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monitoring spirit

Monitoring Spirit : What You Need To Know Now

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Have you ever wondered why houses have doors and windows have curtains? It’s simply to keep prying eyes away or unwanted eyes from peeping through to see what they are not supposed to see. If someone were to catch you trying to peep through their windows or look through their door keyhole, then they might get the security to throw you out of their compound, and moving forward from that day, your relationship with them would be completely ruined resulting from this. This is the same case when it comes to the spiritual realm, where we find that a monitoring spirit does the same thing.

Brethren, let me ask you this one question. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation whereby you are sure that something or someone is watching you or monitoring you at certain times or always? You might have seen shadowy figures or heard voices calling your name. But the fact is that something or someone was around you in one way or another, monitoring you. This is what we call the monitoring spirit.

What is a monitoring spirit?

monitoring spirits
monitoring spirits

Monitoring spirits are also called by names like masquerading spirits or watchers; they are evil spirits or demons that essentially “monitor” someone’s behavior for the purpose of causing that person harm, pain, loss of some sort, or even death.

Types of Monitoring Spirits.

1. God’s monitoring Spirits

2. Demonic monitoring Spirits

We see this kind of monitoring spirit In the Book of 2 Kings 6:10-12, we read that “So the king of Israel sent word to the place the man of God had pointed out. Time and again, Elisha warned the king so that he was on his guard in such places. For this reason, the king of Aram became enraged and called his servants to demand of them.

“Tell me, which one of us is on the side of the king of Israel?” But one of his servants replied, “No one, my lord the king. For Elisha, the prophet in Israel, tells the king of Israel the very words you speak in your bedroom.”

2. Demonic monitoring Spirits

Some people are being monitored by monitoring spirits on a mission to know their secrets, what makes them happy in life, what they are up to, and every move they are about to make, so as to destroy it all. In the Book of Acts 16:16–18, we see that a certain young slave girl was possessed by a spirit of divination that was using her to gather information for her master. The Bible tells us that Paul, Silas, and other followers of Jesus Christ were being followed by this demonic spirit (monitoring spirit. ). This spirit was used to monitor their movements and report back on the things they were doing.

Today, in our society, we see that the same thing still happens. It is very easy to see people gathering information about you by all means necessary so as to use that information to work against you.

These monitoring spirits use their evil altars to carry out their evil activities. They make use of an instrument known as a monitoring mirror.

Monitoring spirits can be sent by another demon, a witch, or anyone who knows how to use the spirit world. The spirits are said to keep an eye on what you do, how you do it, what you say, and who your friends are. They are there to get information that will help them carry out spiritual attacks, steal blessings, infect people with sickness, sabotage people’s success, and generally mess with their lives.

It is important to know that the monitoring spirits do not work on their own; rather, they are regarded as helper spirits that do the work of monitoring people’s lives and then report to the altar of darkness where actions are being taken against people’s destinies.

If monitoring spirits are watching over your life and destiny, the enemy will always strike unexpectedly, and you will constantly be confused as to why demonic authority and activities seem to be right outside your door, as though you are the only person on the entire earth. The reason for this is simple: once the devil has gotten any useful information about your life, he swings into action.

Questions To Consider

Have you tried to get married, but somehow, any time you plan to take a serious step towards it, something terrible will happen and all the marriage plans will fall apart, sending you back to square one?

Have you tried to save money to run a profitable business, but each time you do so, something will happen that the money will end up in a useless task?

Have you tried getting a job you know you are qualified for, but anytime you sit for an interview, something will happen and the employers find a reason to give the job to someone else who’s less deserving?

Ways Monitoring Spirits Use To Monitor Us.

1) Evil-monitoring spirits can use living things. This Includes:

a) Human beings:
Your parents, friends, relatives, co-workers, landlord, cousins, wife, husband, and other people can be used by monitoring spirits to monitor you.

b) Animals and insects such as:
Domestic animals, birds, lizards, wall geckos, rats, vultures, flies, snakes, cockroaches, and other crawling insects.

c) Dreams such as:
Having sex in the dream, eating in the dream, being pursued in the dream, talking to a dead person in the dream, climbing a mountain without getting there, being attacked by a dangerous animal, seeing snakes in your dreams, seeing yourself in your former village house or school, seeing yourself being married without the bride, dreams of seeing your house infested with rats and cockroaches, which are empowered by demonic altars and then sent to monitor you.

These pests end up crawling around the house, touching everything in their paths, including your foodstuffs and even your valuables. Others fly over you; others make funny noises in your house at night; and others walk on the roof of your house. As a result of these dreams, your life has been turned upside down with endless problems, hardships, and difficulties in everything you do.

2) Evil Monitoring Spirits Can Use Non-Living Things

There are some very wicked people who are willing to go to any extent to monitor you, so they end up using your used underwear and any other clothes they can lay hands on. If that is not possible, they end up using even your shadow, evil mirrors, evil pots, waters, stars, moon, sun, and footprint. They can even go to the extent of using your house walls to monitor you, your career, or your business.

Those who have had some incisions cut on them by traditional witchdoctors, or are involved in some rituals of a cult, or have made some vows or commitments to a spiritual house can be monitored. It can be used as a weapon of delay for marriages, childbearing, promotion at work, and so on. Be careful, as monitoring spirits can cause a lot of damage to your life.

Monitoring Spirits: 52 Sure Signs Of An Attack Now

Pastor Nathaniel.

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