’t give us the holy spirit to do easy things but to help us overcome those distractions and achieve the impossible.

Remember that God doesn’t call the qualified but he qualifies the called. So don’t let any distraction stop you. We have everything we need to succeed inside of ourselves all we have to do is to stay focused.

According to John 12:23 Even Jesus reached a point where he said that his hour had come and had no time for distractions, like waiting for the woman, no stopping at people’s homes, etc these things were ok for a time but now he did not have time for all these distractions.

So now like Jesus when are you going to say my hour has come, and there shall be no more time to waste on what people are saying and my time is too valuable, to answer everyone, every critic, and every negative comment?

Simply because stones are being thrown at you it doesn’t mean that you must stop what you are doing, the stones are just a distraction so see them as the wind blowing.

According to John 8:59, Even stones were thrown at Jesus but he still continued to preach. John 15:18 tells me that everyone is not going to like you or accept you, understand that you don’t need them to fulfill destiny. When your foot dashes a stone it doesn’t mean that is the end of the journey.

Remember the most important people are beside you that is the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God the Father, and the host of heaven who later who will draw in destiny helpers to help you also. They will stick with you through thick and thin and will cheer you up. They will help you at all costs.

If some people don’t recognize the gifts or talent in you move on. If you hang around such people, they will manipulate you since you will keep hoping that they will include you in their plans. These people are just a distraction.

Exodus 14:14; Many people say “These people at church or work are saying bad things about me so let me straighten them up.” remember that it is not your job but God’s. Remember don’t fight battles that don’t matter these are ONLY there to distract us. It takes discipline to know which battles to fight or not (Proverbs 20:3). fights or quarrels are just baits to distract you from your main assignment.

Examples of distractions in the Bible.

For example, in the book of 1 Samuel 17:26-27, it tells us to always go for the reward and nothing else since it’s a distraction. Some battles can change your entire destiny like David. So, they are worth spending time in, so what’s your battle?

When God is about to do something great the devil will bring another enemy in the form of a distraction to keep you from fighting the real enemy and holding on to your destiny.

According to 1 Samuel 17:28 When it came to David it was his brothers who posed a threat, even to Samuel who judged his height and not his heart. That is why you should not judge a book by the cover, read it first then make a decision.

Here the devil was trying to distract David to fight the wrong enemy and hence miss the right enemy who was standing between him and his greatness.

According to 1 Samuel 17:30 Like David let’s avoid defending ourselves and focus on what matters (our goliaths of this age) and this will bring us closer to our God ordained destiny.

Remember distraction can package itself in different packages like in the case of David it started as a form of humility whereby his father sent him to take food to his brothers which he could have refused and that stopped the chain of events.

Just like David reminded himself of how he overcame different types of distractions at different times we should do the same when presented with a new set of distractions to get charged.

When you try to overcome this distraction, some people will talk and even try to resist you but just know that no one fights a loser but a difference maker. David would have fought his brothers and gotten no reward but to get a prison sentence for fighting officers.

According to Romans 12:18, we should try to live at peace with everyone but remember some people have no peace in themselves so how can they give you peace? So, move on and don’t worry about goalless people otherwise you miss your God-given assignment.

Some of your friends are a huge distraction so love them from a distance (Jude 1:23). We should be responsible with the gifts the lord has given us.

Some of these people don’t love who they are, so how can they love who you are or want to become?

No matter what you do it’s not going to be enough instead they find faults in you. If you keep everybody happy the only one who will not be happy is you.

If someone is controlling you it’s your fault. Don’t worry what people think about you otherwise, you will never achieve your destiny.

Its easy to get free from addictions than free from people. Remember people would want to keep you in their boxes.

Story of a donkey a grandson and a grandfather illustrating power of distractions.

The grandfather loved the boy so much that he started by letting him ride the donkey. As they walked , they met an elderly man who questioned why this selfish boy rode the donkey and not the old man. Hence as a result they exchanged positions. After a short while they met the uncle of the boy who advised them that it was better to both ride on the donkey. Before they reached town, they met another man who said how cruel to overload the donkey. So, by the time they reached town, they were both carrying the donkey.

The lesson is that everyone is entitled to his own opinion and so you are entitled not to take it. Remember most people won’t understand you. Are they forcing you to carry the donkey? It’s time to put the donkey down even if it makes some people uncomfortable. Some people will think you are lost and are missing the mark. Any great men in the Bible went through opposition to get to where God was taking them to. Some people will never accept the new things God has put in your hearts.

Remember simply because one person disagreed with your vision it doesn’t mean you get distracted and stop. You don’t need people’s approval but God’s approval.

When I started my first church in 2003, I had good people and other pastors tell me how to run my ministry what to do, and what not to do but this did not align with what the Holy Spirit was telling me. Since always what the Holy Spirit was telling me brought better results. I knew that I would answer to God and not man in the end (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Since then, God has taken me from Glory to Glory I have gone further than I thought. so, I plan to listen to the small still voice of God before I put my trust in another man (Jeremiah 17:5-8). If God says jump, I am willing to ask how high.

According to 1 Samuel 15:24-26 King Saul lost his Kingdom because of listening to people who became his distractions to greatness. King Saul did not want to please the people and then he missed his destiny.

Another case in point is found in Genesis 12:1-2 Where God told Abram to leave his people and follow him to a place of blessing but he took Lot with and Lot proved to be a distraction and caused him a lot of problems (Genesis 13:7-8). So, who is your lot in your camp? Let him go and you will reach your full potential. Until Abram removed his distraction Lot he never fully prospered because God stopped speaking (Genesis 13:14-15). Get rid of those lots in your camp and don’t bother what people will say. If you do this God will connect you with the right contacts, and bring destiny helpers.

Pastor Nathaniel

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